Hillary Clinton in 2016? Poll Shows Voters Ready for a Woman

[Editor's Note: Will she or won't she? While we may be still guessing if HIllary Clinton has decided make a run for the White House in 2016, it seems that voters have made up their minds. A new poll shows that the overwhelming majority of people in battleground states would consider a woman president. EMILY's List, which released this poll, has already started a campaign called Madam President, with the goal of helping elect a woman to the presidency....more

How I Found My Own Mother on Mother's Day

Mother’s Day isn’t supposed to hurt. It’s about celebrating your mom and thanking her for being there for you. But what if she was never there for you? Or what if she has passed away? And what if once a year, you're reminded of this painful truth? ...more

The Military's Big Sexual Assault Problem

Last week the officer in charge of the Air Force’s anti-sexual assault unit was arrested and charged with sexual battery. Yes, you read that right. Lt. Colonel Jeffrey Krusinski attacked a woman in a parking lot not far from the Pentagon, grabbing her ass and breasts. If that isn’t telling about the military’s sexual assault crisis, I don’t know what is. It certainly doesn’t speak well for the Pentagon. ...more

30 Days Provides Plenty of Sexism Examples for This Gamer

Alanah Pearce describes herself as a videogame journalist. She recently did a really interesting 30 day long project to document the sexism she sees in the gaming world. She wrote about it in 30 Days of Sexism at Kotaku Australia. Here's how she did it: ...more

Why I Find Aging... Beautiful?

Aging as a woman is thrilling, exciting, invigorating, life-affirming, and super cool.  With my 39th birthday arriving on the first day of summer, I am finding myself ever-enthralled with the changes I’m seeing in my face, my hair, my skin, as I mature. Woo! I’m just like Gwyneth Paltrow, who said, “I like being older. It’s nice to really know yourself and feel relaxed. And I actually think I look better now than I did when I was 24, so I’m very comfortable with myself.” ...more
I love this post so much!   Funny, I was just noticing some crinkles in my neck the other day ...more

Saudi Arabia Tackles Violence Against Women in First Ad Campaign

Saudi Arabia isn’t exactly known for its glowing record on women’s rights. Women still can’t drive in the Kingdom or go out in public without permission from a male relative. So I suppose it’s encouraging, if not surprising, that the Middle Eastern country just launched its first ad campaign condemning violence against women. The campaign is called No More Abuse. Why is the Kingdom taking up this issue now? Andri Antoniades takes a look at TakePart.com--Mona ...more
I think it will. This is remarkable that this is happening....those poor women ARE really living ...more

The Gender Gap and Women in Wordpress

The gender gap, the lack of women in tech – whatever you choose to call it, it's a frequent topic here at BlogHer. A post asking where the women in WordPress are prompted Chris Ford from Be the Change to respond with this post about Women in WordPress. ...more
"I am personally working to make my own change instead of waiting for change to happen ...more

Surgery or Photoshop? What the Korean Beauty Controversy Says About Us

Have you seen the collage of Korean beauty pageant contestants that’s circulating around the web? Besides sparking a multitude of inane comments about all Asians looking alike, it’s also stirred up a lot of debate about whether plastic surgery – or even Photoshop – has gone too far. ...more
This is insane. South Korea also possesses among the world's highest teen suicide rates - the ...more

The Wall Street Journal Slams Mommy Bloggers

I consider myself a fairly cynical person. More often than not when confronted with demeaning, insulting and ignorant opinions I just roll my eyes and move on. This article on the "mommy business trip" in the Wall Street Journal however, managed to raise my eyebrows and my blood pressure.  ...more

Poverty in America: How We Can Help Families

For every distressing national poverty statistic, the numbers for children are worse. While one-sixth of all Americans live in poverty and one-third live in “near poverty,” with incomes below twice the poverty level, one fourth of children under age five are poor and nearly half fall into the “near poor” category. ...more
And for as long as the question has been asked, "the poor" have been lumped into a single ...more