A Man Sues the London School of Economics for...Sexism

Tom Martin is upset. He’s so upset that the former student is suing the London School of Economics, claiming that its gender studies program is vehemently anti-male. Is that ironic, or what? Still, does the beleaguered Martin have a case? Jonathan Dean at The Guardian.co.uk deconstructs the complaint. Do you think that men, too, can be victims of sexism in academia? ...more
I've often believed that "feminism" is really anti-women-biased. Feminism seems to require ...more

I'm A Feminist--and A Baker, Too!

[Editor’s note: What chore or hobby do you enjoy doing that seemingly conflicts with your self-image as a feminist? Needlepoint? Scrubbing the stove? Cleaning out closets? Libby Gruner at Inside Higher Ed dishes about her own guilty pleasure after reading a post about the joys of cleaning house.—Mona] She writes: Although the blog post didn’t convince me that I needed to be more concerned with housework, it did make me wonder about something I love — why would a feminist be good at baking? Why, in other words, do I love baking so much? Should I? ...more
This whole premise is confusing to me. My understanding of feminism is that a wonder is free to ...more

Michele Bachmann Thinks WHO is the Most Important American Woman? (Psst. It's not Hillary)

Who would you say is the most influential American woman in the last 100 years? Eleanor Roosevelt? Sonia Sotomayor? Lady Gaga? Guess who Michele Bachmann picked? Phyllis Schlafly, the conservative activist and author who recently called the feminist movement the most “dangerous, destructive force in our society today.” For those of you fortunate enough to be too young to remember, Schlafly has been railing against women working for the last half century. (I suppose Bachmann considers running for president a hobby then, like scrapbooking.) ...more

Do Colleges Do Enough to Protect Women? The Family of Murdered Yale Student Annie Le Says No

[Editor’s note: In June, Raymond Clark was sentenced to 44 years in prison for the 2009 murder of Yale graduate student Annie Le. I remember the murder well, in part because of the gruesome facts of the case but also because my daughter was about to go off to college. Le’s body was found stuffed inside the wall of a lab building where Clark worked the day she was to be married. If women couldn’t be safe at Yale, I wondered anxiously, where could they be safe? ...more
This will be a pivotal lawsuit that all colleges should pay attention to.more

Does A Comic's Joke About Rape Speak to A Larger Problem?

Perhaps you've caught wind of the mess involving a former Second City employee in Chicago who told a story on an open mic. In the story, a slightly drunk female customer gives a Second City waiter her number and tells him to call her. The waiter has a girlfriend, isn't interested, and passes the number off to the "joke"-teller. He calls the woman, pretending to be the waiter, and she invites him over. When he shows up, clearly not the man she was expecting, she tells him to leave. ...more
It's rape, pure and simple. And you are no feminist. You are a rape apologist.more

How I Handled Professor Feminism and his Mansplaining (Or Sexism 101)

[Editor's Note: Don't you just get exhausted trying to explain to men why mansplaining is, well, sexist? Then you'll definitely want to read this brilliant and funny post about the "mansplanation" that cropped up around a post about the HBO series Game of Thrones (and the series of books written by George R.R. Martin).--Mona] ...more
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Dear All the Single Ladies: You Are Not Beyonce

Beyoncé is pregnant. I don't much care, but I am happy for her. One would have to be an ogre to be anything but happy for a pregnant woman. What has disappointed me are the tweets and blog posts lauding her for “doing it the right way.” ...more
@bobbyv3044 ~~ re: "our children learn from parents not the TV, Music, movies, etc." On ...more

Let's Do a Little Homework and Make the World a Prettier Place

Oh J.C. Penney, stop trying to be Forever 21. This morning, I awoke to the tweeted news that a sweatshirt featuring the slogan “I’m Too Pretty to do Homework” was being marketed at the J.C. Penney website for girls aged seven to twelve -- or the people who shop online for them, if you want to get picky. ...more
Agreed 100%.more

The Ladies in White Rock Cuba

[While the world is focused on the dramatic events rocking Syria and Libya, a much smaller revolt is occurring in Cuba. Last week four women did the unthinkable by holding a protest at the Capitol building against Castro. The women are part of a group called the Ladies in White that has been peacefully demonstrating for the release of political prisoners and enduring brutal attacks by security forces. But this time when the police turned up, something funny happened. ...more
Longing for the day Cuba is free.more

What About Us? Young Feminists and the Budget

[How do young feminists see the future of feminism? What are the issues that most concern them as they enter adulthood in a terrible economy? The answers might surprise you. Teenage feminist Talia bat Pessi at Star of Davida participated in a webinar about the budget with NOW President Terry O’Neill, and she came away feeling dismayed.—Mona] She writes: ...more
As a leader of a state and national political organizations, I often have to remind people that ...more