I Am a Female Director; I Am a Workhorse

Confession: I hate articles about the lack of female directors and sexism in Hollywood. Not because I'm not a feminist, not because I didn't read Blink like it was a light in the dark, and not because I haven't experienced sexism in Hollywood. But because I know the truth about me -- If I don't make it, it will be my income level that's the root cause, not what's in my pants. ...more

I read some posts on your blog and I saw your strong on your equality angle. I get that and I ...more

Justice Thomas' Wife Asks Anita Hill for an Apology; She Should Ask Her Husband

In an October 9 column for Slate, Dahlia Lithwick explained that historically, it's been very hard to be the wife of a Supreme Court justice. According to Lithwick, earlier generations of women, subjected to the forced anonymity traditionally expected of Justices' spouses, have been driven to drink, illness and despair. Some feel that explains why the wife of Supreme Court Associate Justice Clarence Thomas felt compelled to leave a voicemail message on the office telephone of Anita Hill, the law professor who accused him of sexual harassment during his 1991 confirmation hearing. According to the New York Times, who said Hill played the recording for them, Virginia "Ginni" Thomas said that through prayer, Hill might be led to offer an explanation and apology "for what you did with my husband." ...more

Thanks everyone for your comments. It's so interesting that those confirmation hearings still ...more

Own Your Beauty, Month 1: The Authentic Woman's Body

I began to notice little glimpses of other women's bodies. Mothers who were clearly never overweight but who still carried the marks of a pregnancy, mothers who had stretch marks all the way down their legs, just like I did, women with unconventional proportions, even some men with stretch marks. ...more

Thank you for that, Lisa, thank you for everything. :)more

New Anti-Abortion Oklahoma Laws Apply Emotional Screws to Choice

In what could be considered an excellent example of states' rights versus federal law that protects women's reproductive and civil rights, the Oklahoma legislature voted Tuesday to override Democratic Gov. Brad Henry's veto of two constraining abortion laws. One requires pregnant women to see the fetus in the womb and hear details about its development and appearance so the women will understand that they carry life, babies. The other law protects doctors from lawsuits if they fail to inform women of a fetal defect. ...more
The doctor's job is to give the pregnant woman information. She then is responsible for whatever ...more

It Is Always Sexual Assault Awareness Month Inside My Head

The weather has finally turned towards warm, and we've been outside almost non-stop for days. Rio learned to ride her bike. That kid just blows my mind. Serena too. Bumping along home in the bike trailer tonight Serena kept warbling, "I short and stout" like a drunken sailor, which kept cracking me up because my best friend and I have this joke about it being "past your teapot" when you're too tired to remember the words to the little teapot song. It's good. It's sunshine and water and coloring on the porch steps with chalk for two hours while the little one sleeps in her stroller and the kindergartner shows you how she can write WORDS with CHALK on the STEPS. It's also Sexual Assault Awareness month, apparently. It is always sexual assault awareness month here inside my head. ...more

I think that this is the thing that I write and speak about more than anything else. And it is ...more

Are Women Really Crabs in a Bucket?

Have you seen stories such as April Ryan's petty questions suggesting White House Social Secretary Desiree Roger seeks to upstage Michelle Obama? How about the persistent gossip rag rumors that the First Lady and Oprah are feuding? Do you remember the campaign commentary that blamed women's distrust of women for why Hillary Clinton or Sarah Palin couldn't win? ...more

I agree, and that's why I'm glad there are other women writers to tell a different side of ...more