Ladies: You Don't Need to Be Perfect

Some of us are prettier when we don’t smile. As women, we are told: ...more
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"Taylor Swift Hates Men": What Happens When We Tell Women Their Voices Don't Count

Friday nights are a sacred space.I enjoy coming home to do my laundry, tidy up my room…and shamelessly sing off pitched lyrics to ditties that are oddly reminiscent of my high school freshman diary while I simultaneously dance around in my running spankies and jump on top of my bed. Friday night is Taylor Swift ‘n Sing Karaoke Clean-up Nights.  Please knock before you enter....more
I am so glad to see this article. Here is a link to more info about Vistain's Case. ...more

North Dakota Passes Strictest Abortion Law in Country

I thought it was over. I really did. After last year’s obsessive focus by conservatives to restrict women’s rights, to control our personal decisions about our health and our families, I thought they might back off. Get the message. They lost the election, and badly. ...more
@Mona Gable Out of curiosity, here's my question: at what point in a pregnancy is it the best ...more

Would This Have Happened If A Man Had Been There?

I'd like to tell you a story.Once upon a time, there was a group of girls who had reached the end of a lovely evening out.  They decided, it being a freezing night in England, that their best bet would be to take the bus back home.  And for about half the ride, it was fine, until at one stop, a man got on the bus.  ...more
I don't think it matters at all how you act. Some men will continue to harass you, no matter ...more

PyCon and Adria Richards: When a Woman Speaks Up

"One thing is more frightening than speaking your truth and that is not speaking" -Audre Lourde ...more
@Shellireads The only thing Adria Richards could have done to avoid the attack she received was ...more

Steubenville: How You Can Help Jane Doe

From the moment the Steubenville story broke, thousands of supporters asked Jane Doe, the 16-year-old victim at the center of the horrible case, What can I do to help? ...more
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What Would Betty Friedan Say about the "Lean In" Debate?

The contractions started at 7,000 feet. I was on a plane from San Francisco to Chicago to pitch a new client for our advertising agency. Twenty-three weeks pregnant with my second child, I had just been promoted to vice president and was eager to prove my worth. My career was on fire. So was my belly. ...more
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6 Ways Immigration Reform Can Help Women

What happens when a feminist, a labor activist and hundreds of immigrants go to Capitol Hill? If what I’ve seen in Washington D.C. the past two days is any indication, a new broad coalition of new bedfellows is taking shape to push for women’s needs to be included as Congress embarks on comprehensive immigration reform. For starters, women’s advocate Sandra Fluke joined the hundreds of immigrant women who work as domestic workers for a rally at a Washington D.C. church Monday morning....more
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Why Feminism Is Sexy--and Should Be

Feminism is sexy. It engages in the world. It sees the beauty in all sorts of body types and faces. It encourages mutual, equal love, consensual sexual expressions of every kind, and every orientation. It promotes safe sex and reproductive options. It fights sexual violence. It works toward more options for women to pursue their passions and have the full lives that allow them to be better partners, mothers, and lovers. ...more

Next Phase of Womens Movement: Work Resources

Editor's Note: Beth Blecherman has some ideas about what the next phase of the Women's Movement will be. And she's working on her own contributions, which you can share with her. ...more