Finding Time For Mom

As Mom, we pack our days full of activities and commitments geared towards everyone else that we often time forget about ourselves. As Connor has gotten older, I've discovered that I need breaks. Moments when I can do something for me, without my sidekick. These "me moments" always leave me feeling happier, less stressed and a bit more balanced as a person. ...more

Open To Life Around You

Why I Quit My Six Figure Job to be a Stay at Home Mom

Because I think it’s going to be easier?  <insert belly laugh> No, not at all!...more

Home Is Where The Roots Are

I’ve lived in five cities, three states, and at least 6 different apartments and two houses in the past eleven years.   It averages to 2.2 years per city, 3.6 years per state.  I realize it may not be that big of an oddity.  Military families move often, and some people move more regularly than Rihanna change hair styles.  Still, I’ve noticed eyebrows raise when I tell people I’m moving...again.  ...more


What is the ultimate purpose of all this nesting, rearranging, and prioritizing?  The ultimate purpose is the enjoyment of your life, environment, and time. Your environment, when rearranged and prioritized, will create a more peaceful, calm place for you to live and work.  Imagine being able to go to your closet in the morning, knowing you have outfits ready to go for that day or even that week's work schedule....more

How Minimalism Is Going to Get Me What I Want Out of Life

There’s something you should know about me: I consider minimalism to be a big part of my life....more

Pruning for Creativity

Originally posted on Maybe There Will Be Cupcakes in July 2015-  Last week, I signed up to water our school garden.  The science department has a super impressive situation out back, with cherry tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant, and about five planters of herbs....more


e have nested and rearranged.  Now it is time to prioritize. Let's go back to your calendar.  You've already rearranged it, combining some items and eliminating others.  It is time, now, to prioritize what is left. Believe it or not, not everything has to be done right now.  There are items on everyone's calendar and to-do list that can either wait or not be done at all....more