How a Diaper Bag Insert Turned into a Crowdfunding Site for Moms

About a month after having my son, Teddy, I had my first moment of (new) mom inspiration. Somehow in my sleep-depraved, poorly showered, deer-in-headlights state, I came up with a damn good idea....more
Elisa Camahort Thanks so much, Elisa! I hope this will inspire other moms to move forward with ...more


This week we discussed fears, both good and bad.  To wrap up the subject, let's talk about the exact opposite -- courage. What is courage?  Courage, by my definition, is being afraid and doing it anyways.  Just like my determination to walk the bridge, I am afraid but doing it anyways.   What are you afraid of?  Are you willing to take the risk and do it anyways?  Will you join me in "walking the bridge?"  Be courageous!! Love,Jerri...more

Leaving My Toxic Workplace

I am proud of myself today.Something toxic had been controlling my life recently…A workplace.This is an experience that was new to me. Sure, I had experienced annoying people in the workplace – there’s one in each team right? But never like this.At first I thought ‘Just stick it out Katie. It’s just because you’re new.’It didn't stop.Then I thought ‘Just stick it out Katie. Your work will speak for itself, and then they will see your value.’They didn't....more

My Story | Starting Over with Memory Keeping and Mindfulness

So why a blog about mindfulness and memory keeping? Especially since I am fairly new to both. I guess because they fill two areas of my life that I have long struggled with: vulnerability and creativity. Here's some background on what sparked my interest....more

Fibro: A year later

What would I do if the pain was gone?            It has been over a year since I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Previous to that, I had always just been “unstable.” One day I stopped taking all of the psych meds…and the crazy, for a while at least, disappeared. No depression. No anxiety.  There was new hope. It was like I was given a second chance as a completely different person….and then the pain started....more

Hi, It's Me Again!

I started this blog with good intentions. (Really, I did!) Unfortunately, I forgot that I have the attention span of a gnat.  My last post was over two and a half years ago!...more

A Little Bit is a Good THing

While some fears are meant to be faced, others serve a purpose.  A bit of fear at night in a dark parking lot serves to keep us aware of our surroundings.  Fear of wrinkles and melanoma makes sure we apply sunscreen.  Fear of osteoporosis ensures we get enough calcium. While debilitating fear harms, a small amount of fear can serve a healthy purpose.  Of course, there are also those fears that are automatic and are never alleviated.  Foremost, of course, is the fear every mother carries for her child....more

Making Monday Easier

 It never fails.Sunday night rolls around and poof! It's midnight and Monday looms large....more

Remember young Padawan, even Batman fell down

“And why do we fall, Bruce? So that we can learn to pick ourselves up.”~ Thomas WayneFailure. Setbacks. Disappointment. It’s all as much a part of our lives as triumph, accomplishment, even victory – it’s just not as welcomed. Yet, there are those who say, “you cannot enjoy real success without having suffered defeat”, just like it is said, “one cannot truly learn to love without also having endured heartache”. Trite maybe, but true....more