I Get Crabby During Summer Vacation

I’m pretty sure my inner crabby person is a male over 80, what with the way he swings in, plops down with an exhausted sigh at the kitchen counter, and acts like I should pour him a cup of coffee becausehe couldn’t possibly pick up the mug in front of him and fill it from the pot percolating next to his elbow. He never learned how.Some say it’s a generational thing.Malarkey. It’s an issue of character, not age: dude is both indolent and demanding....more

Be Classy and Happy With These 11 Thank You Cards

The introduction of emailing, texting, and social media in general has made written notes and cards almost forgotten. Now you can send an invitation online or ask for a RSVP via email and text, but how do you say thank you?...more
Thank you ladies!  I love sending thank you cards out.  I think a handwritten note is so much ...more

From Chaos to Clarity: Lessons Learned in Recovery

“The lotus flower blooms the most beautifully from the deepest and thickest mud.” – Buddist Proverb...more

5 Ideas For When You Need a Fresh Start

Two years ago, after a summer of extreme downsizing, I moved from a small town to the city. I cut my hair, sold my piano, stopped updating my blog.  Maybe it was my age. I had just turned 57, the beginning of a new 7-year cycle. Maybe it was the aftermath of losing both parents in one year. Maybe it was teacher burnout. Whatever the reason, I needed a fresh start!...more

Get Glowing Summer Skin All Year Long

Healthy skin is important all 365 days a year, but the warmer summer season requires less clothing which naturally puts your skin front and center. While the dark tanned skin of the 80s and 90s (think Baywatch) has definitely fallen out of favor, healthy glowing skin never goes out of style. It isn't hard to get great skin, nor does it have to cost a fortune. A few good quality products and a little common sense is all it takes to achieve glowing skin all summer and beyond. ...more

Twisting My Kaleidoscope - Book Review

Shannon Love's story of psychosis while a mother of 3, living abroad is compelling. It's not only compelling because as a person who's never suffered psychosis I get a peek into her world, it's compelling more through her family's fight for her sanity, even when she was in the midst of her first psychotic break, she thought all was well....more

Don't Cry Over Spilt Milk (or Creamer)

 Everyone knows the above expression. Its plainly understood - don't sweat the small stuff - but did you ever stop to notice how you react in small moments, truly. ...more

If we're childless, what is our legacy?

Recently, I’ve been thinking about the issue of what we leave behind. I’ve been prompted by reading someone else’s thoughts and fears on this matter for the past few months, as well as visiting my mother and looking at family trees and old photos. When we are childless, what is our legacy? Do we even have one? Why do we want one? Is it important?...more

I will be at peace.

 I am not good at posting regularly.  You know what? That’s ok.  So I’m not great at following through with this particular goal.  I’m not great at a lot of things! I am not a theoretical physicist. I’m not a genius. I’m not so good at sticking to my plan of self-care and health. I’m overweight. I don’t always eat right. Guess what? I’M NOT PERFECT!And that’s ok....more

8 Steps To Living a Better and More Positive Life

Congrats you have made it to mid-year. Have you thought about those New Year’s resolutions you made about 6 months ago. Did you promise to leave the past behind and focus on making the present (and future) more productive, meaningful and positive? It really doesn’t matter if you forgot all about that resolution, it’s never too late to make a change in any aspect of your life.  I find that by creating a balance between your “to do list” and your “love to do list”, it can lead to a more fulfilling and happier lifestyle....more