Self Care Saturday | A Space of Your Own

 Do you have a space of your own in your life?Creating a space that is strictly your own can be difficult. The reasons can be many and varied; you live in a small apartment, you've outgrown your house or simply you have too much stuff. Creating a space of your own signifies a place where you can take a deep breath, get away from the chaos of the day and simply feel comfortable....more

Chicken or the Egg

Which came first the chicken or the egg?Which came first the mess or the messed up me?It's the sticky substance stuck on the top of the list in my brain. A smudge I try to wear off with the end of the pencil, the eraser. But I end up making it bigger as I frantically dig at the paper, in vain.--In the five minutes - five whole minutes - I was free of Gray, free of Gabbi, free of the apartment, free of any and everything; I was still mad. I'm not sure if I was so much mad as confused, fucking clueless, and hurt....more

Keep In Touch With Friends

I have two apps, both on the homescreen of my iPhone, that I use to make sure I do everything I’m supposed to do in the course of a day. Apparently it takes two to keep my life together.There are reminders to take my medication (despite the fact that my cocktail of pills keeps me sane and functional, you’d be surprised how often I forget them), to meditate, to write a daily blog post (ahem), to drink more water, to reach Inbox Zero (this one hardly ever gets checked off my list), to practice Spanish, and even to floss....more

In-Between Dreams? Here’s How to Use your In-Between Time to Gear Up to the Next Level…

“So, what have you been up to lately?”There used to be a time in my life where if you asked me this question, my stomach would drop. I began to DESPISE anyone who ventured onto this dreaded topic. Usually I would stutter and stammer, trying desperately to sound casual, until eventually I would reply with the classic conversation-ending response, “Oh…nothing much.”...more

Can You Work From Home After Baby? Yes!

I’ve been working from home long before we had children. I started in 2007 when I opened up my own design company with my husband and set up our home office. There I was, free of the daily commute, Skyping into client conferences instead of physically being there, and usually blissfully getting through the day without having to apply makeup. Work and life felt balanced, and I felt happy....more
Pecked2DeathByChckns Thanks so much! Sounds like a mom who knows!more

Financial Health

On this Frugal Friday, let us close out the week of self-care with a quick look at financial self-care....more

The Art of Disappointment

Infertility is a study in the art of disappointment. Those of you in the trenches know exactly what I'm talking about. You have to balance, constantly. Plaster on a smile and get through that presentation after the bad phone call, attend that baby shower, or even sit in the waiting room of your OB-GYN's office where you're the only one who isn't pregnant....more

I am not perfect

I missed a few days of class. I haven't worked out since before Christmas. I missed a few posts from my blogging schedule. I am behind on my readings. I am human. As such, I have made mistakes. I have not been as productive as I need to be. I have watched TV or pointless Youtube videos when I should have been doing my work. I know all of this. ...more

Your Spiritual Self

Allow me to preface this post by saying I am not a huge fan of organized religion.  In my lifetime, I have noticed the distinct trend of people who most loudly proclaim and publish their church attendance and their personal holiness as being those same people who are mostly likely to betray, stab their fellow man in the back, and use that same religion to judge and belittle other people.  That is not my personal opinion of a spiritual being. Most religions, whether Christianity, Islam, Buddhism or Wicca, hold the same premise of the Golden Rule....more