If Tomorrow were Today

I was standing in line at the grocery store the other day.Behind me, a tired little boy and his Mom were in conversation about the next errand on their list. The little tyke was not in agreement with Mom’s decision. “You said we’d go to the park today”, he said. “Tomorrow” she replied. “Tomorrow, Tomorrow, there are too many Tomorrows” he wisely replied. But there really aren’t too many Tomorrows....more

Enjoy the NOW

Momma, I see you, wishing away this season you're in.Your belly round and tight, feet swollen, and waddle walk.  A red circle on the calendar counts down the weeks as you yearn for your little one here. But don't wish this time away, this precious period that only you and baby share. This time, where your tiny one learns the beating of your heart from the inside.Savor these moments, for they pass way too soon.Momma, I see you, wishing away this season you're in....more

Skipping College & 9 Other Things We Did to Buy a House at 24

We've been planning and preparing for this moment for years. Working hard, saving harder, and the day has finally come. We're able to move out of our third-story, two-bedroom apartment and into a home with enough rooms for each child to have one and a backyard where they can play....more
That's great!  My son and his wife took out college loans, graduated, got married at 24 and ...more

Everything Happens for a Reason

I would say that of all the things most widows hate to hear, "everything happens for a reason" has to rank somewhere in the top five - somewhere in between "I know how you feel because I remember how sad I was when my dog died" and "when are you going to get over this." In fact, I would venture to guess that most people going through a difficult time, no matter what it is, really don't like hearing it.  Which makes me wonder why we say it or even why we think it. ...more

Watch What You Focus On

Early Reader Books - 15 Favorite Back to School Stories

Recently, when we met with our virtual school classmates and teachers for this year at a local library, we spent a while checking out all the back to school books. We found some really great stories to share for this week's favorites post.  While many of our friends are still enjoying their last moments of Summer vacation, we're excited to be back to learning new things. Maybe a small part of us is a little jealous and longing for the long relaxing days of Summer....more

Fitting Punishments for Common Small Crimes

"Let the punishment fit the crime" was something that was said by someone famous.  I have no idea who. ...more

Oh! You have a blog?

I don't broadcast my blog as much as I probably should....more
I'm new to blogging, well fairly new and already I'm having a problem finding the right balance ...more

Writing about Nothing with Practise

It’s all about the practise. If you want to be a painter, you must paint. If you want to be a runner, you must run. If you want to be a yogi/yogini, get to class. If you want to be a writer, you must write. What are you willing to do and what do you joyously look forward to do on a regular basis to become the new You?...more

When Logic meets Feelings