Love That Dirty Water; But I Wouldn't Recommend Swimming in it

I like it when nature pops up in surprising places.  I’m thinking of the whimsical canopy of trees guarding the skyscraper I...more

Patterns In Life

If you want to know what the future holds for you, look for the patterns in your life. They are quite clear and often times leave traces of what will come next. It is part of human nature to repeat habits which give you comfort. For every situation, you go back to what has worked for you in the past. There are no real secrets in life as to what comes to pass. There is of course your fate or the destiny in which you are here, but beyond that you have the freedom to seek your fortune. It is always so curious that you have no clue as to what is to come. ...more

Even My Therapist Won't Call Me Back

Let me catch you up! I've been through a lot these past few years, my brain and my self-esteem is not what it once was.  I took a sales job right out of college and fell madly in love with a coworker...the catch?  He is twice my age.  Not a problem for us but apparently a problem for everyone else in our lives.  My dad didn't speak to me for months, called me every name in the book, threatened to come fight him...just lost his mind when I told him.  Mind you I thought they would be really happy for me that I found someone who treated me so amazingly....more

Wasting Valuable Time

You tend to waste valuable time when you are being critical of others. You have your own path to walk, which is difficult as is, then spending time trying to resolve other people's issues. You are all unique and your experiences are so different, why would you think that they would respond the same way or have the same behaviors as yourself. It's not easy to understand those you don't know, so you instill in them your own behaviors. When they don't act or respond the way you would, you judge them as being inappropriate. You are wasting time in doing this....more

Why the Title of Mama Trumps Doctor Any Day

Last Tuesday I didn't get home until 6:30. I had spent most of the morning working on reports and then had a long drive for a long evaluation. On the way home I had this awful pit in my stomach, knowing that I would miss dinner and not have much time with the girls before bed time. I had to watch my speedometer very carefully during the hour-and-a-half-long drive home that evening. My mind and heart were protesting being away from my little girls and aching to get home, and my body was responding, pretty much involuntarily, with my foot repeatedly pressing down harder on my accelerator. I got home and felt like I had barely seen my girls all day. It was awful....more
Great blog - and you've made the right decision! In another few years, your job will be waiting ...more

Changes Ahead

I'm a whirlwind of emotion. I'm excited one minute, sad the next, then glad, then bummed, then anxious, then happy and then completely overwhelmed....more

OK, Yes. The Twos are Terrible.

Note: I reference a lot of mental disorders in this blog post. I want you to know that I take mental illness very seriously and I'm not poking fun at anyone who suffers from any sort of mental disease. I'm merely pointing out that a two-year-old very much takes on the symptoms of certain disorders, especially demonic possession  Think about it, you could find any symptom out of the DSM-IV and apply it to a toddler. That would make a pretty great psychology thesis! ...more

Why is Taking Vacation Such a Big Deal?

Vacation is a lifeblood, not a luxury. That is my perspective. Yet it seems that today's workers are taking less and less vacation and working more while on vacation. So when did taking vacation become such a big deal? When did it become an act of defiance instead of simply the normal course of things? This post takes a refreshing look at taking vacation from an employer's perspective. ...more