Your seat is taken!

Never get the feeling you can’t leave your work! People won’t even wait for you to have walked out of the office in order to take over what used to be your personal territory for months or even years. They will be very fast to personalize their newly acquired territory with their personal tea pot, wedding pictures, and dying cactus. They will be fast, faster than you can say "maternity leave", and much faster than they were to produce the end-of-quarter report you’ve been waiting for for months....more

Routine to Succeed for the Work from Home Mom

Working from home is full of distractions. Period. When you're a work at home mom trying to care for little ones at the same time, the challenges for a productivity-face-plant escalate. Here's one work from home mom's solid routine that just might work for you too. ...more
Im eventually going to work from home makes me wonder about balancing it all.more

10 Great Productivity Apps for 2013

We all have New Year’s resolutions (whether we acknowledge them out loud or not). While getting fit is usually at the top of the list, getting organized and more productive often follows closely behind....more

How are You Steering Your Life?

From what viewpoint are you looking at your life?  Are you looking in the rear-view mirror or are you looking through your windshield?Looking through your rear-view mirror is viewing life with chains of the past.  Some of these chains may be limiting beliefs that were drilled into your head as a young girl.“You will work in the family business”“Girls are never good at math or science”...more

Whole 30 Challenge

Day 1, meal 1 done and done... So today marks the day I begin my whole 30 challenge. If you are familiar with Paleo, then understand, as my box describes it, it is Paleo on steroids... On steroids no, probably just a little more disciplined than regular Paleo. As the whole 30 website explains, this is not hard, battling cancer is hard. This is just 30 days, but again- day 1, so what do I know. You are probably wondering what kind of a perv I am talking about my box. Nope My box is the perv. Its what the Crossfit gym is called. gym= box....more

Finding the Energy to Blog

Article first published as Finding the Energy to Write When You’re Not in the Mood on KMP Blog....more

Unplug And Start Living!

“Technology is an [odd] thing. It brings you gifts with one hand, and stabs you in the back with the other.” - C.P. SnowEvery year I make a New Year's Resolution.  Just one.  I take it seriously and I work on it all  year. Sometimes, I renew my commitment the next year as well....more

Personal Development: How to Treat Compliments and Criticisms

“Criticism may not be agreeable, but it is necessary. It fulfills the same function as pain in the human body. It calls attention to an unhealthy state of things.” ~ Winston Churchill Everyone has had it happen. You ask for feedback, you say you want feedback, but when you actually get some constructive feedback you become defensive. Taking constructive criticism well is a difficult but vital skill to learn.  But equally important is the ability to not let compliments consume you, either. Because, compliments and criticism are just reflections of each other.  In order to properly handle criticism, you also need to properly handle compliments. If someone excessively flatters you for a minor success, you need to internalize it the same way you would internalize a scathing insult.The person that is easily flattered is also easily criticized. ~ Scott H. Young...more

Create a Cushion of Space with Your Breath!

Eckhart Tolle "Be aware of your breathing. Notice how this takes attention away from your thinking and creates space." (Oneness With All Life)...more

Two Strategies for Women to Zap the Time-Suckers at Work

You’ve done it - because we’ve all done it.  You begin your work day with the full intention of focusing on several important activities and before you know it, it’s time to leave the office and your list is half-done at best....more