Tired of perfect? New photo app on Kickstarter gives you 0 retakes, 0 filters, 0 likes and 0 sharing.

Maybe you were out with friends or family this weekend? At a dinner, or perhaps a party, or to the park? It was fun, wasn’t it? At least when your friends weren’t busy posing and taking perfect pictures, then spending time adding filters and cool hashtags, and checking for likes. It’s not the end of the world, but it is kind of annoying when you’re having a good time....more

You Never Forget Your First

What are you going through that you think is going to kill you- literally? What problem are you facing that you believe is going to do you in? Are you where I am, ready to throw in the towel? Have you waived the white flag to life while chanting, “I surrender”? Well, whoever said, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” wasn’t kidding....more

The Yardstick of your Life

Life is fast. It happens so quickly that there are weeks and months when you look back which are just a blur. How could I possibly have children in their thirties. Wasn’t it only yesterday that I was their age?...more

Life with a Dog

Almost a year later since I blogged last.  How our life has changed.  We have added the addition of Steele, our wonderful male German Shepherd who is a little over a year old.  He brings such happiness into our lives....more

What is your life about?

I woke up this morning hoping to have a blog post knocked out by 10:00. I was planning on sharing a small project I finished last week for our bedroom. By 9:45 I hadn't opened my computer and I was ok with it. I wanted to get all the dishes in the dishwasher so I could run it which led to me wanting to get the counters all cleaned off so I could admire my new white kitchen in a little less clutter. Then I got a text from a friend who needed my support and prayers - and then a phone call from my mom who also needed prayers for some situations happening in her life......more

Where Would You like the Wormhole to Take you Today?

Copyright by WyoJones. All rights reserved. Used with permission....more

A Cowgirl looks (squints) at 60.


Learning to go with the flow or swing with the pros

Last night at 18.00 the head neonatologist said we'd continue my baby girl on c-pap and a 7 day course of antibiotics. This morning when I checked in with the NICU nurse, the doctor said trial off the c-pap and 5 days of antibiotics. Okay then... ...more

This thing that is not a Coincidence

The Universe has sent me "nudges" in many unexplained ways. I've written before about connections from across the years and the country that suddenly cropped up with someone I'd know for years.When I needed it most, the Universe let me know that I was not alone in the middle of a crowded Women's Show. And then again, when I was feeling that the man for me would not show up after years of being alone, it sent me a philosophical license plate....more

confidence in christ

You are altogether beautiful my love there is no flawin you--song of Solomon 4:7 Society bombards women with images of what the ideal woman is supposed to look like. This version of the ideal woman is unattainable because it does not exist. These images give women an unrealistic version of whattrue beauty is. Most often they are airbrushed or photo shopped. I am not nor have I ever been close to society's version of beauty. I was a tomboy growing up. I wore flannels & corduroys and was often mistaken for a boy. ...more