The Power of Girls’ Weekends

I can think of few things more let-your-hair-down relaxing than a girls’ weekend or week.There’s something about stepping out of your ‘real’ life for a while and having the time and leisure to get caught up with each other’s lives, laugh yourselves silly, spend time in your pajamas, skip wearing makeup and not worry about counting calories or glasses of wine, that is so soothing to the soul. There’s no one to nag about unloading the dishwasher or taking out the garbage, and no one requiring anything from you....more

What Is Your Dream?

They were looking down from a great elevation and all they saw was at the point of coming together, the bare trees marching in from the horizon, the rivers moving into one, and as he touched her arm she looked up with him and saw the long, ragged, pencil –faint line of birds with in the crystal of the zenith, flying in a V of their own, following the same course down.  All they could see was sky, water, birds, light, and confluence.  It was the whole morning world....more


The Japanese view of life embraced.  A simple aestheticthat grew stronger as inessentials were eliminatedand trimmed away.-architect Tadao Ando"What do you want?" , he asks."Peace, peace and tranquility", she replies....more

Blogging For The Holidays

My holiday stress stategy is blogging. While reading my facebook wall yesterday I saw a link to A lightbulb came on in my head. Blogher? Didn't I once have a account there? So I clicked the link and voila! I arrived here and logged in (thanks to the password reminder service)! I am home for the holidays! My account is still here. Yes the account I opened in 2006. Five years ago. They say that what you do on the internet, stays on the internet and my dormant account on this site is proof of that. How gracious of the staff not to purge me from their site....more

Listen up husbands! It matters when you are late.

"Honey - I'm gonna be a bit late"SKREEEE!...more

Finding the balance of a warm chocolate chip cookie

There are things I am not. There are things I am. There are things I once was and wish I were and those that I am glad have stayed away.  What I am is a contridiction in terms and probably more common than I think of other women of 37. I am confident on the outside like a warm fresh-out-of the-oven chocolate cookie that everyone wants a piece of. Crunchy and crisp at first. But like that warm cookie, once you bite in, I am as gooey and runny as a Nestle Chocolate Chip.  ...more

Dousing My Bonfire of the Vanities: The Omnipotent Christmas Letter Crucible

If I were turning this post into a lecture, I would first begin with... “The History of Unfounded Expectations and How The Family Christmas Letter Came to Be.”...more
@@BehavioralChild Likewise! (get it? LIKE-wise?)more

Is it over yet?

As the hubby looked over yesterday's post, his comment to me was "You are soooo running out of ideas, aren't you!!!". To which my instinct was to reply with a GROWWWLLLL! But I laughed instead. Mainly because it's true [and because he added a "but, nice pictures" after his comment]. I am sooooo running out of ideas....more
@RWGmom Have fun! Enjoy your night on the town ;)more

Evaluate Your Life Score… Take the Test

If you think of life in terms of a game, then perhaps you should give yourself a score of some sort. How else will you know how you’re doing?...more

How to Keep Your Sanity (and get stuff done too) This Holiday Season

The holiday season is fabulous time of cheer, good will and a lighter mood for most, but it can also be stress-laden and overwhelming to many. It’s hard to stay focused in the midst of holiday shopping, music, parties and revelry. It can also take a herculean effort to actually accomplish anything of substance at work while trying to juggle your extra family obligations at home.What can you do?...more