3 (Unconventional) Career Lessons Learned

1. Don't choose what to do. (Choose what NOT to do - quickly.)...more

Unemployed and Looking for Work

Diannebug  Here I am. A recent college graduate trying to find a job. Any job. I'm not picky and honeslty, i'm not too proud to take something I'm "underqualified" for. As of today, I have applied for hundreds of positions, some close by and even some far away. Just hoping to hear back from someone. Each time I go for an interview, my hopes rise and I convince myself that THIS is the job for me. This is the one that is going to change it all around.But so far, it hasn't been. I've had no luck....more

NaNoWriMo Hump

Check out my blog for a post about my NaNoWriMo thoughts, some squash sweetness, and a funny cartoon!...more

Depressed?!?!? No, Honey, I'm Just Busy Inventing The iDeer

My wife thinks I'm depressed. What? No, I'm just eXtremely busy reading, researching and writing blog material for NaBloPoMo. She noticed that I haven't left the house as much in the month of November and that I am sleeping and not sleeping at wild times. But I am having an absolute blast, sometimes, regular blast the other. I have never forced myself to blog, especially at a certain rate of at-least-once daily publication. I have always prefered a natural flow that has averaged about 8 pieces per month for the last four plus years. ...more

Working Guilt of Moms

What I find amazing with us moms & women, is how we always tend to feel more guilty that we should regardless of what we are doing....more

The Baby Divide

Middle-class female, American and of breeding age usually means you have at least one child, or so I am made to believe.  I do not fit this model but most of my friends do and they vary dramatically in age.  Sometimes when a friend has her first child, we drift apart, other times this doesn't happen.  Allow me to make one point clear: I do not hate children (and I expound: I do not resent them, do not see them as carrier monkeys or inferior beings).  I simply do not have any biological children or adopted children for whom I care on a consistent basis....more

Working, alone

Three in the afternoon.  The low winter sun is filtering through the blinds of the spare room where I work.  The day is... quiet.  Long.  I am supposed to be working - and indeed have been working - but I have become slower and slower, like a wind-up toy whose battery is running out....more

Day 18 to 37

Irony = my husband INSISTING he needs to get his heat fixed in his car yesterday and spending nearly $600 for the work only to have him total the car in an accident TODAY! I often feel like the universe is out to get me.  It’s a pessimistic notion I know.  I’m like that SNL Debbie Downer character when I get into one of the funks.  I literally think I can hear a wah, waahhh after every thought or comment during these times....more

NaBloPoMo is messing with my Qi

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