My midlife sabbatical: DAY 1

Why start writing today? Because -  right now - I’m about to take a huge risk and hopefully change the course of my life. I just quit my job to take what I'm calling a midlife sabbatical. I'm veering off the planned  "path" that Corporate America sucks you into. And I'm scared. So why did I quit? I'm burnt out, work-wise. My husband had open-heart surgery eight months ago and I decided life is just too short to stay on the same path that is no longer making me happy. The balance of life turned on me in some way....more

So glad to read your post. I just posted about the same thing! Your post makes me feel less ...more

Getting Organized While Watching TV?!

That’s right – organize!  You can even do it while watching TV.  Now if it’s a good movie or snuggle time with your honey, then I don’t recommend organizing at that moment. On the other hand, if you are watching Two and Half Men, The Mentalist, Army Wives, or…. you get the picture. Go ahead, watch your favorite show but do a few things with those idle hands. Here’s a short list of 10 things you can do while watching TV to keep up with your home organization: ...more

I have my big girl pants on – but am I a “real” adult?

The other day I stumbled upon a blog post from All Groan Up called “I’ll feel like an Adult When…“ This realllllly  got me thinking about being a “real” adult.  I don’t look like an adult.  I don’t act like an adult.  But my age deems me as being a “Young Adult.”...more
I recently realized that I do feel like an adult (I'm 24). This was a gradual thing for sure, ...more

Things that make my head burst into flames

I've been working in my chosen career since I was nineteen years old. I started as a part-time college intern....more

A Little Goes a Long Way

For the past couple of weeks I have been reading a lovely little book called The Power of Small by Linda Kaplan Thaler and Robin Koval....more

Thank you for the comment!! I loved the book and I plan on reading it again very soon. I ...more

Feeling the Love from Fellow Teachers

It puts fear into the hearts of students, parents, and teachers alike.  It evokes judgment from government officials and those who have never walked a mile in a teacher's shoes.  In some places, it unfairly determines an educator's salary.  And in our school district, it will torment our lives for the next 5 days the same way a foreboding black cloud torments the spirited on a beautiful summer day....more

Fast & Furious

The Rant…I’m an all in type when it comes to relationships.  My goals is to be the best friend/girlfriend/sister/wife/etc… to the other person....more


Well, it’s Saturday and it’s rainy, windy and just plain miserable. The daffodils outside look like they wish they could put on rain coat and the birds appear ready for a hot cup of tea. So for today, and the remainder of this weekend, I’ve decided that I’m due for a little downtime....more

Sometimes the weekend falls on a Tuesday or Wednesday, or maybe for 1 hour on a Monday. Whatever ...more

Powerful Questions