Epiphany reframes it!

EPIPHANY noun, plural -nies....more


 At the threshold of a brand New Year I always send out a special message to my friends and family, a message that reflects my mood-of-the-moment and encapsulates some of the lessons I have learned in that year and before and that I wish to share with my immediate, larger and virtual family....more


     The new year always takes me by surprise.  It always seems that the year just started and now it is gone again.  Everyone celebrates the end of the old and the chance to start anew with hopes it will be better than the last.  Hope springs eternal in our world. ...more


To kick off the new year, I've signed up for BlogHer's January NaBloPoMo month-long, daily writing challenge.  ...more

[365day Lifestyle) The First Day of the Rest of Your Hot New Year

 Ah New Years. Did you have an awesome one? I hope so :) Mine was pretty cool - dolled myself up, got together with friends, and did a lot of dancing. ...more

It’s all in a Day’s Work

Thank you, Awkward Black Girl, for making me feel a little less awkward....more


Welcome to the New Year!January is a call to be fully awake, as all seasons can serve to nourish souls. And as we turn the page to this frosty month, our inner fires burn brightly, full of hope and promise.Although the new year begins in winter’s silence, its song will swell through the hours and days and weeks we mark in our lives ahead, beginning with this first month....more
@Isabel_Anders Yes, thank you....reading Twelfth Day. Glad you like the paper dolls. We've got a ...more

Resolve to take better care of yourself in 2012! Here's how!

I write about ways to help yourself look and feel better all year and I truly believe that self care for every mother is one of the most important things you can do for yourself and for your family. I find when I am consistently exercising and meditating for just a few minutes each day, eating well, getting enough rest and keeping myself looking good , I feel better! As a result I am more patient and feel I am a better mother. I resolve to do a little more for myself this year!...more

Such a Glamorous Life

As soon as the game that The Boss and I are playing is over, I am going home. I am going to fling wide the doors and windows (because this weekend it is supposed to be in the mid-70's and because the house needs a good airing out).(Insert random fart jokes that I couldn't keep out of my head - my status as a 35 year old woman is quickly being ruined by a 13 year old boy that apparently lives inside of my brain...airing out...heh...heh...)...more

Waiting on Perfect

We all know that there is no such thing as perfect.  Why, then, do so many of us wait for… The perfect time to start a business. The perfect body. The perfect financial situation before we start giving.  The perfect time to write that book or start a new project....more