Everyone Is Fighting a Battle Beyond What You Can See

Several years ago I shared a story about having a miscarriage. While it was definitely a sad time, I used it as a catalyst to change my life. When I realized that my stable little family wasn’t going to need to prepare for any more maternity leaves -- I changed things. Army. EMT. New jobs. New figure. Way new outlook. I had meaning. And I had packed up the notion of having more babies and put it away. And I was okay with that. And then I got pregnant....more
 @betherann I am so sorry for your loss.more

To Work or Not to Work? Are We Really Still Asking This Question?

I'm a serendipitous SAHM. That's Stay-At-Home-Mom for those unfamiliar with mommy acronyms. I say serendipitous because although I had desires of staying home with my children, I hadn't planned on it. My three-year paid subscription to Working Mother Magazine will be running out when my first-born turns three next month. I was a working mother when I bought that subscription but due to some unfortunate and unforseen events at work, I have been a SAHM for a year and a half....more

Wearing Multiple Hats

[Editor's Note: We all wear multiple hats. If you're an entrepreneur then you have one heck of a collection. See how times are changing and how you can make the most of your own hat collection - Paula G] ...more
amazing to see this article here  how can this be - I sent an article to BLOGHER with the very ...more

The Upside of a Boring, Spiritually Unfulfilling Job

[Editor's Note: Even as someone who advocates following your true calling through your work I absolutely love this post. Why? Because sometimes a boring, spiritually unfulfilling job is EXACTLY what you need and that's not "failing" or "wrong" in any way. It can in fact, be spiritually enlightening! Read on to see why... - Paula G] ...more
I believe a lot of people are stuck with jobs that aren't necessarily their passion. And for ...more

Saturday Done Right

Spring is a very busy time for the ol' Burks family.  For some reason, both of our jobs tend to pick up during the spring months.  Law firms tend to come out of their holiday comas around mid-January and don't really slow down until summer, and the nonprofit ministry circuit keeps busy with Easter activities, planting Bible studies, and various groups of students out on spring break and eager to volunteer.  All this is great....more

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Sestina for the Open-Minded

Something’s not right. She feels it, this woman. At first it’s a whisper, “Live the life you’re meant to.” But that means risk. At first there’s turmoil, but it’s a start, giving her permission to seek. Eventually she notices them when they appear – the signs Showing what might be her path. And she knows they’re right. ...more
This is really beautiful. Congrats Robin! So excited for you !!!more

Working Mom Guilt: Dealing with Sick Children

Dealing with a sick child is never fun. But when you’re a working mom, and your child goes to daycare, you end up having to make those tough decisions in the morning. I find myself asking the same questions every time: Does he have a fever? How sick is he really? Will he actually rest if I keep him home, or is he better off at daycare?...more

A Cup Of Self-Love: Art of Resilience

“You cannot change your destination overnight, but you can change your direction overnight.” Jim Rohn.When everything is going smoothly, being resilient is probably not on your radar. Yet when the proverbial sh*&t hits the fan, we assume our resilient toolbox will be available and full. Taking the time to hone resilience skills is similar to practicing driving, before you actually take the driving test....more