How to Learn to Love This Stage of Your Life

I feel like I'm an expert at living on a student income. My husband has been in school for the majority of our married life, and for the past four years he attended dental school. ...more
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Bringing Back the Sick Day: Why you should just give in and rest when you are sick

I have been battling a bad upper respiratory virus the past few weeks. I felt it coming on one Friday night, all scratchy throat and tired muscles.What did I do? I just kept going, of course. We had plans Saturday after all.  I just kept drinking hot tea, sucking cough drops and went to bed a little early.The cold worsened and I began to leave out optional activities. But still I plowed ahead. During meetings I sat at a distance with a box of kleenex by my side. I refrained from giving physical adjustments to my yoga students....more

Letting go of fear and Ego to embrace not thinking, just doing!

To live your best, be your best, you have to not think and just do what you want! Yes just not think which seems counter intuitive. Thinking gets in the way since thinking awakens Ego to send all those reasons to your brains as to why you can't succeed or do what you desire. Some people have more problems with Ego than others. I for one have always had an Ego that tried to stop me whenever I wanted to do be me, letting me know in no uncertain terms that I would fail....more


You have heard it before.  "You can't take care of someone else until you take care of yourself."  How many times have you answered that statement with "Yeah, right!"?  Exactly. There are just as many aspects of self-care as there are to one's personality.  The self-care can be emotional, physical, spiritual, financial or any other aspect of life....more

The Problem with Calling Something Broken, 'Worthless Rubbish'

A couple of recent events impacting my life challenged me to think more about how quick we can be to deem objects of misfortunes - whether physical or emotional, accidental or planned - as damaged or worth less.If something, whatever that 'something' is, is become less than we expect, then we should throw that something away....more

Quiet Busy Mornings, Loud Busy Afternoons, In Between Evenings, & Smooshed Nights

That's what a life in the day of this stay-at-home mother is like - quiet busy mornings, loud busy afternoons, in between evenings, and smooshed nights!My Quiet Busy Mornings go like this:...more

Silly Little Things

Resolutions tend to be major changes or life events.  I know my resolution is and so are those of some of my friends.  I also have some silly little ones that I work toward on a continuing basis.  Allow me to share a few of them. I'm slowly replacing my lingerie with matching sets.  Yes, I realize that those are the women who die in horror movies; but I want to feel pretty, even when it's covered by a hoodie and jeans!...more

We Bid Adieu to the Infamous Moo

Anyone who knows us knows that my third child loves her cow costume.  During my stint as a SAHM she would wear this costume for days on end....more

It's 2015 Already?!

A new year. I can hardly believe it’s 2015. And that I’m 31 now. How can I possibly be well into my early 30’s already?! I’m pretty sure I just turned 25 a few days ago. I’m looking forward to and dreading this year in many ways. It’s going to be a year of changes, a year of self discovery. I entered into 2015 in circumstances which will not allow 2015 to be one of stagnation and complacency. If ever there is a year to truly figure out what I want my life to be, who I want to be, where I want to be, and who I want to be with, this is it....more

The Lesson Plan for 2015

As a 44-year old woman I've started to feel the changes in my body. I remember when I had days filled with energy and enthusiasm. Today, my hormones are creating havoc in my life! Mood-swings and crying episodes are the order of the day. My hair is thinning and falling rapidly, I have gained a lot of weight and I don't  feel motivated. I don't feel like myself anymore. ...more