Wine Country Migration: Moving from Sonoma County to the Central Coast

I worked in family owned wineries in Sonoma County for 7 years and enjoyed (mostly) every minute of it. During those 7 years, I worked in three of the major regions in Sonoma County: Alexander Valley, Dry Creek Valley and Sonoma Valley...more

Divorce is a Unique Opportunity to Transform Yourself Completely…

Consider that instead of biding your time to get over your divorce or waiting for ‘time to heal all wounds’, you could use the intense force of this divorce and change in your life to your advantage…...more

When Did We Lose It?

When did we lose it?In all our time on this earth, all the trials and success mankind has had, when did we lose it? When did we stop noticing all the wonderful things around us, the tress, flowers, animals and wonder that is ours to enjoy?...more

Giving Feels Good (Even in July)

Are you overwhelmed with "volunteer opportunities" this time of year? (These are the cards my 6yo made to hand out to the residents of an elder care home.)...more

Deadline Looming? – Don’t Panic

Deadline Looming? – Don’t Panic

Are You a Workaholic (Type A)?

Are You a Workaholic (Type A)?

A Necessary Repeat

Three years ago, I wrote a post about fear mongering.  At the time, I referenced an email I had received.  Now the same practice has transferred to social media.  How often do you see a post warning women about some fictitious gang initiation, stranger in the back seat, hundred dollar bill on the ground, or the myriad of other urban legends created for no other purpose than to incite fear?   And how often do you see otherwise intelligent people repost these myths without checking the information?...more

Vigilantly Constricting

I hotfooted into yoga class ten minutes late and discovered that, uncharacteristically, the teacher had taken some time for talk before movement. Hoping to illuminate the theory behind the practice, she’d explained a few terms and their role in the various poses we’d be doing.By the time I slunk in, the class was well into its sun salutations. Much like when I was in college, I tried to fake my way through having missed the lecture....more

Oh No! Am I a Blogging Fraud?

This is not the post I planned to publish today.  That one still needs to be written. Yesterday, I spent almost the entire day outside.  We were putting up our Christmas lights.  Or more specifically, that is what we set out to do.  We did get most of them up - but it became a little more involved than we expected....more

Common Pitfalls of a Mobile Office

Common Pitfalls of a Mobile Office