My Naive Self

Do you ever look back at your past self and have to laugh? I do. ...more

Feeding My Soul Part II

I am a huge recycling fan.  I believe that anything possible can and should be recycled.  Of course, part of recycling is up-cycling.  One of my projects this weekend was an up-cycled success! My son found a gorgeous tiled picture at Goodwill.  His first thought was that it would make a great tray for the coffee table....more

Wishing to work from home

I have three little boys, aged 5 months, 2, and 4, and I often find myself struggling to find the perfect work life balance.  After my 2 year old was born, I tried to start a dog treat business.  That went nowhere because I lacked the time to market the business.  I guess it didn't help that I really hate to cook, even for dogs.   Last summer, I started attending on online university to get my Master's degree, and that is going quite well, but it is a lot of work.  Did I mention that I work full time, also?...more

Stress Awareness: Drop the Mic...but don't!

Hello BlogHer readers!  This is post # 2 in my series of Stress Awareness Month postings.  I originally had a different topic in mind but we all know life dictates our decisions.  Beginning with last week's introductory post, I plan to explore common ways we stress out and tips, articles, and suggestions to reign victorious!...more

NOTHING to See Here

In our living room is a large bay window. It used to be a traditional space filled with picture frames, a bowl with colorful glass beads and the occasional bouquet of fresh flowers. Not these days!...more

Dancing On The Edge

Most of us would scoff at the notion of needing any help. We take great pride in our fearlessness and ability to multi-task away our to-do list. I am guilty of super hero syndrome myself, but the truth is I could do with a live in Martha Stewart and Jillian Michaels. And I’m not above the need for the occasional check in with Dr. Phil....more

The Doldrums: New Baby and the Disappearing Date Night

The other day my husband lamented,  "we are in the doldrums of our relationship."...more