Do You Love Me?

Do you love me? I often wonder what the ulterior motive is when this question is asked. Is it a selfish question from a needy and insecure person meant to put a significant other on the spot? Is it a need for affirmation in a world that is often unkind, cold and distant? Should it even be asked? Compassionate people cannot help but love....more


 STOP……..Where are you Going?STOP……Sometimes we simply have to STOP……Take time out….Rest…Relax…..and look at what direction we are headed in in life…….So many people are going so fast in life that they don’t even have any clue where they are going…….Many people stay busy in order to avoid dealing with not knowing what they are doing….Staying overly busy is a way to avoid looking at things we should be looking at….....more

The results of the media diet

Last week, I came across the term media diet and decided to track my own use of media throughout a typical week. I was especially interested in seeing how much I used media (specifically, my smartphone, the computer and TV) in front of my impressionable son....more

Life's Eternal Dance

Sometimes it gets frustrating when every step you move forward, you take three steps back. Although each step you take seems a momentous, moving in the opposite direction can be discouraging. But in the long run,although it's difficult to believe you are where you're supposed to be. Because it's not in the movements that you gauge your life, but the special moments that you experience. It's those breath taking seconds that time seems to stop that make everything else seem to disappear. Think of life as an everlasting dance that you are having with the universe....more

Sometimes I Just Need Permission To Be a Bad Mom.

This weekend, right on the heels of my youngest daughter being sick, we left for a preplanned trip to my most favorite place on earth.  If you've never had the pleasure of a visit to Leavenworth, Washington ( suggest you give it a go!  It's one of those kitchy little tourist traps that offers pleanty in the way of shopping, wine tasting, and Bavarian themed activities but that's not why I love it.  I'm in love with the scenery.  Oh the mountains!  They're truly a beautiful work of art courtesy...more

Be Phenomenal - Monday Motivation

 "Overcome the notion that you must be regular. It robs you of the chance to be extraordinary" ~Uta Hagen Monday motivation is all about reaching beyond the regular to get to phenomenal. It is about dreaming bigger and expecting better. Find your reason to get a higher a better place and make it happen. Make it a reality. Key Points:...more

Good Enough.

What do you think constitutes a “good” parent?I wonder about this often.  Am I a good enough parent?It seems as if there are high standards to live up to–a squeaky clean house, healthy (organic?) food, well behaved and polite children, smart or advanced children who only play with quality toys and watch little to no television.Sometimes I wonder who invented these standards, and why many parents spend so much time and energy trying to live up to them....more

Finding Comfort in Gals from the Street

I am feeling sorry for myself about lack of sales again, so it's time to revisit two  favorite regulars at my store, Sue and Debbie. ...more

#100HappyDays and 24 Hours of Happy

 Image from 24 Hours of Happy....more