100 Working Mums, 100 Days, 100 Ways to Live a Life You LOVE!

When was the last time you had a chance to sit down and have a real heart-to-heart with your closest girlfriends? Come to think of it, when did you last sit down?...more

Your Biggest Mistake Is Not Making Any

“Why?”We start by saying “We make mistakes because….” And fall out of words once we arrive to “because”.Whenever we think we make a mistake we either already know the irritating answer to the question above or we just can’t seem to find an assuaging reason to add after “because” that calms down our frustration....more

A Room of One's Own

If you're feeling blue, lock yourself in a room, stand in front of a mirror, and dance - and laugh at yourself and be sexy. Dance the silliest and ugliest you've ever danced. Make fun of yourself and try to recover your sense of humor....more

Confession of a Girl Friend Avoider

I'm ashamed of myself.  I'm ashamed of my silly behavior yesterday and the crappy example I set for my daughters.  And even though I told them the story without shame, they were quick to point out how immature and ridiculously I behaved.I fell victim to what I call the "girlfriend avoidance game."  Allow me to set the scenario....more

5 Steps to Following Your Dreams

Pretend your rubbing a magical lamp and out pops a genie.  He tells you you have one wish and with that one wish you have the power to live your dreams.What would you wish for?If there was one thing you could do today to live your dreams – what would it be?I asked this of myself five years ago. It’s safe to say that I hated where I was in life. I loved being a wife and a mother but I knew I was more than that. I was more than a secretary or event planner or pastor’s wife. I felt squashed and unfulfilled because I knew there was ‘more’....more

Learning to be Still

Everything in my world is changing.My entire universe is shifting....more

Fenced in by Shadows

Some years ago an old friend was telling me about one of his colleagues. This person frequently spoke of his vast years of experience in the field they both worked in.But my friend saw his colleague's dialogue as not only irritating but also as quite far from the truth. This man often brought up his seniority of 25 years. What my friend saw however was a man with one's year experience ...more