Consider Others and Make Someone's Day

Who knew the picture books we read when we were younger were full of such important lessons? As children, we often overlook the messages these stories are trying to get across....more

The Urge to Nest

As the weather cools, my urge to nest goes into overdrive. The fall brings out my urge to bake, get out my craft supplies, and basically become a hermit.  I don't know if it is a leftover vestige from my childhood in Wisconsin or just a basic human instinct, but there is something about the cooler temperatures that makes me into even more of a homebody than I normally am.I have already begun my jewelry making for gifts and there is a batch of brownies planned for this week also. ...more

“Consider yourself lucky for getting on the same line as me.”

This morning on the way to work, I got myself stressed out, I was trying to call my husband and for about a little over a mile and half I did not have cell service….I was not happy at all and frustrated because of it.  ...more

6 Exciting Ways to Celebrate an Adult's Birthday

If age is just a number, why should birthday parties fall off with the passing of years? Twenty-one is not a peak age, and you deserve that same anticipatory thrill of a birthday celebration every year....more
Happy Birthday!!! Hope you have a wonderful day!more

Fall: Things I Like and Things I Don't!

The topic of the Lifestyle Sista's linkup this Friday was 5 Favorite Things About Fall. Since I read some of the posts, I have been thinking about how I feel about this time of year.If I had to pick a favorite season, it would be summer.  Spring and autumn tie for second....more

Be the 'Do as I Do' for them, not just the 'Do as I Say'

So I know I’ve been in a mother-figure role for the last 14 years, but since I had my boys I have come to realize how impressionable the young minds of children really are from the moment they are born.Now at the ages of 5 and 2, nothing gets past these two. And I mean NOTHING!Any time a foul word may accidentally get uttered from one of our mouths, my two-year-old is quick to repeat it the best he can just because he heard us say it. This usually comes into play more when in the car and tensions are running high, and maybe I spout off something like, “You, stupid moron!” to another driver. (Okay, this is a little tame for me.)  I’m usually quick to rethink my words (a little too late though) when I quickly hear “Stupid moron!” come from the backseat.But they want to be just like us because we are their parents -- their first role models. Even down to the fact that I'm always finding my kids walking around clumsily in my shoes or my husband’s shoes, our kids want to do what we do, act like we do, talk like we do, be who we are and literally, walk in our shoes.So being the example for our kids is one of the most crucial things we can do for our kids....more

Gratitude Linkup - Week of 10/5/14 + 31 Days of Photography

One of the best ways to have perspective, for me, is to remember the things I'm grateful for. There have been times when I've gotten stuck in negativity that I've done a quick gratitude list (in my head or with another) and started on the path of releasing that negativity. Gratitude lists help me to remember what's beautiful and to remain present in my life.Each week, Laurel Regan's Gratitude linkup over at Alphabet Salad is a way for me to share a few of the things I'm grateful for with others....more

Believe In Yourself and Reach Your Goals

Believe In Yourself and Reach Your Goals

A Fall Day

It finally got cooler down here in the South!  It was a beautiful day yesterday with wonderful breeze, clear skies, and gorgeous water.I took full advantage of the fall weather.  I stayed away from my usual soda yesterday and honored the fall weather with a huge mug of peppermint tea with honey.  Instead of my usual 90 mph day, I slowed down and enjoyed cuddling up with a good book. ...more