A Love Letter To Aspiring Medical Students

On my PBS tour, I had lunch with health blogger James Clear, who is studying for his MCATs and wants to go to medical school. James and I have been talking about his desire to go to medical school for a while. As a successful entrepreneur with a strong sense of self and a calling to medicine, James once asked me whether I thought it was possible to go through medical training without getting your spirit broken.  I told him I think it’s possible. It’s hard. But possible....more

Suppose to...

Well, I am apart of the 'suppose to' generation. Grew up with typical, normal may even say Huxatablish home life - two parents, 3 kids and 1 van. Both parents has some college experience so I too was 'suppose to' go to and graduate college - check - did that but upon graduation realized I did not know what the next 'suppose to' or was not ready for it. So, of course I stated to listen to that VOICE that said whoa, slow this down and learn more about who, what and why you are so you can LIVE the next 30+ years without 'suppose to'....more

Getting Perspective: The Closer You Are to Something, The Bigger It Seems

This article was originally published on the blog "I Try: The Additive Property of Happiness" on April 3, 2014. To see it in its original habitat, go here....more

More About the Additive Property of Happiness

This article was originally published on the blog, "I Try: The Additive Property of Happiness" on April 2, 2014. You can see the original post here. ...more

Scheduling some unstructured playtime

I have Mommy friends who have taken on a third job as chauffeurs. But they don't work for Uber. They work full-time jobs, take care of their families and then cart their children off to a variety of activities. They spend their evening hours away from their homes and behind the wheels of their cars. In the attempt to give our children lots of opportunities to learn instruments, play sports and learn conversational Mandarin, we have forgotten to give them time for unstructured play....more

Change is a catalyst that opens endless possibilities!

Change is usually viewed as negative or not welcomed in our lives. We fear the unknown enduring what we don't like or want rather that move onto something new or different. We fear deep within our being change resisting to the point of doing us mental or physical harm. Rather than fighting the inevitable, the impermanence of life, embrace, live with change, see how wonderful life looks each and every day when you are one with change! ...more

Work/Life Balance: SOLVED! By President Obama and a Coalition of Changemakers

Today I missed hearing Michelle Obama speak on the topic of the eternal push-pull between work and family at the White House Summit on Working Families. I missed her because I needed to be on a train from DC back to New York and my home and my son before my babysitter expires for the evening. This small sacrifice I had to make strikes me as being somehow perfect. I am sure Michelle would approve. ...more
It was amazing, and it made me feel hopeful. It also made me feel angry at how our Congress has ...more

Get the Most of Your General Education Classes

Most college degree programs have gneral education requirements. While these classes may seem off-topic from your goals, they probably aren't, and they may be your best chance to really have some fun as you pursue a degree. APU faculty member Angela Matthews explains why....more

Random thoughts on my love of books and reading

I’ve been reading all kinds of books as far as I can remember in my life.I always carry a book anywhere I go. Whether it's to eat out, an appointment with the doctor and yes, even to the bathroom. I don't mind about the book's weight even if it's heavier than a hair brush or a bottle of cologne....more