Not an Up to Date Mama

I am an intelligent person. I have a master’s degree and enjoy learning new things....more

Footprints on my Heart


Managing the Emotions of Alzheimer's Caregiving

Did you know one of the most difficult skills an Alzheimer’s caregiver has to learn is how to become a Juggler?...more

Limiting Toxicity

I've written before about removing toxic people from your life.  Whether it is someone who revels in misery, or only contacts you to share their own latest, greatest drama, such people have the capability to suck the joy right out of a day. Too often, I have allowed such people to remain in my life due to a sense of obligation, or guilt, or responsibility.  As part of my new plan to set limits and boundaries, one of the things I truly need to do is take a serious look at the people I allow into my life....more

On Motherhood


Friends and Relationships

One thing about friends and relationships I've learned is that you have to set yourself up with people who are alike minded as you are. I notice a lot of people have great potential but allow themselves to be held back by others. I've seen smart individuals be held back because of their friends, their friends point of view didn't match theirs, and they wouldn't be accepted if they went on certain paths of what they believe. Some of us are able to see past the trees and some of us aren't....more


Limits...the setting of which I struggle with.  How about you?  Do you find it difficult to set limits, draw boundaries, or just say no? When dealing with a particular person or situation, I always endeavor to approach it from a place of kindness.  Unfortunately, I am beginning to feel that a number of people view that kindness as weakness.  This opens the door for that person to take advantage....more

Do You Understand Emotional Intelligence?

Ever since Daniel Goleman wrote Emotional Intelligence, we have heard that phrase a lot, but perhaps you never heard it explained. Emotional intelligence is a valuable skill, because it means you know how to work with all kinds of people, understand them and get along with them....more


 “Bag lady, you gone hurt your backDraggin all them bags like thatI guess nobody ever told youAll you must hold on toIs youIs youIs you”- Erykah BaduI’m not gone tell y'all how I old I was before I realized she wasn’t talking about actual bags.Any who,...more