I am Supermom and so are YOU!

 I Am Super Mom…and so are YOU! Look at me mama.  You are a Super Mom!  I know we throw that term around for the moms that we sometimes feel like we just can’t compete with.  The moms who always seem to have the most perfectly behaved children, who look like they’re dressed for a Gymboree ad, and a lunch that was perfectly packed with organic fruits and vegetables and perfect bed time routines that run smoothly for her so she can spend her evenings quietly scrapbooking her precious children’s memories….but let’s cut the crap! ...more

My Parenting Recipe Disaster

His words shocked me to the core and I stood trying to process what I just heard. How can something so trivial have such a piercing effect on me? I heard his verdict and I simply refused to believe it. I knew deep down he didn't mean any harm but I took serious offense and felt unsure if it was something I could recover from. "I think you put too much chicken meat in this. It's overpowering", my father spoke after he tasted the chicken soup straight from the boiling pot. Too much?! How can it be too much?...more

Anger Can Be a Divine Emotion

 It took me a long time to learn this simple truth: anger is a valid emotion, one that needs to be recognized, acknowledged, and dealt with. Good people tend to deny, repress, suppress, or just plain ignore anger, but these feelings don’t just go away: they fester; they simmer; they slow boil, and they eventually manifest as depression or rage....more

The Arrogant Men who Believe Their Children Deserve More than the Kids Of Working Moms

I worked for a man who talked a lot about how hard he had to work to make enough to keep his wife home with their daughters and how important that was to him. I took the job because it offered early morning hours (from 4 am – 12 pm) that allowed with me to be with my kids the majority of the day. After working for the man for more than six months, I put in a written request to leave early three days a year, so I could continue to be a room mother in my kids’ classrooms and volunteer at the Halloween, Holiday and Spring party each year. I was dismissed the next day without explanation....more

What I Learned About Friendship From Strangers

This past weekend I traveled to Huntsville, AL to attend an AMAZING Young Women's Conference hosted by an organization called Saved In The City. The conference involved some of my favorite things - conversations about Jesus, becoming business savvy, personal growth, laughs, love and most of all PINK! Aside from all of the fun I had, I learned a valuable lesson on friendship. Click the link below to read what I learned about friendship from strangers!My Lesson On Friendship...more

Eat the Rotten Apple. Here’s Why

Eat the Rotten Apple....more

What Makes Life Worth Living?

If you are asking yourself that question, there is a good chance that you are not enjoying the living process.  You may be stressed due to work or family; you could be lonely.  Maybe you wonder why you go to work every day so that you can eat and have a place to sleep only to find that that is all that you have time to do.  Dwelling on thoughts like these takes a toll on you....more

How Much is Your Time Really Worth??

 AUGUST 24, 2015 ...more

Keeping up with the California Girl in me.

HOW do I keep up with the California girl in me after 3 decades in a foreign country?                                                                                &...more

10 Things That Happened When I Stopped "Entertaining" My Kid

Sonny has given up his afternoon naps altogether. Well, left to his own devices, he would have done that a year ago, but I insisted on a nap until very recently. We have stuck to the afternoon nap routine ever since he was a toddler and I was not ready to let it go just yet....more