When Stress Becomes the New Normal: 8 Stress-Busting Hacks to Get Your Life Back

I received Jillian Michael’s “Biggest Loser: 30 Day Shred” workout DVD a few years ago for Christmas. It’s been collecting dust on my shelf, (Why bother with workout DVDs when there’s millions of free workouts on Pinterest!?) but I finally decided to give it a whirl. ...more

Family, Fun and Chaos!

Sounds a little scary? No it’s not at all. Recently I spent some extended time off with my sister and my Virginia Family. It was one of the most fun trips ever; we were busy the whole time. We got to celebrate her birthday and that was super special! ! I was blessed to share in a birthday breakfast for my sister with her good friends. So much family time, that really was the best!...more


The holidays are always a time of reflection. Maybe it’s because we gather around the table with our family, exchanging stories and laughs, or maybe it’s because it’s nearing the end of another year… but regardless, I am thankful for many things this year.Always fell asleep after the turkey... miss you Grandpa.  ...more

Thirty-Eight Candles... (A Reason to Be Thankful)

(Back in July I wrote...)I could get used to this......more

Thanks Giving

We say it together, but it's two words really... Thanks Giving or the act of Giving Thanks It's a simple definition... pretty easy to understandwhich is why I was surprised upon reading the rendition in my son's "Student Dictionary"......more

Feel Pride in all you do to live your best

Pride is a positive feeling creating so much energy to live your best life. Living without pride leads to destructive emotions like jealousy and competition. Pride existed in tandem with excellence, being the best in each and every moment. Not perfection, excellence. We sometimes don't realize to take pride everything that we do, even something small that seems insignificant makes a difference in what send out and receive back. Lacking pride is a reflection on how you feel about yourself. Feeling pride focuses on you, not other, you look inward to your true being, not outward to others....more

Leaving and Going and Staying and Adventuring

There´s the classic kind of expat, the one that gets sent to work overseas and takes the family tagging along. These families sometimes live in one country that isn´t their own and sometimes they are constantly moving from one country to the other. Then there´s the retired expat that moves away once they feel it´s time to leave the place they lived and worked for most of their entire adult life. There are the traveling families that never stay in one spot and live off the actual travel (my favorite)....more

A Time for Gratitude

This is the time of year everyone begins talking about those things for which they are grateful....more

Control Much? Feedback Forum

 Wow readers, I am blown away by your survey participation! So far there are 10x the expected number of responses. Can we break the internet second to a Kardashian’s oiled bottom? Let’s try. I’ll give it another day or two before posting the results. Well done!...more