Coming to terms with my seasonal selves

 Showed up at the airport for the first time since the beginning of the year, and understandably received exclamations of "Where have you been?!" "Haven't seen you in awhile!" "You been busy?" from friends at our first potluck of the season....more

Alone and Together

I suspect that among the secrets of a long and successful marriage is achieving a balance between “together time” and “alone time.”...more


Sometimes doing something, anything is enough. It doesn't have to be big or monumental, but it is the simple act of doing it that it becomes real. You give it life, whatever it is, when you breathe into it.Just start. No matter how big or small (or miniscule) the first step.It is enough. You are enough....more

Finding flow in collaboration

 We started after breakfast, me unpacking colored paper, a pad of poster-sized pages, and a collection of happy office supplies (highlighters, markers, gel pens, post-its, tabbies, and eraser tape, for those who like that sort of thing, like me).On sheets of pink, green, purple and blue, I scribbled out our rough plot lines and separately, lists of characters....more

Yes you can neutralizing toxic people!

What if you can't eliminate a toxic person from you life at the present moment and you have to live with their negativity. How can you not let them spread their poison to you? Most of us have had to deal with a family member, co-worker, someone close to who is horribly toxic, yet we just couldn't cut them off. How do you neutralize that person so they don't effect you, so you are free from being pulled into their evil web. First understand that it is not about you, it is about them. You are not the problem - don't let them project their negativity onto you or engage you in their drama....more

Journal Exercise: Code of Ethics (Family)

Amber @ The Holistic FoodieI mentioned on Facebook earlier this week, that I wanted to add in some more journaling exercises. One of the most therapeutic ways to unleash emotion is by writing it down or journaling. This allows a person to go through the emotions and process events so it doesn’t show up as a “symptom” later. The steps are: write it down, process it, acknowledge it and let it go. But I an assure you, just because it’s written in four steps doesn’t mean it is an easy process!...more

Julie Espinosa

I always told myself, "I am never going to start a blog. Who would want to read about my life anyway." Well this blog is not for anyone else to read but me. Well, perhaps my future kids and grandkids when they grow up and maybe if something should ever happen to me and my family wants to read about my life, they could read my blog. Other than that I'm ok if I am the only person who reads my blog for now. Also, I'm not going to blog about cooking or DIY projects or fashion, this blog is about life. ...more

Why I'm Breaking Up With My Phone

I love my phone.It's my little mobile office, always at my side.  I can respond to emails, catch up on reading, or Google whatever it is I need to be learning this week.But it's becoming a problem....more

#Change A Story