Thirty-Eight Candles... (A Reason to Be Thankful)

(Back in July I wrote...)I could get used to this......more

Thanks Giving

We say it together, but it's two words really... Thanks Giving or the act of Giving Thanks It's a simple definition... pretty easy to understandwhich is why I was surprised upon reading the rendition in my son's "Student Dictionary"......more

Feel Pride in all you do to live your best

Pride is a positive feeling creating so much energy to live your best life. Living without pride leads to destructive emotions like jealousy and competition. Pride existed in tandem with excellence, being the best in each and every moment. Not perfection, excellence. We sometimes don't realize to take pride everything that we do, even something small that seems insignificant makes a difference in what send out and receive back. Lacking pride is a reflection on how you feel about yourself. Feeling pride focuses on you, not other, you look inward to your true being, not outward to others....more

Leaving and Going and Staying and Adventuring

There´s the classic kind of expat, the one that gets sent to work overseas and takes the family tagging along. These families sometimes live in one country that isn´t their own and sometimes they are constantly moving from one country to the other. Then there´s the retired expat that moves away once they feel it´s time to leave the place they lived and worked for most of their entire adult life. There are the traveling families that never stay in one spot and live off the actual travel (my favorite)....more

A Time for Gratitude

This is the time of year everyone begins talking about those things for which they are grateful....more
Nice list of  gratitude. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgivig. If you have the time stop in at ...more

Control Much? Feedback Forum

 Wow readers, I am blown away by your survey participation! So far there are 10x the expected number of responses. Can we break the internet second to a Kardashian’s oiled bottom? Let’s try. I’ll give it another day or two before posting the results. Well done!...more

Going Back To The Beginning For The Happy Ending

Sometimes in life, you know exactly what you want to do. You have a plan as to exactly how you will leave your thumbprint on this earth. You follow the plan, and you make the world a better place. And that's awesome; nothing wrong with nailing your life's mission on the first try. But for the vast majority of us, the second, third try is the charm. So is the case in Robert Callan's life. ...more

Dear Daughters

Dear Daughters,Your father and I just came in from raking the side yard, hopefully for the last time this year. There wasn’t much left, but enough that we couldn’t, as much as I wanted to, leave it on the grass. I was going to let your dad do it all himself and stay in and rake the cat hair that is all over the house, but the weather was nice enough and, well, you know how much better tasks like this are with help....more

I'm Jealous of Your Noisy, Messy Days.

                                                     There are a lot of moms and dads on Facebook, posting updates that chronicle their parental struggles- kids misbehaving, making too much noise or mess, fighting with siblings, refusing to get ready for school....more

Three Keys to Happiness

 I’ve been thinking and reading quite a bit about the Secrets to Happiness. Some say there is no secret. WebMD has an interesting list  that includes a sense of purpose, a sense of self, and more. I agree that all of those are important, but worrying about being happy is a luxury that not everyone has. We who are lucky enough to have a source of income and shelter are far luckier than many around us....more