Lucky Me

See a penny pick it up, all day long you’ll have good luck....more

What Staycation Really Means: Part VII

In late 2010, we were growing a little restless living on Bull Run Mountain. The property at Bull Run Mountain where we lived, was really nice, but it wasn’t ours. We started to take weekend rides westward, deeper into the mountains to hunt down houses I found for sale online. Perhaps one of those houses we found could be our dream home....more

What's holding you back!

We often wonder why our goals aren't reached, why we seem like the hamster on a wheel in a cage, always running and never getting anywhere. We look for a reason, someone or something to blame for our not achieving our intention. There has to be a reason we keep saying over and over. Embrace a different concept, be free of negativity, accept at this time that there is no reason, the situation just is. Leave the whys behind that waste your energy and power trying to figure out the answer when there is none....more

More time is not the answer...

My toenails need to be cut. My legs needs a shave. My eyebrows need waxing. My hair needs a trim. I failed to shower yesterday, and I'm beginning to think my body's natural grease production may be just what my humidity-induced frizzy hair wants. I need more time. I need to take time....more

5 Steps to Unmasking Yourself

We hear all the time how important it is to live an authentic life – to live your values and true to yourself, despite what others say. Many of us read these self-help books and blogs, telling us to stop living up to other’s expectations and to find ourselves.It sounds all well and good, but easier said than done, right?...more



How do you edit life - when you're a writer?

  It’s not the writing that’s difficult, it’s the deleting. Every one of us has a story that defies the rules of logic and sanity. Every character from my friend with the four cats that hiss at me and walk across her kitchen table, to Dan with the dimples and the plaid...more

Blogging Manifesto for Today's Content Creators: Play Big or Go Home

Although I've been blogging now for about 6 years,  until about 6 months ago I had stopped taking it seriously for about 3 years.  It wasn't that I didn't still enjoy writing, it's that I was struggling to find a way to translate my mom blog into a money-making venture....more
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I almost left nursing because of one patient, but then...

Start of shift, life is grand. Fully staffed and no super sick patients, then it goes to pot. I am told by an angry family member that I should go work in fast food because I am black hearted and soulless. All because I spoke up for patient safety. This was after being held up for two hours by a distraught family member... maybe its time for a job change....more

Sometimes Being Thankful Is Hard

Don’t we all know those days? The ones that are filled to the brim with hardness or sadness or sickness or all of these? The ones where we know in our hearts that we should be thankful, but our minds say, “no, no, NO”? The ones that make us want to hide in the floors of our closets and never come out? Oh, those days. ...more
Great article Jennifer! It's so easy for us to forget to be thankful sometimes, but I guess ...more