I can be a good dog?

My brother had done something against me that day - I can't remember what... Maybe it wasn't something against me. Maybe he had forgotten his homework at school again or I had caught him drinking out of the toilet. Or maybe he had been peeking in on in me in the bathroom. Or maybe it was that he just hadn't learned to be as invisible as me. Whatever it was I was made to decide his 'punishment', again....more

The Hidden Benefits of Running

The Hidden Benefits of Runninghttp://wobcmagazine.com/7023/108871/a/the-hidden-benefits-of-running...more

In 2015 I realize I have the choice to live my best life! The power is mine.

Choices, we all have choices in life.  The problem arises when we don't like our choices and then we think we have none.  We throw our hands up claiming that we have no choice and just let what happens, happen. Yes we have choices in each and every situation, we just don't have the one that we want or think that we want. I lived this way for a long time just believing that I was without choices when I didn't want to face the truth; ran from making what I thought was the hard decision never realizing by not making the choice I was complicating my life, causing more pain....more

Life is Better With You

This is for you. For all the good things we do as women for our families, friends and strangers. For running after someone’s escaped pet, and baking cookies the night before. We are seldom told the difference we make in someone else’s life.Pour yourself the beverage of your choice, put up your feet or put on your dancing shoes.  click to read more ......more

Give and you shall not receive

I met with a mentor of mine recently to talk about work: my goals, challenges, aspirations, etc. Even though I love my job, it’s still the area of my life where I feel the most insecurity. However, my mentor threw me for a loop when he offered his advice:“It’s not really your job where you need help. That’s where you think you need help because it’s the most obvious to you. But what about your husband? Your family? Your friendships?”...more

Superwoman Is Not A Blogger. And Bloggers Aren't Superwomen. And That's OK.

This is a story about unfortunate choices made for unfortunate reasons. Both the choices and the reasons matter less than the forces that underlie them....more

#1 Imbalanced Chakra is...

Amber @ The Holistic FoodieHi there!Admittedly, I haven’t been blogging (which I love!) because I have been working hard giving chakra healings to clients through reiki. It has been the most beautiful week ever on many different levels....more

Bad to the Bone

Bad habits...some are worse than others, but everyone has at least one thing they wish to improve. For me, one of my biggest is disorganization! For Valentine's Day, I received a Starbucks gift card.  I was right on top of it and transferred the gift card to my Starbucks card.  I went on the website, found a gift set I wanted to order and loaded it into my cart.  I was so organized and with it!!  As I went to check out, I realized that I had to enter the number from my Starbucks card....more