I Promise Myself...

I am constantly trying to figure out different ways of being more, doing more and acheiving more.  I think this is a lifelong way of being with a very positive outcome.  While searching around on Pinterest I came across the "I Promise Myself" creed from The Secret.  I want to explore some of the promises periodically through the blog....more

An Attitude of Gratitude Makes for a Happier Life

By Irene Ross, CHHC, AADP, certified nutrition and wellness coach Most of us think about gratitude during the holidays, but then forget about it shortly after New Year's. Consistent gratitude could be the key to raising your happiness threshold, however....more

Of Toasters and Triangle Butts

A/N: I had some great animated gifs for this post, but then the 1992 internet connection kicked in and I figured it was time to hit CTRL+V and get out of the building while the lights were still on. So to speak. A toaster fell on my head today and I’m embarrassed at how happy it made me. I’m not normally a toast eater, but I’d just bought some great artisan bread at the Sultan Center and I was thinking that it would be delicious toasted, if only I owned a toaster. Then I reached into a cupboard to put something away and the toaster fell out on top of me....more

Work Interruptions=high stress= low energy: Five Tips For Controlling Them

      By Irene Ross, CHHC, AADP, Certified Nutrition and Health Coach We’ve all heard that wail:  “I have so much work, how will I get it all done!” All the while, the work just keeps piling up.  So does the stress, which can lead to headaches, weight gain, and sleeplessness, among other things.And it’s an energy zapper!...more


OK, it's been awhile, I guess I became frustrated with the lack of responses, and for some reason my system would act up when on this site (slow typing & buffering).At any rate.... I'm back... Determined to just WRITE... EXpress myself which is what I love to do.  So....DETERMINED.OK, so for the last month or so...I was determined to start a weight loss plan.  I'd watched plenty of programs on TV on how to just get started.... Moving!...more

Nourish That Career, Fire Up That Day!

 By Irene Ross, CHHC, AADP, Certified Nutrition and Wellness Coach I once worked with someone who would come back from lunch sleepy—in fact, she’d often put her head on the desk to nap—and awaken irritable, snapping and shouting at co-workers, clients and, eventually, the company CEO. Not surprisingly, she was first in line to be laid off when the company downsized.Yes, food is powerful and it can seriously affect your moods and energy level....more

December Update

I have been a bit of a blog neglector lately. I feel bad for that - but with Christmas coming up, life has been so busy. I was sick for over a week and then it's been pretty manic. Christmas balls, friend's gigs, shopping, lots of work.And then there is a constant build up of sadness as the holidays get closer. A huge mixture of excitement for a holiday I love so much, and dread that it should be our first with our own little one at home. I will write more on that later....more

Deployed to War...at Work

I initially started to blog with the intent of relieving my stressful work environment.  However, the Presidential campaign consumed me. It's over now; unless we fall off the cliff then I anticipate a Speaker and Presidential war. This is the beginning of why I came here in the first place....more

Time is Flyin'

So many things going on in everyone's lives.   Time just goes faster and faster.  If I could just clone myself, I could be....baking, painting, shopping and relaxing at the same time....more

Driving Change

It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are. - EE Cummings It's natural for people to blame their boss, their spouse, their job, etc for the horrible time that they are having.  If we changed our thought process and took responsibility for our actions and our thoughts then we would be less inclined to lay blame to situations in our lives.  Positive thinking is not easy for most.  Naturally if you are going through a rough patch at work, home, or the gym; blame is the first thought that can pop into your mind.  ...more