The *Sniff* Magic of Disney

I spent two hours the other day desperately trying to reattach the "O" key to the keyboard of my laptop, after I removed it to free a crumb from underneath. Frustrated, and unable to figure out what was wrong with the key, I put it aside and gave up.A few hours later, I awoke from a nap with new enthusiasm, and decided to try again. I reattached it on the first try. The problem? I tried, for two hours, to reattach the key upside down. Clearly, I don't do sick well. I don't do idle time very well, either....more
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Look nowhere …

I love watching sunsets and sunrises. Every time we travel, I always try to find an opportunity to look for those sunsets and sunrises to capture those moments. They are gorgeous, not to mention they give us the kind of romantic feeling that we humans love. After awhile, we look at all of the photos; they are more or less the same, if you know what I mean. I do not disagree that at some locations, the sun appears to be more captivating than others. But, you have to agree with me. They are more or less the same .....more
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How Women Sabotage Themselves in Business - Part 1 of 5

The first of the 5 Part Seminar series hosted on In Our Shoes. How Women Sabotage Themselves in Business.Follow up tele-call conference will be scheduled to open it up to interested listeners - stay tuned! Shoe Hostess....more

Do Nothing Days

We've had the best weekend so far ... we've done absolutely nothing! Sometimes do nothing days are the very best days, don't you agree?...more

Where Does Your Mind Dwell?

There are certain words I love.  They reach down into my soul and speak to me there.  Dwell is one of those words.   Jane Austen made a declaration determining where her pen would dwell when she wrote, “Let other pens dwell on guilt and misery.” Emily Dickinson told us all to:  “Dwell in possibility” ...more

The World is Rolling In At Our Feet

I officially retired four years ago as a speech-language pathologist in private practice...which, by the way, was an enjoyable and highly rewarding career. I'm back to work now, only one day per week, in order to keep abreast of things a bit, and continue my saga of traveling to those chosen far-and-away places on my bucket list. I've been lucky to be able to work a little when I want to as there has been a shortage of speech therapists nationwide for quite some time....more

Keep flying and don't look down

I've been consistently blogging for the last 50+ days.  At the end of every day, no matter what, I've clicked Publish before going to bed. I've proven that it takes 30 days to create a new habit. It was no longer an option if I was going to post, it was only getting clear about what I would post. As a matter a fact, I was brainstorming how I could be smarter in my writing endeavors in an effort to allow for other writing projects. I was brainstorming on how to write more.And then out of the blue......more

Why Being a Mother Makes Me Nuts!!!

MAMA'S IDEAL DAY: If I Had My Way......more

Another Glorious WFH Day!


I haven't been able to find my words lately. I wrote last about my dad, and I needed to be silent after that. For a bit. I needed to just let that be. Last week was hard. But it's done now, and it's a little less hard. I asked Dylan a question the other day, something innocent, something in passing, fully expecting to answer for her, like I've been doing for all her (little) life so far. "No want mama." I smiled a thousand smiles, to hide my tears. Who cries when their child answers their question? I feel like I can't keep up. Sometimes I don't recognize her, my own baby. Not a baby....more