Marriage & Date Nights

Lately the Husband and I have been so busy with organizing things at the house, both of our jobs and my exercise classes that it didn't seem like we were having quality time together.  Sure we watch TV, eat dinner and run errands together but we weren't taking the time to go have fun together.  I am not saying we don't have fun together or that there are any issues, just that we needed to focus on one another more.  Does that make sense? ...more
Make some time to spend with your sweetie!

Keeping My Sanity (On Most Days Anyway)

I am a busy (ready for this...) wife, mother, high school teacher, college professor, writer, consultant, club adviser, and case manager. It seems as though with each school year, the list simply grows. I am one of those people who cannot seem to sit still. For that reason, I am all about balance. I firmly believe in the concept of the harder one works, the harder one must work to ensure balance in their life. All work and no play...NO WAY! I have several strategies that I use to keep my life in balance. For me, faith is very important....more

What to Do When You Lose Your Passion

This is a situation that many of us, at one point or another, will deal with in life: the loss of a passion in our career. To some it may come as a shock, to others a sneaking suspicion, to others still, it may feel like a death or divorce. But you need not wallow in the depths of despair. You can pick yourself back up and start over again. Here’s how! ...more


I have become a stay at home mom recently.  Now every purchase in my house has come under scrutiny.  I chose to stay home so I knew I had to tighten my spending to make our ends meet.  In just over a month I have managed to rack up about $1000.00 in credit card bills. Mind you not alone, my husband has added to that, automobile gas, trips to the hardware store....more


Last night went out to the farm to do some welding at the ranch.  Ranch life is similar I would expect to everything in life that has A.D.D. on a grand scale.  Not a funny situation, we have such a list of things to accomplish and everywhere you look something else catches your eye that needs done. We have to work around the weather for haying, spraying, seeding and the rest of the time we made up jobs.   The shop is always loaded with projects but you have to take and list the priorities.  ...more

On Freedom

Here in the United States, tomorrow is Independence Day. The day on which we celebrate this country, built on the great principle of freedom.It’s an incredible thing.Now obviously, America’s Independence Day celebrates societal freedom. A state of being that inherently comes with certain limitations that enable the greatest freedom for the greatest number of people while maintaining relative safety and stability. So it’s self-contradictory to some degree, since this kind of freedom MUST have limits to function....more

Happy Almost Fourth

It’s the third of July, and I am ready for a stretch of time away from the city.The fur girls are laying in front of the air- conditioning, and are waiting for Jim to get home.There will be plenty of time for reading and relaxation, and just to be away from center city and the tourists . There’s a lot to be said for peace and quiet.Here’s hoping that no matter how you enjoy the fourth, you are happy and safe!...more

How to Have a Stress-Free Morning

Mornings gone wrong can look like this: a closet full of clothes spewed out over the bedroom floor, Cheerios without milk to save on time, screaming kids running out the door to catch the bus that’s already at the stop, and an understanding that, “ya know, today I’ll just pick up some fast food for lunch.”Don’t get caught up in the rushed blur that is week day mornings. If you have a hectic time running out the door, you’re more likely to feel restless and unsettled for the rest of the day at the office. Instead, follow these three tips to have a smooth, stress-free morning:...more


When you think of rural America......What do you think?  What do you picture in your minds eye of Montana, rural Montana?  I live in a nice little community in North Central Montana.  Our town is about 50 miles from another country, no really.  Canada is just up the road.  We have to travel farther to go to the dentist or the eye doctor.  Driving is just a way of life, we don't measure by distance we measure by time.  Like we have to drive about 3.5 hours (one way) to get to a major airport....more
Thank you for the insight into your farm and family ranch. It is very different from my small ...more

Finding Balance & Happiness: Creating Intentions vs. Setting Goals

since we're mid-way through the year, i wanted to check-in and revisit my intentions for 2013....more