Feeling Unfulfilled

It's funny how quickly people can come in and out of your life, and how most friendships are just taken for granted. Over the past few months it has really been proven to me that nobody is going to be there for you but yourself. Some of the people I have considered to be my 'best' friends are hardly ever there now. I understand that as life changes, those friendships are going to change, but I really thought some of these people would be life long friends. ...more

On Reducing Stress

By: Wendy Castellanos-Wolf...more

Warning: Focus on Gratitude & Forget the Shoes

There’s a story from college I remember as clearly as I do my dreams from last night. It is called Eternity and Time, a story from the intricate, thoughtful, delicate and otherwise seductive tales of Asian mythology; by far one of the subjects I enjoyed “studying” for most over the years. It takes me back to the long days of seminars, arriving to class a minute before it started with a hot vanilla latté in hand, pulling out my overflowing notebook and simultaneously checking out the fashion of the season....more

How Selective Are You With Choosing Your Friends?

We’ve all heard the age-old adage, “Tell me who your friends are, and I will tell you who you are”....more

Day Off?

Well, I wish so… The only perk is I had a little longer sleeping this morning. The girls are walked, clothes in the washer, and an appointment in town for 1PM. After that, home for more walking with the gals and dinner and time with Jim. If you are off of your job today, enjoy, ...more

You Don't Have to Be Perfect, But You Can Be Good

Every few months I break down sobbing because I remember that deep down, I am fatally flawed. I am broken, defective, worthless. I am no good at anything. Everything that’s going wrong in life is my fault. I work incredibly hard at everything, and it’s still just not good enough. For a while tonight while I was crying, I thought I should go away for a week so my husband and kids could see if they’d do better without me. If they could, then I’d just go live as a hermit somewhere....more

Taking A Break

Sometimes you work on projects that take on a life of it's own that you wonder how you ever agreed to do it. It may have been an exciting venture or something you took on as a challenge. Whatever the reason was, it is now a beast to work with. The vision you saw in the beginning isn't as clear as it once was. It may be time to step aside for a moment to clear your mind. Sometimes when you are too close to the problem, things don't make sense. You know that you would never have taken on something so big, unless you really believed in the possibilities....more

Hello World

It's time to open up your heart and let all of the world's possibilities into your life. Take a step beyond your backdoor and experience whatever comes. It has stopped raining, so put aside your raincoat and umbrella. It's time to play. The sun is shining upon you and you can attain whatever you put your mind to. Being optimistic is an easy thing to do when everything is going your way. There is nothing you can't do when you believe that the universe has got your back. Go out and be the person you were meant to be. There are so many people that are waiting to meet you....more

Finding Your Place In The World

Sometimes you may feel as if you don't fit in anywhere. It's not that you stand out from the crowd, it's just a feeling that you're not the same as everyone else. No one would separate you as being different, for you're not sharing who you really are. You have tried to blend in with the norm for so long that you may find it challenging to be yourself. Who are you and where do you belong? Being unique may be easier than you think. When you were younger, it was important to be like everyone but you are no longer there....more

Are School Standards Leaving Most Kids Behind?

The view I'm going to see of my kids for 12 years. My kids are both a bit “behind” in school....more