The Urge To Purge

The Urge to Purge Travel is great and could be exciting.  However it's a fact that packing and unpacking are painful to do. Well, at least for me, and I suspect, for most mothers with children as well. This past weekend though, after our Labor Day weekend break, I realized that there is at least one good thing, a gift if you will, made possible by packing and unpacking....more
Great post! I was just sitting here looking at all of the stuff that's accumulated in my office ...more

First time

"All who wonder are not lost..." J. R. R. Tolkien...more

Morning Routine: Starting Off Right

The kids have been in school for about 4 weeks now, and we decided to make a change to how we started our day.  Okay, I decided and had to find a way to get them on board.  Because here is how our normal school/work mornings look.6:30 My first alarm  (hit snooze till it quits)7:00 My second alarm  (turn off then lay there for a few)7:05 Start waking everyone up7:15 Get in shower7:30 Realize that no one is actually yet up and moving though they are awake...more

What Have You Learned Today?

If part of your purpose in life is to learn lessons, what have you learned today? If your experiences tell us more about you, what have you done that changes the way you live your life.? Are you doing anything better than you've done yesterday? Being more compassionate, forgiven those who you have harbored ill will, loved more than those who you feel are worthy. What have you learned that make you so different that you can see life a little more clearly? Learning what you don't know you're supposed to may be confusing, but what is life but confusing....more

Dreams Come True

What if all of your dreams came true? If all of the "what ifs" came knocking on your door. You, who have envisioned so much and have been waiting so patiently. It seems as if nothing is going your way lately and you've lost some of the hope you originally had. Getting up each morning, knowing that something was going to happen today to change your life. Being excited about what could be. You've dreamed during the day and night of all the possibilities that could happen. But how long does a person have to wait for everything to come together, for things to be....more

Surviving the Quarter Life Crisis

I started graduate school this week.  It’s overwhelming and exhausting.   Now, let’s be honest.....I’m in this grad school program for the possibility of future career opportunities.  I’m kind of tapped out in my current career.  I can’t go any further and I can’t get a raise.  Thus, I’m in grad school. I got into a fancy-smanchy school.  People are always really impressed when I tell them where I’m going.   ...more

These Hands... from painted nails to folded laundry

These hands belong to a girl who likes to paint her fingernails......more

Friday Find ~ Find the Time

Friday Find ~ Find the Time  There IS time, you can...more

A Best, BEST Friend

It was my first day of Kindergarten. The year was 1990. My mom brought me into my classroom. I remember, my legs felt like rubber. My mom left.I saw two girls playing in the corner of Mrs. Klar's classroom. Priscilla and Jenna.Last night I met a friend to celebrate her 29th birthday. Her name is Jenna. Yep, the same Jenna I met in 1990. I'm proud to say we have maintained a "best friendship" through the last 23 years....more