The Awkward Epidemic

I recently discovered a new web-series entitled "The Mis-Adventures of an Awkward Black Girl" the show was absolutely crazy and ridicul...more

Caring for your kids while working full time

How do you manage your work life with your family life? Do you have a babysitter, a nanny, use daycare when you are at the office? I’ve done them all!...more

"How To Succeed From The Grave"

 This Morning as I  stood in awe, and watched along with the world the commencement and Honor of The Memorial To Dr. Martin Luther King Jr....more

What I Learned from a Cockroach

What I Learned from a Cockroach     ...more

When it Counts

I’ve made no secret that my ability to gracefully balance between the work realm and the craft table is a myth. I’ve tried to do it all, I’ve sobbed at the futility of it, but I’ve also realized something—no one does everything perfectly. We all feel less-than at some point or another. We working moms don’t have it tougher than working women, stay at home moms or guys. We just have it different....more

My National Work and Family Month Flashback

Every October, National Work and Family Month gives me flashbacks.When I became pregnant, I was a manager at a high-tech company. My job was at least fifty hours a week and, given a recent merger, would now include coast-to-coast travel. With my husband working crazy hours as a new associate at a law firm, we knew something had to give....more

The French language test / L'épreuve de la langue française

Using French on my blog and on my site has had an interesting unintended consequence. En utilisant le français sur mon blog et sur ​​mon site, j'ai non seulement accompli ce que j'avais l'intention d'accomplir, mais il y a eu une autre conséquence aussi....more

How often do you confront the fact that you are successful?

How often do you confront the fact that you are stepping up and you are successful?A co-worker asked me that in an email this week. I had just choked up while sharing some positive, client feedback with my team. It was the second time I had reacted that way in the presence of a compliment in less than a week.Still, I shrugged off his question. I haven’t felt particularly successful in any of my many endeavors lately but, overall, I know how to celebrate the victories, big or small.Or so I thought. Until yesterday....more

Your Health, Your Business

We've all heard the sayings "Money can't buy happiness" and "Money isn't everything." Today you will discover how, even though these perspectives regarding money may be true on one level, they certainly aren't true on all levels of our lives....more