8 TIps for How To Get a Better Night of Sleep

8 Tips for how to get a better night of sleep After getting home from a month in Europe, going to concerts, having family and friends visiting and my birthday – my sleep routine has NOT been it’s norm.This week I wanted to get back on a schedule, which for me usually means bed around ...more

Datenight with a twist!

I am 6 months post delivery.  I have not been able to get my body back to it's pre pregnancy place.  As a result, going on a datenight in a small town has some challenges.  Since I'm nursing I don't drink much so that's out.  Working out 5 days a week trying to get this body back doesn't exactly make me want to eat out at a restaurant.  That doesn't leave much for options.  So I have started asking my husband to take me on trail rides.  It's a dual bonus.  I used to compete on my horse now I just feel uncoordinated and a little awkward on him.&nb...more

My Journey with Faith

Fairly recently, I came into quite a bit of God-talk. But not really the religious God-talk. It's spiritual. It's full. It's open. It's inviting. It's forgiving. It's graceful. It's loving. It's kind. It's all the things that I don't find or hear from the religious God-talk....more

How to Move in the Direction of Your Dreams (Dream BIG!)

One of the most precious things in this life that you can give is your time, because once its gone you will never get it back! When you turn thirty five years old, you can not go back to being twenty five again.Think about the age that you are now… now think about something that you wanted to do, but did not. Maybe you had to put your dream on hold for some personal reason, or life simply got the best of you and somewhere along the way you lost site of your dream. In life everyone goes through their own ups and downs, its just apart of life....more

Why My Professor Gave Me an Extension: The Best Excuse Ever

Yesterday I read 10 Best Excuses Not to Do Something, written by Carol Graham of the blog Battered Hope. At the end, she asked her readers a question, “What is the best excuse you have heard or the best one you have ever given?” This triggered a memory for me....more
Beats "The dog ate my homework" by a mile! :)more

Land messages a place of sense

Kathy Dunn it has been many years and yet it does seem like yesterday. Amazing how your writing ...more

July: Things to Look Forward To

These past five years have been an incredible ride. We moved from Toronto to Vancouver- and then we moved four more times. We also got a dog, had a baby, opened up businesses, closed down businesses, gave said dog to a loving family, built a house ourselves – it hasn’t been easy, and I’d be lying if I said I loved every single moment of it, but it’s gotten us here, to this point in our lives....more

World Cup Soccer Players Kept Me Awake Last Night

I went to bed worrying about something new last tonight.  It is because I watched some soccer on television yesterday....more
A good reminder of the true spirit of sportsmanship!more