a day in the life with PTSD

January 2006 I was in a car accident that I thought was going to take my life.I was coming home from work during a blizzard,traveling on a parkway which was not plowed.I skidded and crashed into the lightpost on the side of the parkway.The lightpost fell onto to parkway.I thought of my family & felt compassion knowing they had to deal with yet another death as well as another family member dying in a car crash....more

Make Amends - Honoring #1000Speak

I’m not just a writer, I am also a roller derby referee. This is my second year and sometimes it’s hard to be new among such a well-established team of officiating professionals.  And, no, we aren’t getting paid, trust me, no ref is getting rich off of roller derby, but we are professional in spirit and in our practice.  For us, it’s not just about officiating, it’s about doing it with excellence.  Mediocrity is for chumps. ...more

The law of attraction - in evidence

Today was a good day. Yesterday, not-so-much.Today I picked myself up and decided to share positivity around.Like attracts like, I remember reading.Today, I woke up with the mind-set that I was going to make this a good day (as much as I possibly could) after not coping very well with yesterday.Some days are just shit aren’t they. You wake up tired. Feel more emotional than usual.Why?You know something really small  will tip you over the edge. You try and have a word with yourself, but you are too exhausted. Yesterday was one of those....more

Work the Job, Don't let it Work You

This quote never rang more true than when I jumped into the workforce.  I will be honest, I have been pretty unstable as far as staying in one place for long enough to move up career-wise.  I have had 3 different jobs in the past 3 years or so.  In my work experience, I noticed that the one thing that starts my mad dash towards a new profession is stress and overwhelming anxiety....more
ittybittybliss  Thank you so much!! I am glad you enjoyed it!!more



Can You Quit Your Job as Stuff Manager?

Dear Stuff,I am writing to inform you that I am resigning from my position as Stuff Manager for the Townes Household, effective April 15, 2015....more
No you are absolutely correct! THANK YOU! Going to edit right now \U0001f60amore

While Mom is away...

At least once a year, my Mom girlfriends and I rent a beach house together. It's in the off season, so the place we visit isn't crowded. We stay up late, sleep in, wear pajamas all day, eat yummy food and drink wine....more

What is the Truth? Does it really exist?

Truth is an interesting word that is thrown out very frequently without regard to what is really the truth. Is truth real, is anything really true. Something that we think is real instead just being a figment of our imagination with truth never really existing. Why is the truth so important? How many evil deeds have been committed in the name of truth, the only truth. We all live in our own reality where there are many truths not just one. The truth is not black or white but all the shades in between....more

Pet Peeves, aka “What is Currently Making Becky Bonkers”

 I'm thinking that it's time for pet peeves post from me. (Again with the alliteration!  Rock on!) Of course I think these kinds of posts are never-ending, since there are always new things that annoy me.  lol.  Here is my current list:...more