To Believe or Not to Believe… Should we be realistic?

Everybody has big dreams of where they want their lives to go. Whether it is as simple as saving up money for a new car or as big as their future career everybody dreams. What no one talks about is how hard one must work in order to reach their dream. The dreaming part is so simple and easy. You can see exactly what you want and feel like you deserve it, but no one tells you what comes before that dream. Our dreams don't include the hours of labor and sometimes money spent to fulfill our dreams....more

Apology and Forgiveness

In my clinical experience, I've encountered many clients who are afraid to admit they’re wrong. This comes from a culture of blaming and accusing—where one's early family may have picked a “culprit” when something went wrong, and focused on blame, rather than on fixing the problem and healing the hurt. People with such experiences approach every situation as if they're on trial, and they compulsively try to convince everyone they're not guilty. They have no patterns to follow for apology and forgiveness. ...more

Insecurity and Doubt

Have you ever had a moment where you quickly judged a stranger and immediately found yourself not liking them? You have no basis for this, but you tend to quickly judge someone for their fashion, or lack there of. Or quickly call someone a jerk because they cut you off in traffic. Maybe this person was at the park with their kids and let their child steal a toy from yours. Do you find yourself judging the "unlovable?"...more

There is now a happiness equation

Whenever I used to ask my mother what she wanted for a birthday or Christmas, she would always answer the same thing: "Nothing." If pressed, she would tell me that all she wanted was for us to be happy....more

Beautiful, helpful Karen May

Karen with her familySIX years ago I met Karen May Moreno Villanueva in Cagayan de Oro and she really made an impression on me.An exotic beauty with black hair, shiny brown complexion and a killer smile. That was only one meeting but we have been in touch the past years through the Internet of course....more

To Blog or Not to Blog, Is That Really a Question?

What is the point of a blog? Why do so many people devote so much time and effort onto a public forum? What is it that makes us want to divulge things about our lives and ourselves to the open internet that we won't even tell those closest to us? Especially, when they could just see the blog. People blog about all kinds of things… cooking, their kids, travel, work, or even literally make their blog their diary.  We seem to have a starving, maddening need to be seen, heard and most of all to be remembered....more

Getting Fired or Being Freed?

“Anything or anyone that doesn’t bring you alive is too small for you.” David WhyteIt was around this time last year last I was called into my CEO’s office on a bright Monday morning. We usually touched base each Monday morning to plan for the week ahead, so this was not unusual. But, this particular Monday was different. I was being released from my position as Chief Marketing Officer that I had held for the last 2 years and that I had worked toward my entire career....more

Create your own special place, to be free!

Everyone needs a safe place, a place to go physically and mentally to be, for even a few minutes, away from any stress or disturbances that you need to release. Instead of staying with your mind racing or just a sour feeling falling down over you, go to your safe place where you can let it all go. A place that is free from negativity, stress, ego, others, a place for just you to reach deep with in your being to feel your true self, your pure potential. A place where endless possibilities live free within your reach, just for you!...more

Dance to Your Dreams

Be alive and increase your expectations as you dance your dream....more

Be Yourself to be your Best!

Trying to be someone your not or to be just like someone else takes so much time and energy....more