Coming Back To A Music Career After Kids

Twelve years ago, before I got married and had kids, I had a thriving career in the music business. I released my own albums, toured and had a bunch of amazing experiences.  I wasn’t “famous” but I did pretty well for an artist who wasn’t signed to a major label. I had my songs in national TV shows and commercials and got to work with some people that I really admired....more

How to Survive a Graduation With Kids

We've all been there......more

How To Start A Healthy Diet (The simple way)

"How can I start eating healthy?"Everyone wants the fast results... so they jump straight into the deep end but we all know that slow and steady wins the race....more

She's Winning


Fear and Aging

Read the title again.  It says "and" not "of".  Aging itself is inevitable and not to be feared.  Aging does, however, bring risks that can lead to fear. I recently had a bone density exam, revealing osteopenia.  All my life, I have been someone who has been a bit reckless, never paying attention if I had to jump off or over something on one of my adventures.  Now, I must be mindful.   My bones are beginning to soften.  A fall now could do immensely more damage than when I was young....more

A Survival Checklist for the Fraught 20s Decade

If you’ve hit 20, you have entered what might shape up to be the most tumultuous, ambiguous decade you’ve yet to experience. And things only seem to get more confusing/anxiety-inducing with time.At least, that’s the way it was for yours truly.I have a confession to make: I spent my 20s as, hands down, one of the most insecure, unsure, conflicted people you could ever hope to meet.Looking back, I realize that the vast majority of the way my 20s played out was my own doing....more

On Being an Introvert

I’ve taken the Myers-Briggs tests at least 10 times over the past 10 years, always thinking I can somehow outsmart the test and end up with a different result. Nope. Every time, same one.INFJ. Introversion. Intuition. Feeling. Judging. Apparently it’s the most rare of all personality types, with only 1% of the population testing this particular combination. It’s the one area in my life where I actually feel exotic....more

An Unexpected Lesson From the Piano Tuner

A month or so ago, I happened upon a perfectly good piano at a local yard sale. We’d been planning to get a piano for the family, and as yard sales only last a day, this opportunity pressed the issue. The family selling it was moving and needed it gone fast, so we picked it up for a deal.There was just one problem: it was completely out of tune. So bad, in fact, that we couldn’t play it at all in the middle. ...more

Planning Chaos

I always thought with my small children, life was busy. Then, they grew. I was busy alright, but with wiping snot and changing diapers. I could do this all from the comfort of my own home. I could wear what I call my "home clothes". My makeupless face and ratty clothes would probably scare small children if I ventured into public. It was controlled chaos. Now, many days, it just feels like chaos. Gone are naptime snuggles watching the current fave cartoon. They have been replaced with car talk and discussing making good life choices. I am still not sure how this evolution even happened....more