Self Care During Depression or Burnout

How can you maintain good self care practices when you are going through depression and/or burnout? Someone asked me this question, and it’s a question that I am in the process of trying to answer for myself....more
EISFORERIN, this is deeply wise. As a professional Life Coach, I guide my clients to understand ...more

Always Busy

Last week, a friend told me she thought I was always busy so I could avoid dating.  She may have had a point! Dating after 50 is definitely a unique experience.  While I have my career and home, it seems there is a large population of men in this age range who still haven't found their place in the world.  Whether unemployed or job-hopping, stability does not seem to be a prevalent trait. I am at the point in my life where stability and peace are my preferred states of being....more

Natural Beauty | Mindful Scrapbooking

This week we're on vacation in Big Sur. It will be our first time up there with our daughters. I'm really looking forward to showing them some of our favorite places and some of the places I remember only from pictures....more

It's Not What You Think

I have to write so I can talk a little less.  Airing my feelings, observations, and aspirations will alleviate some pressure from the constantly misfiring synapses in my head.  And then maybe I'll be able to relax without shutting down completely.  This is more than just venting, mind you--this is an effort to catch up with a brain that has already embarked on its journey.  Don't you feel lost when your head is separated from the rest of your metaphorical self?  Some days I feel I'm not even engaged with what's around me....more

If Money CAN'T Buy Happiness, Then Will Health?

“Can money buy happiness? Yes, if it is spent correctly”This was the message along the lines that Michael Norton, Harvard Business School Professor, shared in front of a crowd in the latest revitalize 2015 conference from MindBodyGreen....more

Moving through the Rapids

When I think of flexible, I think of being relaxed in my yoga class. Of being able to bend, after hours of practise not only in to a posture, but also in life. Of going with the flow, knowing that there are many ways to Strength in the world. And also to Resilience. Using our core to keep us upright, to keep us balanced as we move through the flow of our class and our days....more

On Baseball & Friendship

Stealing Away Back in April, my friend and I stole a night right off the calendar, shoving it into diaper bags before anyone could raise the alarm. As I imagine thieves would do, we marveled that we had gotten away with it. ...more

Change is not a bad word!

Most times when we hear the word change we panic, feel fear, worry that all will be altered forever. Change is inevitable in life, nothing can stop change. Fighting change only creates negativity and stress. Instead do it differently, embrace change, through out judgement and attachment, realize that we cannot hold back change any more than we can hold back time. Become free from focusing on what we have no control over instead work on all that we can control in our lives, only ourselves....more