Hiding From Death

I've never dealt with death well...for as long as I can remember and as long as someone I love leaves this place. Just recently, I've been thinking about it often...especially when I think about special people dear to my heart that I've lost. I've been thinking about death as I've been reading the many beautiful people that have done it beautifully....more

From Packrat to Minimalist: The Interview

I wrote a blog post last 2 weeks about my new efforts in moving toward being a minimalist. You can read that article here.Often times when undergoing a change you have to identify why you are doing it? Why is it important to you? Identify your losses and gains as well as the origin. I’m highlighting my interview answers but as you read my responses, find time to gather some thoughts as to what your answer would be....more

Completely Free!

Adding joy does not have to cost money!  As this week is National Library Week, what better way to celebrate than getting your library card? Libraries are no longer just books.  Most offer movies to check out and more libraries every day offer e-book rental you can take advantage of from home.  Re-visit favorites from your childhood or re-read those books you dreaded in high school....more

the World Belongs to each of Us

A friend of mine just returned from a "bucket list" trip to Israel. I had asked her if while she was there, she would light a candle for me as I will forever be thankful for a plea I made some ears ago, standing in front of a mock Wailing Wall at a local fitness centre....more

Choose - One Little Word 2014 | February

For the past 3 years I've selected a word as a gentle reminder of what I want to invite into my life each year. This year my One Little Word is CHOOSE....more

Are You Actually Reading This Post?

Today at work I realized that no one is reading, not even me. As I was going through my normal steps of work, various issues on different screens for different people, I noticed that I’m not actually reading anything. I’m clicking the button I normally click and typing in what I know goes in each space. I opened emails and responded, replied to IMs and started some email strings of my own; all the while just skimming through the information. ...more
I still read. I don't skim at work because I can't afford to. There's always someone waiting to ...more

Things I Won't Give Up

As we start to make our move from this fabulous home my husband built, I look around and decide that there are a few things that will not be staying here, even if I have to throw a temper tantrum for a week straight. You see, I hand-picked everything... I love everything about this house... I want to keep everything in this house... if I could, I'd just pick it up and move it to our new land and be done with it!...more

Starting Anew

Once you have evaluated how to eliminate items from your life causing the stress and need for multi-tasking, it is time to start anew.  It entails re-arranging your previously packed schedule.  When doing so, you now have the opportunity to build in those precious pockets of time for self-care. Self-care has been discussed on this blog before.  As women, we cannot take care of others without taking care of ourselves.  This is something I am working hard at, being one of those women who take care of everyone BUT myself!...more

Life is just a Series of Moments Smashed Together to Make Up Your Story

So many moments meld together to create our life stories. Often these moments can be as simple as a smile, a hand shake or a kiss. But then again, they can be as huge as giving birth, getting married, graduating from college or even a hike on a beautiful summer afternoon.My moments have come in all shapes and sizes throughout my life. Sometimes they stand out in my mind like they only happened yesterday....more

Frequently Asked Question

The most common question I’ve heard since I came out as an autistic person is, what was it about you that made you seek an autism diagnosis?I’ve struggled to answer this because I feel like it contains several different questions and I’m not entirely sure which one a person is asking me when they ask it. (You might take note that struggling to answer a question because I am somewhat paralyzed by having to choose from all the many answers that I could give… is part of being autistic!)...more