Shades of Gray

Not that shades of gray!!  Okay, now that your mind is back in reality and out of the bedroom, what I mean is the shades of gray in life....more

The Power of Maybe

“Maybe rain or maybe snow, maybe yes or maybe no.” – Russian ProverbThe Power of MaybeThe word maybe may seemingly lack strength and discipline, and yet it has the powerful ability to open the doors to a freedom that the absolutes of ‘yes’ and ‘no’ just can’t offer....more

Writing with the Stars

see this posting in its original form:  Have you ever been a groupie? Have you ever been transfixed when meeting someone else whom you admire? Have you blundered and gawked at someone else because you know who they are? I did that when I was young and walked by movie stars in Beverly Hills. But as an adult I thought I was over that awkwardness. ...more

Be present and aware that your actions weave the pattern of your life!

Every action you take, everything you do in your life has a continuing effect, a reaction or response. We do not live in a void going through life without being accountable for how we live, what we send out into the universe. It all comes back to us in one form or another whether we realize this truth or not. Some call this Karma, fate, destiny, regardless of the name the truth is the same. ...more

5 Surprising exercises that will transform your writing

Powerful writing moves us and engages all of our senses. It requires more than just good word choices. It requires reaching beyond a dictionary or grammar guide into the essence of story: that is into substance of ordinary life. Below are some ordinary, yet powerful, life exercises that will transform your writing. Applied to your writing craft, these exercises will help you see and feel more deeply in order to create the compelling stories you were meant to tell....more

All We Have Is Now

 It's been hard around here. In my head... In my marriage... In my schoolwork... In my life... ...more

10 Reasons Why a Post-Kids Career Rocks

I know it might sound counterintuitive, but just read this post to the end and see if maybe it's not as far-fetched as you originally thought. The reality is that so many women feel an enormous amount of pressure to get their careers to a certain point before ever thinking about having children. They wait and wait because there's a sort of unspoken, yet widely held belief that once you have kids, your professional life is as good as over. ...more

Don't be THAT mom: Why your single/non-mom girlfriends are starting to hate you

I was the first one of all my girlfriends to have a baby, so I never ran into this problem… but now that most of my girls have caught up and jumped on the mama-train, I’m starting to notice a trend emerging, and it has something to do with pissing off our single or childless friends.  Have you ever heard a new mama say  “I’d love to hang, but it has to be between 10-1 or 2-4, because that’s when he takes his nap”?  Just hang on while all your non-parent friends puke in their mouths....more

Feeding the Soul!

It's Frugal Friday!  Here are a few ways to feed your soul and your joy that are absolutely free! 1.  Take a walk early in the morning.  Enjoy the sounds of nature and the peace of the dawn. 2.  Play with your pets.  Research has proven petting an animal lowers blood pressure and reduces     stress. 3.  Volunteer.  Giving to others brings joy to your heart. 4.  Purge....more

Learning to Say No

(Especially when you really really want to)I think I’m on the path to perfecting the word no. As I steer my sassy daughter away from overuse of the word, I’m suddenly embracing it and loving the results. More freedom, less pressure and stress. Ditch the obligations because really do you want someone at your party that felt ‘obligated’ to be there. I sure don’t want that. So why do that to them? I'm learning to say no and politely decline. Being polite is the key.Don’t over explain...more