Rules for Life

How to Live LifeThroughout the ages, pearls of wisdom have been passed down from generation to generation in the form of clever and memorable sayings.   This week my spotlight shines upon ......more

A New Semester; the Usual Terror.

Tomorrow is the beginning of the second semester of the four semester graduate program I am enrolled in, and I am terrified. This freak out is nothing terribly new; I tend to do this at the beginning of every semester. Only this one is a little more amped up because I had my first taste of what the work load is like for both school and my internship....and it's NOT pretty!...more

Hard to Keep Up a Meditation Practice? Try This.

 “Prayer is when you talk to God.  Meditation is when you are listening.” - Anonymous ...more

sometimes its not the enemy

We are told to trust our gut,follow your instinct but what happens when a persons instinct is thrown off kilter by the significant trauma they have been through.Those of us who have decided to follow gods path and not the worlds are given the holy spirit to help guide us....more


In 2015 stop the Negativity directed to you, it's not about you! Don't give it a life, yours!

We have all been in the situation when you are talking with someone, stranger, friend, family member, suddenly you feel the toxic heat of a negative comment towards you! What is this you think! What did I do! Why are they acting this way towards me! Always remember not to take in others negativity, IT IS NOT ABOUT YOU, IT IS ABOUT THEM. Yes that is right even though the remark is directed towards you. Don't give others negativity a life by even thinking about it or taking it in. This is the hard part, don't respond, don't defend yourself, that gives credence to their negative barb....more
Yes, I tell my kids this all the time! I have a candle on my desk and when it is time ...more

Have you been brave, lately ?

 On this lovely Sunday I invite you to be brave. I invite you to do one thing to overcome your fears, to speak your mind or to follow your desires. Because braveness is not all about life changing dramatic turnpoints or gigantic leaps. It’s in the little things we do every day. It’s in the tiny little things we feel in our heart.Life changes like the weather. It’s never something big that changes your life. It’s the little decisions you make everyday for yourself. Well today, let that decision be brave. You will thank yourself for it, later....more

Dazed, Confused

My dad has an early diagnosis of CJD or Prion disease. It's not good. I feel completely helpless. In fact, I feel like I have no family right now. I feel disconnected even though we are all doing the best we can.  The last two days there have snow days in our school district so no school for me or my son. You would think it would bring us together... yea right. I feel all the more disconnected.  This past week was also my first class @ night school. I felt guilty....more

Mid-Life Crisis? More Like Mid-Life Liberation!

There was one thing I realized when talking to my uncles last Christmas: The mid-life crisis is something of a cliche.So, a man hits his late 40s or early 50s and suddenly he’s driving a sports car, he’s traded in his wife for a younger (and much blonder) model, and he gets either a tattoo or a piercing - or maybe even both! And as for us women when we're of that age? Well, we’re supposed to sigh patiently and keep on keepin’ on....more