What's a Little Turbulence

I quickly realized I'd fastened my seat belt a little too tightly. I pushed up my sleeves and wrestled to loosen the strap. Man, it was hot in there....more

The Value of Time

I personally believe that time is much more valuable than money.  Life is so incredibly short! ...more

When you feel like you're drowning in clutter

Do you feel you'll never be organized ? You're working for your "stuff." Your day getting out of control, or worse running you ? It's not a very good feeling. Being overwhelmed with clutter is something that I know very well. I was one of those Mom's... You know the ones, you have too much stuff, not enough room, no idea where to start and needed a week to plan ahead for a simple play date. {And, just to be clear when I say you I mean ME}. ...more

Every So Often I Do This Thing...

Every so often I do this thing called spazzing out.  It's really easy to do when you're at home constantly running around in circles.  I try to live by the tips I give but I'll admit, it's difficult.  Today as I ran around doing my daily chores and thinking of what I was going to yell at my husband about when he got home, (Lol)(not really) I realized that I hadn't had a moment to do some things I needed to get done.  I still have to submit my complete admissions package to the Grad school committee.  I haven't finished my latest blog post....more

Boxing Up My Worries

When you start any type of massive project, it’s best to break it up into steps.  At least that’s what my husband suggests to me, and it’s nice to be reminded.  Otherwise, I tend to over think and analyze what details I’m missing and fret over the enormity of the project.  I’ll hear, “BIG PROJECT!” and automatically list in my head the myriad number of things that need to be done and what could go wrong instead of right.  That seems terribly counterproductive....more


Do you value yourself?  What I mean by that is do you value your time, your knowledge, and your presence?   Or are you the type of person who gives unceasingly?  Do you share your time and know-how with others without any thought that it is valuable?  Why do so many take that time and wisdom for granted? Your time has value.  I am not referring to the time spent at work; your employer actually compensates you for that time....more

Running Away to Home

Six months after our military separation, four months of collecting unemployment, all this time living with relatives, with only the baggage we carried on the flight from Germany MY HUSBAND HAS A JOB! This has been a long transition! We're still waiting, and in the process of waiting, I needed a break. Doing what any sensible adult female would do, I ran away from my father in law's home to my parents house. You can read all about my adventure in running away to home here:  http://thecaswellclan.blogspot.com/2015/04/running-away-to-home.html ...more

Motherhood… my early mid-life puberty

I had this thought the other day, in the shower of course, because that is the only place where all the other noise in life is drowned out… usually… anyway, this thought that the last time my hormones were this crazy and I was going through a major shift in my identity along with it was puberty. That was over 20 years ago for me, so I’m a little out of touch with this whole “shifting my identity” bit. ...more

Some things you just don't need on your plate

When someone says they have a lot on their plate or that their plate is full, I would suggest having some compassion or understanding to what it is they are saying.Have you ever had to explain to someone exactly what’s on your plate in order for them to just get it? Even when you don’t want to, or feel like you should not have to - -for personal reasons or whatever the case may be?...more

Being More Mindful During Your Social Media Time

Today I wanted to share some of my favorite places to connect online, and how I'm trying to do that in a more mindful way. I enjoy social media, sometimes too much. I spend valuable time on my phone when I could be playing with my kids (not a great example to set), reading a book, writing, or scrapbooking. And then, at the end of the day, I wonder where the time went. Of course, when I really think about it, I know where it went... ...more
VoiceofAndrea Yes! I think its that much harder when you have a blog. Wanting to keep up with ...more