What Would You Be Left With?

Not long ago, a dear friend posed the following question to me:What would you have today if you were only left with the things you had given thanks for the day before?That stopped me dead in my tracks. What would I be left with? Thinking back to the previous day, it dawned on me that I would be left with nothing.Not my health.Not my home.Not my job.Not my family and friends.Nothing....more

Is It All A Waste?

“I don’t like them.” Dave’s forehead scrunched with his honest confession.“They’re Macintosh.” What else could I say?“Really?” He pulled his lips to the side. “But they’re all bruised and mushy.”{The horror!}...more

6 Reasons I Want To Be A Massage Therapist

I don't know how others do it, but I can't imagine myself ever working in an office! Maybe it's my age. ...more

Feeding My Soul Part III

My third activity this past weekend to feed my soul was a bit more crafty.  I enjoy creating things, especially those items that bring beauty to my surroundings. I had seen this project on the internet, but didn't have access to the exact things that person had used to make it.  Living an a city that is on the smaller side sometimes limits my access to certain supplies that are more readily available in larger urban areas....more

Weeds of Wisdom

I can pinpoint exactly when this silly war started....more

My Naive Self

Do you ever look back at your past self and have to laugh? I do. ...more

Feeding My Soul Part II

I am a huge recycling fan.  I believe that anything possible can and should be recycled.  Of course, part of recycling is up-cycling.  One of my projects this weekend was an up-cycled success! My son found a gorgeous tiled picture at Goodwill.  His first thought was that it would make a great tray for the coffee table....more

Wishing to work from home

I have three little boys, aged 5 months, 2, and 4, and I often find myself struggling to find the perfect work life balance.  After my 2 year old was born, I tried to start a dog treat business.  That went nowhere because I lacked the time to market the business.  I guess it didn't help that I really hate to cook, even for dogs.   Last summer, I started attending on online university to get my Master's degree, and that is going quite well, but it is a lot of work.  Did I mention that I work full time, also?...more