Run After It!

I was on a spur of the moment boredom induced blog hop, reading and commenting my heart out. I came across a post from Madi about a new job she recently started. It was sweet so I left her a comment of encouragement.Congrats on the new gig! Start planning for your freedom now. As a matter of fact put that day on the calender and run towards it....more

I Try and The Additive Property Of Happiness

Note: This is the first post written on the blog "I Try: The Additive Property of Happiness". It was posted on April 1, 2014. The original post can be found here....more

Gifts Are Never Earned

It was a Goonies attic worthy moment. A garage full of treasures, each one hoping her eight-year-old eyes would choose its adventure over the others. The purple bike with a unicorn designed banana seat? Ooo, or maybe dare the pink ten-speed bike instead. Or the pogo ball. That’s always fun. She could dig out the tennis racquets or the white skates with the hot pink wheels. Though, probably not a good idea to do both at the same time....more

24 Things Only People Who Work Entirely Too Much Will Understand

Oh to be young, gifted and on the fast track to success. If you’re one of the lucky few who actually enjoy their job then you know pulling yourself away from a desk you actually don’t mind sitting at is easier said than done. You also know that “I Want to Work for Diddy” and “The Devil Wears Prada” are eerily too close for comfort to your everyday life....more

12 Things You Should Do for You Every Day

What we do with each day should not be taken for granted.  Life is so very short.  I’ve been reminded of that many times.  With the loss of many family members, schoolmates and even neighbors, a few of them I have wondered whether they died with any regret.  Did they live life the best they could?...more

5 Ways to Invest In Your Children’s Future

Investing. Typically, when we talk about investing, we are thinking about putting money into stocks, bonds, or mutual funds in a retirement account or a savings account. There is usually a tangible goal in mind: being able to retire comfortably or paying for a child’s college education. That type of investing is definitely something that should be a part of every person’s financial plan. But that is not the only type of investing that is important....more

Kiss Mommy Guilt Goodbye!

A recent conversation with a single mom inspired this post.She, like many mothers, single or coupled, suffered from the terrible affliction of mommy guilt.This conversation was about her teenage son, who on an average Sunday afternoon, erupted in a disrespectful rant filled with curse words, insults, and accusations.  Instead of blaming her son for his poor choices, she blamed herself saying that he was frustrated with the current living arrangement where he had to share a bedroom with his elementary age younger brother....more

Embracing the impermanence of the present moment is so powerful!

A hard concept to grasp is the impermanence of the present moment or actually the impermanence of life's moments.  If we only have the present moment and that is fleeting, so is our life. Nothing is permanent around us, it is always changing.  We can't hold onto the present moment nor should we since that causes pain and stress in our lives. That is one of the reasons why change is so hard for us to accept to embrace, to walk through life with change by our side eludes most of us because we spend so much time resisting this truth. We label change good or bad....more


Last night I had a sort of epiphany. I spent all day yesterday in bad mood at work and at home because of a broken glass first thing in the morning. Of course no one likes a broken martini glass, but it wasn't the end of the world. Sure my boss could've cleaned up the mess before I came in, or given a little warning. I need to learn to take things in stride. ...more