What Grade Would You Give Your Life?

[Editor's Note: We all had ideas growing up of what we thought our life and careers would be. Surely life sends us in different directions. Yet, if you were to take an honest look at your life personally and professionally right now, what grade would you give it? - Paula G] ...more
@BlogHer it's like in school when u have to grade urself. Always grade higher than u think. ...more

Feminists Should Stop Trying to Make Everyone Feel Good

Feminism + Housewifery ...more

How to Start Your Day Successfully

[Editor's Note: How you start your day sets the tone for the entire day to come. That is why the way so many people start it (in crisis mode, harried, rushed, checking email, etc.) actually hinders their success. I enjoyed this post which is part book review/part advice because it helps you makeover your mornings. I have a solid routine - what's yours? - Paula G] ...more

What is Your Ideal Work Day?

[Editor's Note: Those "ideal day" exercises used to drive me nuts. Why? Because I can write all I want about my fantasy days, but what about a real, ideal day that I can actually dive into? Those exercises seemed to be missing when I was looking for them years ago. Now I find that I use varying types of exercises with my clients. One being quite similar to that used in this blog post. So what is YOUR ideal day? - Paula G] ...more
Great article...love the idea that it is completely attainable with a little planning.more

Know the Best Part of a Working Mom's Day?

[Editor's Note: Working moms are routine-centric. They have to be. Dropping off kids, picking up kids, handling work duties, the unexpected calls, special events, the list is endless. Yet with all that, there is one part of a working mom's day that is the absolute best. Know what that is? - Paula G] ...more
This post hits home.  I drop off, my husband picks, up, so this is the best part of working ...more

How To Organize Your Life

[Editor's Note: Getting organized. I can't tell you a single person who doesn't want to feel more organized in their life or business. That is why I really loved this post. It's short, practical, a little techy (but only where it makes sense), and usable. However you might adapt her system, it's worth a read for the thought process alone. - Paula G] ...more
@barbblogtwits  My children joke that we only do one thing a day.  Then we take a nap.:)   We ...more

Working Through Distractions

[Editor's Note: Working parents are masters of working through distractions. There's the usual list of day to day distractions and then the myriad that come from calls from the kid's school, unexpected childcare difficulties, loved one at home with the sniffles. It goes on and on. There is an art to managing the balance between flexibility and being a reliable team member on the job. - Paula G] ...more
@mrshiggison You're welcome. Enjoy your success and continue to bask in your awesomeness:-) ...more

Wearing Multiple Hats

[Editor's Note: We all wear multiple hats. If you're an entrepreneur then you have one heck of a collection. See how times are changing and how you can make the most of your own hat collection - Paula G] ...more
amazing to see this article here  how can this be - I sent an article to BLOGHER with the very ...more

The Upside of a Boring, Spiritually Unfulfilling Job

[Editor's Note: Even as someone who advocates following your true calling through your work I absolutely love this post. Why? Because sometimes a boring, spiritually unfulfilling job is EXACTLY what you need and that's not "failing" or "wrong" in any way. It can in fact, be spiritually enlightening! Read on to see why... - Paula G] ...more
I believe a lot of people are stuck with jobs that aren't necessarily their passion. And for ...more

Lost Identity: Can I Be a Wife, a Mom and an Employee Right Now?

I have had multiple discussions with some of my friends about "wasted degrees" and being "just a mom" and not "contributing to the household" over the past few months. It's a hard thing to come to terms with, to make sense of at times. Brittany Ann at Living in the Moment recently shared her journey through working and motherhood, with a few military wrenches thrown in for good fun. It was interesting to read through her process to get to where she is today. ...more
@Nbalan I have these same fears. Will I ever go back? Is that part of me lost forever? Or ...more