Balance and the Work-at-Home-Mom: Can It Be Attained?

I work from home. Most days, the balance works well. Then there are days where nothing goes right, including the balance of kids-and-work and my four-year-old will come to me and say, "Why are you still working? I want to play!" Me too. Old School/New School Mom has been dealing with some of this and even shared how her mom dealt with it as well. ...more

Disconnecting, Switching Off, and Rejuvenating

Between blogging, social media, work, family, obligations, regular to-do's, where is there time to just BE? To switch-off, relax, and re-balance. Read this great post about how one woman switched-off to turn her life back on. ...more
Over Thanksgiving I disconnected for 5 days while in Shanghai, China. Social media is not ...more

Letting Go of Stress and Leaving it at Work

[Editor's Note: Leaving stress at the door. An important thing to do but often easier said than done. If you're overwhelmed, overtaxed, and stressed... it can be even harder to employ the skills and the mindset needed to let go. Here's how one woman is liberating herself. - Paula G] ...more

My Ideas of Success Differed from my Husband's... but It Didn't Matter

What my life was like before I became an everyday mom, what I thought my life would be like after I was parenting children and what my life is like today are three vastly different things. It's a sticking point for some moms, facing the "what I thought" and "what it is." For some moms, however, the added issue of how their partner views the subject can be a thorn in the side of the relationship. Megs at And Here's to You, Mrs. Robinson shares her befores, her husband's thoughts, the issues they had -- and what their reality is like today. What was your journey to today like? ...more
I really enjoyed your post, especially the note that society today de-emphasizes the rewards and ...more

Tips for Taking Vacation When You're Self-Employed

When you're self-employed you have the freedom to set your own vacation schedule. As little or as much as you desire. That said, since you're in charge, you have to learn how to balance time away with time working. Check out this personal story and 5 tips for taking a vacation when you're self-employed. ...more
i love traveling but having an office work limits me to just 1 destination per year and i dream ...more

The Real Life of a Working Mother

While I am not a working mother myself, I know that pulling it all together can be a challenge. That is why I like to share posts with you from the frontline of motherhood where it intersects with business. I thought this witty (truth is stranger than fiction) post might just resonate with some of the working moms out there... ...more
@BlogHer love it!! Wore 1 black shoe & 1 brown shoe since dressing before dawn to get the kids ...more

Avoid Burnout as a Freelancer

There's a huge difference between freelancing on the side for a few extra dollars and being your own full-time boss. Being your own boss can easily lead to burnout whether you are a writer, consultant, or widgetmaker. Learn how you can avoid and work through burnout in this first-hand-experience post. ...more

Where to Draw the Line - Maternity Leave

[Editor's Note: Check out this new parent's take on how much help to offer your workplace while you are on maternity leave. While I am not a parent personally, I can only imagine how difficult it can be to find where and when to draw the line. - Paula G] ...more

How to Work and Be a Parent

[Editor's Note: Check out this working mother's take on balancing work and motherhood. While I'm not a mother, I can only sit in awe of you who seem to do it all. This blogger has a revolutionary realization that is guaranteed to strike a bell with many. - Paula G] ...more
@For the Love of Pete as does your blog Valerie

Adapting to Corporate Culture

[Editor's Note: Check out the adventures in growing up series first-hand experience of what it is like to adapt to corporate culture after college. - Paula G] ...more