US Researchers Bypass Chinese Internet Restrictions by the Use of Video Games

Just recently, US researchers developed a new technology that's capable of transmitting messages through popular multiplayer games, making it almost impossible for the censors to detect and block these messages....more

Adding up the little things

Our dinnertime conversations have become quite formulaic: We talk about the events of our days and if we are close to a weekend, we share any upcoming plans. (If it is slow going, I will tell a fanciful story about my day that features a dragon just to see if anyone is paying attention.) Some nights this goes better than others....more

Don't Eat Peter, A Fun Easter Game for All Ages, From Toddlers to Adults

If you've played Don't Eat Pete, this is our Easter version played the same way.  We love this game! It is so simple kids of all ages can play together!  All you have to do is print out the free game board and grab some small easter candies.  To play: Place one piece of candy in each square. Send one person out of the room while the group chooses one candy piece to be “Peter ”.  When the player returns he slowly eats the candies one at a time....more

All tech is not created equal

When I asked my son what he wanted to save up his allowance for, he told me he wanted to buy a tablet. When I asked him why, he listed all the games he could play on it that he couldn't play on his LeapPad....more

Free labor: The case for childhood chores

Here's why I don't like Batman: He has Alfred. Because Bruce Wayne is well off, he doesn't have to sort his own socks or cook his own meals or really do any chores. He is a horrible role model for my son. I like Spiderman. Peter Parker has to get good grades, maintain an after-school job, save the world and still take out the trash. That takes good time management skills.  ...more

Five Ways to End Video Game Fights With Your Child or Spouse

I’ve read this question a thousand times on parenting discussions, marriage help sites, homeschooling forums: “How do I get my kid / husband / spouse to put down the video game?” As a long time female gamer, partner of a gamer, and mother, let me offer some personal insight:...more

Technology: It's A Whole New World

I decided to teach myself how to code... yes I was determined to learn HTML and CSS and Java and JQuery....more

Following People, Things, and Life

Following People, Things and LifeFEBRUARY 23, 2015 ~ MEMEETHEMUSE ~ EDIT...more