Free labor: The case for childhood chores

Here's why I don't like Batman: He has Alfred. Because Bruce Wayne is well off, he doesn't have to sort his own socks or cook his own meals or really do any chores. He is a horrible role model for my son. I like Spiderman. Peter Parker has to get good grades, maintain an after-school job, save the world and still take out the trash. That takes good time management skills.  ...more

Five Ways to End Video Game Fights With Your Child or Spouse

I’ve read this question a thousand times on parenting discussions, marriage help sites, homeschooling forums: “How do I get my kid / husband / spouse to put down the video game?” As a long time female gamer, partner of a gamer, and mother, let me offer some personal insight:...more

Technology: It's A Whole New World

I decided to teach myself how to code... yes I was determined to learn HTML and CSS and Java and JQuery....more

Following People, Things, and Life

Following People, Things and LifeFEBRUARY 23, 2015 ~ MEMEETHEMUSE ~ EDIT...more

Countdown to Star Wars Half

Training for the runDisney Star Wars Half  hasn’t been as easy as we hoped. First we had to overcome some motivation hurdles, then once we developed a pretty good routine and running schedule it came with a price....more

Traditional families in the game of Life

Santa brought us the board game Life for Christmas. I hadn't played that game since I was a child, and I was genuinely surprised at the amount of changes to it: The careers are different, there are lots more action cards and it is much harder to go into debt....more

Splash Math Educational Apps - Review

This post was created in partnership with Mom Buzz Media and StudyPad Inc. All opinions expressed are my own....more

Six Cauldrons Boiling

Six Cauldrons BoilingHeckerty’s 12 Days of Christmas Day 6“On the 6th day of Christmas Zanzibar gave me:Six cauldrons boiling,...more

Five Magic Wands - Heckerty's 12 Days of Christmas

Five Magic Wands“On the 5th day of Christmas, Zanzibar gave me:Five magic wandsFour hooting owls,Three blind mice,Two jumping frogs,And a sardine prepared for my tea.”This super easy craft is wonderful for kids with a big imagination.Use materials you have on hand to make a wand special to you.   ...more