Pop Culture Potpourri — 1/28/11

Greetings from my new lil office space upstairs! I hope today’s note finds you all well and enjoying this refreshing lack of snow. *laughs*...more

American Idol : Judges, Contestants and the Georgia Girl

        After last week I wasn’t sure if the trio of judges would work for me. However after the last two nights of American Idol I have to admit I like the freshness of the show....more

Pop Culture Potpourri (Thoughts on American Idol)

I’m sitting here watching American Idol for lack of something better to watch. And I’m asking myself, When did it become entertaining to watch delusional people have their dreams squashed? I mean what kinds of assholes have we become?...more

The Celebrity Couples We'd Like to See At the 2011 Oscars

By Krissy Dolor for Cupid's Pulse...more

Gregory House, MD, and Empowering Lessons Women Can Learn From Him

Every week I tune in to watch Hugh Laurie in House, and I embrace his guts, his brilliance, and even his obnoxious attitude. Gregory House is your typical asocial curmudgeon, but we love him anyway, sometimes against our own will, because he is the kind of person we all wish we could be. He is smart, rude, arrogant, and he says what everyone wishes they had the guts to say....more

The Price of Sex vs. the End of Men

Much in the same way we’re questioning whether the state of our political discourse is turning us into more violent, less kind people, I’m questioning whether the way we talk and write about male-female relationships is making us heartless. ...more

Couldn't agree that we need a new discourse on gender roles and relationships. See my series on ...more

Oscar Noms: "King's Speech" vs. "True Grit," Christopher Nolan was Robbed

See this is why ten Academy Award Best Picture nominees is ridiculous. We're talking Christopher Nolan, folks. Yep, the director of Inception. It's ironic that the reason the ten nominations came into being last year was because of the work of one of the best directors in Hollywood -- who's now been stiffed by the 2011 Oscar nominations. Two years ago in my post about the expanded Best Picture nominees, I saw this as a potential problem:...more

With 10 nominees for Best Picture you're going to have to get cracking if you're gonna see them ...more

Did Kourtney & Kim TAKE New York?

I'll admit it, I'm a Kardashian Family fan. I haven't watched religiously from the beginning of their "reality life," but I've kept up throughout the years. I got on board immediately with "Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami" and actually enjoyed every episode. So obviously, "Kourtney and Kim Take New York" was programmed on my DVR to record. ...more

I love watch the Kardashians on E! in High Definition. Now I watch them, laugh, and then search ...more