Shedding for the Wedding: Please Pass the Puke Bucket

I don't mind reality shows. I also don't mind weddings; my Grandma used to plan weddings and I have happy memories of helping her with little things while scouring the bridal magazines. I've been known to watch a few bridal reality shows, mainly because Grandma and I could call each other and dish. But Shedding for the Wedding? It's not my bridal shower tea party. ...more

It's so sad what weddings have become to most people.
I'm glad (my unhusband and I) have opted ...more


The common evening activity at my house is watching late night TV.  I get home around 8 most evenings, and then we have dinner and watch late night shows.  Tonight the routine is made better with the addition of a Belgian style Trippel ale and some excellent cheese....more

Babies React to the Optimum Triple Play Commercials

We've recently noticed that our 8-month-old has a fascination with the Optimum Online Triple Play TV commercial. It comes on often during the Today show. They change the commercial every so often - so there have been many renditions - but the jingle stays the same. It's very annoying, yet catchy - it may even make jingle history. The marketing strategy seems to be over-saturation during a short time....more

The Battle of the {Netflix} Queue

My husband and I love movies. We are what you would call movie buffs. We will give pretty much any movie a chance. Our likes range from Oscar-winning dramas to musicals (okay, that’s me and not my husband) to campy movies like Pirhana (which was AWESOMMMEEE). There are movies that we disagree on, of course. Joshua doesn’t like musicals and I don’t like comic book cartoons, cheesy 80s guys movies (Road Warrior = worst ever) or Alexander, which happens to be one of Josh’s favorite movies. Oliver Stone can just get the eff off my Netflix queue and movie shelf FOREVER....more

Westerns I've actually watched & enjoyed

Guilty Admission:I actually like some westerns.  No really I do.And I like clip art too.  Holy Crap.

Month of Movies: Oscar-Winning Comedies to Make You Laugh

Fast forward to present day. We're just dusting ourselves off from the Great Recession. 2010 was a year that I expected to see a bit more levity in theaters -- or at least a little more nail-biting dramedy a la Focus Features' The Kids Are All Right -- but instead we're looking at a roster of riveting, brilliant, prophetic, but holy crap are they a bunch of twisted, disturbing, dark, and depressing flicks. ...more

Hmmm...totally valid and interesting hypothesis!more


Minors and Microphones

It seems another star is born with the latest singing sensation, Heather Russell.  She’s 10 years old and was apparently discovered by Simon Cowell on YouTube.  I listened to her sing this morning on the news (she’s everywhere today) and, yes, she can definitely sing.  I guess, although, in my opinion, she’s just parroting what she’s heard – I can mimic Britney Spears, too, but that doesn’t make me her....more

For Love of the Movies

For Love of the Movies ...more