Big Miracle

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"House, M.D." Is Cancelled. Somehow Life Will Go On. Somehow.

Today is a sad, sad day.Not only did I wake up and break a nail while getting dressed, but I learned that one of my favorite television antiheroes will no longer be, well, my favorite television antihero.That's right - after 8 blissfully long seasons, House, M.D., will end its run this May. I am heartbroken....more
Depressed. Damn it all. My TV husband, Robert Wilson, will now no longer be hanging out with me ...more

3 Movies That Made Me

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My Funny Valentine: Disney’s “Fun and Fancy Free”

 Disney’s Ninth Animated Feature – 1947 ...more

Going Gaga Over the New Series “THE FINDER”

From the first time we saw the cast of “The Finder” debut on one of our favorite shows, “Bones,” we just knew we would be seeing them on their own series soon. And indeed we have. And now that we’ve started watching season one, weekly episodes, we just can’t get enough of them!The actors have been well cast; they have believable characters, full of energy and great chemistry, and, well, I can’t help falling in-love with them. And I just can’t wait for the next episode to air; and that is just how addictive the show has become....more
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Best Picture Dinners: The Tree of Life

I'm going to admit it right up front: Terrence Malick's The Tree of Life is not my favorite, by far, of the nine Oscar Best Picture nominees. It's a complicated, often allegorical film, at times beautiful and poetic, at times, to my eyes, utterly weird. The movie examines the inner life of a family in Waco, Texas, and the bonds between them, whether those bonds are spiritual, tenuous, tender, or all three at the same time....more

Masked Mom's Media Monday: Here Come Trouble: Stories From My Life

Getting to know the man behind Bowling For Columbine and Farenheit 9/11 better. Read my review of Michael Moore's memoir here: Masked Mom's Media Monday....more

Awards Season Lunchtime Poll: How Many Oscars Does Meryl Streep Have?

There are some clichés about Hollywood almost impossible to do away with. Every waiter is an actor waiting for his big break. Everything in LA is 20 minutes from Point A to Point B. Meryl Streep is going to take home the Oscar, yet again. While it’s true the actor/waiter ratio is high, and that before Carmageddon there was some truth to the 20-minute rule, the fact is Meryl Streep isn’t swimming in Oscars....more
The Academy certainly went with much higher brow nominees this year which I think will lose them ...more

Courageous DVD Review and Giveaway

Thrilled, I am announcing my next giveaway right now!Focus On The Family generously sent the newly released Courageous DVD for to me to give to one of MommieJoys readers.  Will that reader be you?  *smiles*To read my blog and to enter this giveaway go to......more