The Men I've Loved: A History

It was 1983. I was four. And I was in love.  He was charming. He came from a good family. And my, could he sing. I recall so well his falsetto rendition of Jesse’s Girl. He’d take the lead and his brothers handled backup. That was my Al. Never upstaged.  His flair for disorder was endearing....more

Why I Won't Let My Child Watch The Muppets, Toy Story or The Lion King

But "old enough" can be such a relative term. Is an explosion OK? How about if someone punches someone else? What about an innuendo that soars right over his head but that he might decide to quote on the playground later? But that isn't even the real reason I hold off. It's because I love these movies so much, I want the kids to really appreciate what they're seeing. They won't get the Star Wars reference in the second Toy Story until after they've seen Empire, for instance. They wouldn't understand why Uncle Scar was being so mean to Simba in Lion King. If they don't get the movie, they won't like the movie....more
We've always been pretty careful with what our kids watched, but years ago on Christmas Eve, my ...more

The Gift of Dynamite

 It gets me every time.I don't know exactly why. Maybe it's the way he's so earnest and concentrated.Maybe it's because it is such a bizarre and true act of friendship.Maybe it's because it's such a statement. Every time.He dances, I cry....more

Scorsese's 3D movie - Hugo

I really liked the book but there's something about the previews that just didn't appeal to me.more

Movie Review: The film, "The Skin I Live In," is a modern twist on Frankenstein

Considered by many to be a psychological thriller, the film, "The Skin I Live In," is loosely based on Roman Mythology and the book by French author, Theirry Jonquet, titled "Mygale," which translates in English to "Tarantula."  Directed by Spanish favorite, Pedro Almovodar, who also wrote the screenplay, its Spanish cast includes the stars Antonio Banderas,  Elena Anaya, and Marisa Paredes.  This is the first collaboration in over 20 years for Banderas and Almovodar....more

Why I'm Not Watching BaseBall Wives

I'm making the declaration right here and now; I refuse to watch Baseball Wives! There, it's official....more
I'm with you Allison, too much Reality in our lives! Gotta draw the line somewhere (sic) Anyhoo, ...more

Theaters Embrace Social Media with Tweet Seats

Rather than ask people to stop using their cell phones during the show, some places have created designated "tweet seats" for people to sit who want to use social media through the show. It's the same concept of the silent car on the metro or train, except in the reverse since fewer people want to be looking at their cell phone while they're viewing a movie or an opera. ...more
I love twitter. I love texting. But I love doing neither when I paid to see a movie. I'm there ...more

Brownies, Nail Polish, and Pride & Prejudice

My best friend and I spent the whole day yesterday baking, painting our nails, and watching Pride and Prejudice. And no, it was not the recent Keira Knightley version, but the wonderful 6-hour BBC version with Colin Firth. Oh, Colin Firth! Even when he looked like he had just sucked a particularly sour lemon (which was for about 90% the movie), he still looked handsome. (Also, after listening to 6 hours of Jane Austen's masterpiece, I'm afraid I picked up the manner of speaking. So please forgive me if I sound like Elizabeth Bennett.)...more

[Review] "Love" - A Film About Human Connection and Loneliness

Question: How many of you like or prefer to be alone? However, I should ask, can you feel love when you don't have contact with others?Courtesy of Wikipedia Images...more

The Muppets

I went to see the new Muppet movie last night, and I received an unsuspected surprise. After the "coming attractions," we had an honest to goodness cartoon before the movie! It was a Toy Story mini-adventure! Awesome!...more