you know you're a tv slut when...

  - the first thing you say when you both get home is "guess what's on tonight?" - when you know, by date, when all of the fall shows are back on the air.{hint: its this week} - you have over 40 shows recording on your DVR and often have to delete shows that you don't have time to watch. and mourn that day. ...more

Hope Solo Debuts Big on DWTS; Artest is Eliminated

Athletes usually fare pretty well on "Dancing with the Stars" but Ron Artest - one of the most popular NBA players – failed to impress during Monday's night's season 13 premiere. Artest, aka Metta World Peace, only scored 14 out of 30 points after completing his Cha Cha with partner Peta Murgatroyd. At the end of Tuesday night, he was the first contestant voted off the new season....more

Glee Is Back! And...Weird. What Did You Think of the Season Premiere?

When last we left Glee, Kurt had returned to New Directions, Finnchel (aka Finn + Rachel) tanked Nationals with a public kiss, and Blaine and Kurt professed their love to each other. And then we spent the summer watching behind the scenes drama run amok on Twitter. Trouty Mouth peaces out! Finn, Rachel and Kurt get axed after this season! (Psych, no they're not. Maybe.) So, last night's season premiere had everyone back in school after a crushing defeat at Nationals. Except, you know, the ones who aren't....more
@Mama in the Moon And I just saw the spoilers for the Quinn/Puck/Beth/Shelby storyline and am ...more

Dancing with the Stars Recap: The Season Premiere of Season 13!

It's lucky season 13, and we are in a brand new DWtS ballroom, complete with balcony tiers and a raised stage. We also have a set of stars that lack a certain level of luminosity and quite a number of new pros, so I'll be curious to see how the ratings do this season....more
I've given up on DWTS. It's so clearly become "Dancing with the People Who Are In Need Of PR" ...more

The New Season of Parenthood & That Pesky Adoption Storyline

I was so excited to sit down and watch the new season premiere of Parenthood last night. Then DishNetwork decided to have HD and local channel coverage fails left and right, so I had to wait until this morning to watch it on Hulu....more
Agreed. Maybe the writers can write in a story of a first mother post adoption. You know, how ...more

The Company Men

 How many of you are worried about your job or not making enough money to support you and your family? I bet it is more than a few of you. Well, I just finished watching The Company Men and if you are one of those few, who have been downsized, fired, let go, etc...don't watch this movie. You will just get more depressed....more

Some things are just wrong: Cesar Romero as a sort-of-cockney traveling gymnast in baggy tights

So I was watching Julia Misbehaves, a 1948 movie starring Greer Garson and Mr. Wooden Face himself, Walter Pidgeon. I hate Walter Pidgeon. I always want to stick a hat pin into his behind to see if the shock and pain would bring any expression to his immobile features. "Oh, god, Walter Pidgeon! Why was he a big star?" I said to the dog....more
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Memorable Moments from the 63rd Annual Emmy Awards

It was a night of expected (cringe worthy musical numbers) and unexpected (Charlie Sheen clear eyed and sober...wait, what?).  It was the best award ceremony ever for women who are not size 2 and men who are not 6'2.  It had laughs  from hilarious host Jane Lynch, and tears for those actors who are no longer with us as Leonard Cohen's hypnotic anthem "Hallelujah" was sung in the back ground. The 63rd Annual Emmy Award ceremony aired on FOX Sunday night and it had something for everyone, including a large infusion of Ho...more
I can't vote on this one, I didn't see the Emmy Awards. Actually, I haven't seen the Emmy Awards ...more

The swing of things

I Don't Know How She Does It All: Movie Review

Sarah Jessica Parker stars in this new movie as Kate Reddy, a working Boston based professional woman narrating the action to the audience as she juggles familial, career and social quandaries.  Rated PG-13 it is billed as a comedy. It advertises itself as “Fun, sexy and smart”....more
@victorias_view Victoria - wise choice.more