The Help

Seems like over the past two years, every bookstore I’ve been in I’ve seen The Help prominently displayed.  I've heard it's worth a read. I've thought about picking it up – it is about the South, after all. This Saturday, I finally bought it. I’d meant to get it from the library, but reminded myself I never remember to check out books for myself…...more

Midnight in Paris - Soupcon de la vie en rose

soupçon de la vie en rose... I am not a movie reviewer, and I don't even usually get to go to movies for grown-ups. My dear friend and I sneaked in a chick date yesterday and as we both love Paris and speak French, we thought Midnight in Paris sounded like a fun treat. I am not sure which o...more

The Hunger Games: I've finally fallen victim to the trilogy.

So I tried to ignore the constant pressure from friends, family and basically the general public to read The Hunger Games. I saw that it was constantly being mentioned along with Twilight and while I road the Twilight train already (and FYI I am so over Twilight) I wasn't ready to jump on another band wagon....more

I was honestly surprised by how good the books were (so many were making comparisons to Twilight ...more

Super 8 - Movie Review

How many times have you seen a movie with your parents and your children together? I will say it is not that often for me. However, I just watched Super 8 with my parents, my husband, and both my children. Although the reviews are not all the same everyone enjoyed the film....more

A Review of the Film Fly Away

We’ve just finished a documentary on Stephen Hawking and I hand Bobby the dvd and ask him to put it in. “What now, Mama?” “Wait and see,” I tell them. As the film starts, my three children, all at various points in the spectrum, all engaged in their own private worlds, perk up and stop to look at the tv where sounds of a person humming begin spontaneously upon the dvd loading. All three set aside their cards or books and watch. Lily peppers me with questions as music plays and a child(?) draws people in vibrant markers. ...more

The Battle of the Sexes: Holding-out for Water and Sanitation

True to form, the Cannes film festival provided movie goers with an alternative to high-budget action films by showcasing "The Source" a movie about women who went on a “love strike” to gain access to clean water. The movie, featuring Leila Bekhti the new spokesperson for L’Oreal,  is based on the true story of women in a small Turkish village who went on a sex or “love” strike until the men repaired their village’s water source....more

Gaga Ain't No Lady

I’m a little late on this one, I know.  Actually, what I’m about to discuss has been bothering me for a while and really reached a peak at the American Idol Finale a couple of weeks back.  I had decided to just let it go, just move on, but I can’t.  I have to “Express Myself” (note the Madonna reference) and then, hopefully, I can get on with my life. It seems that everybody is ‘gaga’ over Lady Gaga right now.  That is no surprise.  I’ve been on the planet long enough now to recognize a marketing phenomenon when I see one.  They come, some stay, som...more

Yikes, thankfully, I missed that performance.

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Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides - Review

When you see the list of summer movies released or coming out soon, don't you want to say: "Remakes, Prequels and Sequels, Oh my!?" I do....more

Gimme a Hero

Gimme A HeroThe Green Lantern, Transformers, Thor, Captain America, X-Men. What do they have in common? They all feature Superheroes! It must be the summer of heroes, because all these films are being released in theatres within a matter of 3 months....more

Really enjoyed this article! I think Disney and bedtime stories trained us to admire the hero ...more

The train wreck you can't turn away from!

So I did survive the dentist yesterday (barely).  Three minor cavities and lots of drilling.  No fun at all.  Once the Husband and I had made our way home from our respective appointments, we went out to enjoy the weather on the St....more

Hah. I can relate. Before you make it a goal to walk out with them owing you money, you should ...more