ARCHER: The Complete Fifth Season on Bluray this week!

Available today on Bluray from FX and 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment comes the next installment of the animated series ARCHER. This season we see Sterling Archer (voiced by the brilliant H. Jon Benjamin) showing us his Miami-Vice-super-Rico-suave side! But this season has a few more twists and turns to make life interesting. ...more

Addicted To Tiny House Nation

It seems that everywhere we turn there is a minimalist trend ranging from running shoes all the way to tiny living. This booming trend peaked my interest while reading my latest Entertainment Weekly letting me know of a new show called Tiny House Nation. So, I set my DVR and two days later I was all caught up and fascinated with this tiny house boom!Tiny House Nation Show...more

Movie Review: "Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb" (2014)

Larry Daley (Ben Stiller) is back again and is now head of Night Activities at the New York Museum of Natural History. The museum is puting on a huge dinner for museum donors to dedicate its newly refurbished planetarium....more

Movie Review: "Wild" (2014)

 Following the death of her mother, Cheryl (Reese Witherspoon) has sunken into depression, drug addiction, and a promiscuous lifestyle. After destroying her marriage and hitting rock bottom with an unplanned pregnancy and not knowing who the father is, Cheryl decides to turn her life around, and she knows just how to do it....more

Phoebe, Ross, Monica, and the Rest of Our Friends: Where Are They Now?

Friends first aired just over 20 years ago. To celebrate the recent release of the series for streaming on Netflix, let's take some time to speculate where each character might be now. Rachel, the youngest of the group, would be 43. Ross and Phoebe, the oldest, would be 46. Image: Warner Bros. Pictures So … what has everyone been up to? ...more
I hadn't realized how much I disliked Ross all these years until I read this. Excellent write up ...more

Review: 'Only Lovers Left Alive'

I'd been waiting to see Only Lovers Left Alive pretty much since it was announced. I'm a huge fan of both Tilda Swinton and Tom Hiddleston (who isn't?), and I was excited to see how they would work together and with writer/director Jim Jarmusch. I'm happy to say that the film did not disappoint....more
lololovesfilms it was amazing! I'm so in love with the wandering, dreamy quality of the whole ...more

REVIEW: The Imitation Game

I've been doing my best to see more movies in the theater. For as much as I love awards season, I usually don't see the nominated films before the awards ceremonies. I'd wait for them to come out on DVD or hit cable. But, I want to change that routine. I'd like to be more informed when the awards are that my ballot is based on what I've seen rather than what I've heard. ...more

Books to Read Before They Hit the Screen in 2015

Now that we're in the thick of movie awards season and I'm spending way too much money heading to the theater, my mind has shifted toward some of the books headed for the big (and small!) screen next year....more
Movies based on real books are really awesome and thanks for the post. My blog ...more


I am a Gladiator to the max and I must say Shonda has me going through withdrawals....more