More Vampires On TV? Twilight: The Series

One bit of TV-adaptation-related news this week: is reporting that they have confirmed the Twilight series won't end with the upcoming Breaking Dawn 2. Apparently, the next evolution of the series is already in the works......more

An All White Emmy Awards Again

[Did you watch the Emmy awards over the weekend? Renee at Womanist Musings did... and she noticed that once again, the majority of the nominees were white. While, there were a few people of colors nominated, Renee says that's not enough. Read on to see why: --Grace] ...more

Charmed By "The Odd Life Of Timothy Green"

When it comes to the precious years we spend as parents while our children pass in and out of our sphere of responsibility, you may agree that the days are long but the years are fast. When we stop to contemplate it, it all goes by in a blink. Director Peter Hedges has created a metaphor for all of our children’s lives in Timothy Green: in the blink of an eye they remind us of what’s really important in this world....more
 @JennaHatfieldJenna-- If an adoption story is a "demon" for you, you probably wouldn't like ...more

Ridley Scott's "Prometheus" Is More Than Just Aliens

[Editor's Note: Have you seen Prometheus yet? Where do you think it falls in the Alien franchise?  Daddy Mojo explores the ups and downs of the thriller from director Ridley Scott. --Morgan]...more

What Would My Kids Do, Dateline? Climb Into that Ice Cream Truck!

While I love Dateline, I hate their show What Would Your Kids Do. It made me nervous and anxious that all of the best parenting in the world couldn't possibly keep my kids safe from predators. Tracey at Don't Mess with Mama recently called out the show for their unnecessary, over-the-top scare tactics. She raises some good points. What do you think? Do you use this show as a discussion board for topics with your kids or do you silently watch in horror? ...more
While I'm sure the show could be a good discussion prompt for some families, I can't watch this ...more

It's Not Just The Bachelor or Girls, Hipster Racism is All Over TV

[Editor's Note: There's been a lot of talk recently about hipster racism and how shows like The Bachelor or Girls lack people of color, but isn't that a pretty common characteristic of mainstream TV? And by diversity, let's move beyond the the funny black sidekick or the accented Asian diner cook! Lori Tharps of My American Meltingpot has some suggestions for other shows, too. --Grace]...more
 @catlin1111 This is a big country. There are all kinds of folks living in it. Television is a ...more

What's Up With Betty Draper Francis?

[Editor's Note: Betty Draper Francis is back in the Mad Men spotlight, and Tiger Beatdown has plenty to say about the reemergence of BDF: "Bitchmonster at Large".  Enjoy. And then tell me what you think about the new Betty Draper Francis.  --Morgan]Image Courtesy of AMC...more
Since thinking about Mad Men is one  of my favorite activities, I have to add a few ...more

The Daughter of a Black WWII Vet Goes to See "Red Tails"

[Editor's Note: George Lucas' Red Tails took in second place at the box office last weekend, but the blockbuster film about the Tuskeegee Airmen, the all-black group of World War II fighter pilots, wasn't without controversy. Some people criticized the lack of female roles, and others were concerned that if it didn't do well, Hollywood wouldn't take anymore chances with big budget movies with African American casts....more
Whether you have family connections or are African American, you have something to proud of with ...more

Is "2 Broke Girls" Too Racist for TV?

[Editor's Note: Have you seen the CBS sitcom "2 Broke Girls"? Besides depicting the lives of two young women scraping it by as waitresses in a Brooklyn diner, the show has also been criticized for racist portrayals of Asians and Blacks. The show's creator, Michael Patrick King, says the brash writing is in good humor. But Balancing Jane thinks otherwise. Read on and tell us what you think. --Grace]...more
@Gaisereich Do you post this same diatribe on every comment screen you can find?more

Dino Dan and Other Kids Shows Miss the Mark

Have your kids watched Dino Dan yet? My kids love it, and they may very well be the kids that Whitney at American Whitney is talking about in her post. But don't be fooled, her post is not picking at the dinosaur loving kids but at the show itself. What unfolds is a mind-bending post that pulls in Sesame Street, Dinosaur Train and even Jurassic Park. You're sure to look at Dino Dan differently after this post! ...more