Sucks So Good: True Blood Maintains Its Magic

Why, why, whyyyy--as petulant as that reads as typed, it's nowhere near as whiny as it is when I speak it, which I have, often, whenever I mention True Blood to people--does a season of True Blood speed by so quickly?! You wait months that feel like decades for a new season to premiere, and then after what feels like a handful of episodes, the season starts to draw to a close. We're already at episode 8! Courtesy of HBO   ...more
I'm not going to lie, I miss sarcastic, arrogant Eric....sweet, sappy Eric just isn't the ...more

Do You Like Spoilers?

[Editor's note: I have a love/hate relationship with spoilers. If I am the one seeking them out? I LOVE them. If I just fall upon them I hate both the spoiler and the person that spoiled it for me -- and yes, I will hold a grudge. How do you feel about spoilers? - Karen] ...more
@tiaras-and-trucks I am far more likely to look up spoilers for tv shows than anything else.more

Head-Lickers & Naked Shapeshifters: True Blood Recap

PREVIOUSLY on True Blood: the fourth season got off to a pretty great start. Based on the premiere and this latest episode, I think we're in for twelve weeks of serious awesome. The episode began with something so disturbing and wrong that on most other shows, it would constitute the nadir of a plotline. ...more

Water for Elephants: The Greatest Show on Earth?

I wasn’t very excited when the casting for this film was announced. Robert Pattinson was positively laughable in the Twilight movies... ...more