Besides Eggplant... How Many Purple Vegetables Can YOU Name?

Purple Cauliflower! That's another one!...more


If someone had asked me two years ago, "Hey, do you want some kale?" I wouldn't have even know that they were talking about food. I had never heard of kale and didn't have the slightest clue what it was.It seems like not too long after I became vegan and discovered kale it started to become popular with mainstream eaters too. This past Sunday I went to the grocery store and they were completely out of kale. I was shocked, disappointed, but definitely happy that it's catching on....more

Spinach & Red Pepper Quinoa Casserole

   Spinach and Roasted Red Pepper Quinoa Casserole...more

Easy Homemade Waffles

I recently bought my first waffle maker and love, love, love it!  I looked at a ton of different types but decided on this awesome little appliance:...more

Shirred Eggs Florentine (That's Baked Eggs with Spinach for the Rest of Us)

Breakfast anyone? I have spinach and eggs. Let's have some Shirred Eggs Florentine.Since I now work from a home office in the country instead of a cubicle in an ad agency my lunches no longer mean eating diner sandwiches at my desk or catered, stress-filled lunches with clients. Instead, I usually eat leftovers.Now, I am fully aware that about 50 percent of the world's population thinks that eating leftovers for lunch is about as exciting as eating that combination of slimy and crunchy stuff growing at the bottom of your refrigerator vegetable drawer. ...more

Chinese Herbs and a Berry Smoothie

Part of the suggested supplements from our herbalist* to help combat Princess K’s sugar overload, as well assist with her anxiety and OCD-like tendencies, are Chinese herbs....more

Welcome and About US!

Welcome to our very first blog post.  We can't even being to describe how excited we are to  be fullfilling our dreams of nourishing children and helping busy parents!Bright Child Lunch Box was born out of a deep desire to nurture our little ones during what could be the most important time of their day during the school year, LUNCH TIME!  After we attended lunch at our own childrens' schools, we saw a big gap (ok, black hole) in the nutrition.   Thus began our purpose in life, how to provide the best nutrition for our children and yours!...more

Eating Clean: My Version of the Eat-Clean Method

I’m a girl who loves healthy eating, just as much as I love my dog Mags and thought I’d share my perspective of the ever so popular Eat-Clean lifestyle…...more

Summer Veggie Quinoa Bowl

Summer Veggie Quinoa Bowl...more