Black Bean Brownies

Some time ago I posted a recipe for Flourless Brownies containing pureed chickpea (garbanzo beans). So, I already knew this could work and didn’t hesitate at all to try to make Black Bean Brownies. They don’t contain any flour, so, I guess they could be called gluten-free (I’m not an gluten-free expert). They are also moist, fudgey, low-carb and high in protein and fiber. Instant coffee and rum are added to enhance the flavor of chocolate, but you can omit them if you don’t like them. more......more

Ma'moul Cookies

Every time I make These delicious cookies it reminds of me of my mom when we used to make them for the holidays, they are the most famous and delicious cookies made in the middle east at that time of the year. Every home you visit or bakery you walk in to filed with the aroma of butter and Ajwa (dates). The Dates filling called Ajwa because its mixed with nutmeg and other spices....more

Chicken and Cabbage

    I had a recipe in mind that I wanted to create and try for dinner tonight, I called a friend and said would you like to be my tester? she said yes, I would love too (she loves my food) :)...more

Soil...nothing lives without it.

Grow soil--the living skin of non-living mineral, which is the base of earth. Watch this beautiful, meaningful, educational film trailer. It's short.

Pumpkin Cupcakes

You got to love the holiday, the smell of pumpkin and spices sure makes everything nice. I came up with this sugar free pumpkin Cupcake when I had a leftover fresh pumpkin that I had made for pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving dinner, pumpkin freezes really well. added a secret ingredient to make it taste nuttier....more

Swedish Christmas Cookies

There are certain things in everyone’s childhood that continue to make us feel the magic of Christmas, even in our adult years.  For me, it’s gingerbread.  The smell of these Christmas cookies bring me back to when I was leaving a carrot out for Rudolph!  These are spicy and strong and insanely good.

Halal / kosher Marshmallow

I been trying to make sugar free, Halal- kosher Marshmallow for few weeks now and so far I have not been successful with the Agar powder.Not sure why the Agar powder does not fluff when it’s whipped.  The test and the hunt for a diffrent Halal-Kosher powder will continue until I crack this one out and share it with everyone....more

Sweet Potato Pie

I could not find my other pie dish so to the rescue it came the cake pan This is one of the recipe I created this year for a sugar free pie, it was delish and no one is missing the sugar....more

Healthy Christmas Cookie Makeover: Grasshopper Truffles

Over the past few days I’ve been brainstorming healthy Christmas cookie recipes for you guys.  I found a recipe for these truffles, which got the wheels turning- why not turn classic Christmas cookies into no-bake truffles? After some experimentation, these turned out even better than I was expecting, and I’ve got two more for you guys before Christmas! ...more