Barefoot Living and Hopefully One Day Running

Knee pain on the inside of my knee - on the outside - behind the knee - under, over - pretty much anywhere.  My poor knee was inflamed and there was no real telling what was the chicken and what was the egg or if there even was a chicken or an egg.  It was just a mess and it would flare up over trivial things....more
@FatCat If all else fails - maybe you can find socks that divide at the toe...  *smiling*   And ...more

Indian Inspired Hash of Midwestern Garden Veggies

When I first started loving international food, I had trouble figuring out how to incorporate my favorite "New World" summer produce, especially ones not often seen in Asian food, like corn. But lately I have figured out that corn and potatoes make a beautiful match with Indian spices. This vegetarian hash, created right after getting home from the beach, is one such example.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Shortbread {Egg-free} Butter Chocolate Chip Shortbread {Egg-free} ...more

Medley of Moong, Yellow Split & Chick Peas in Pumpkin Curry

Medley of Moong, Yellow Split & Chick Peas in Pumpkin Curry...more

Idling High

Last week I went with my kids to the playground.  I was chasing them and playing monster and they were screaching and screaming.  It was all good, but it also caused me to reflect on the differences between this year and last year.This year, without a doubt, I'm healthier and I'm doing things that allow me to feel pretty confident about myself and pretty in control surrounding some of those areas I felt such shame about: eating and my fat self....more
@elaineR.N. That first month of eating Whole30 was hard - seemed like all we were doing was ...more

Fresh Blueberry Muffins {Egg-free} Blueberry Muffins {Egg-free}  I had blueberries left over from a 4th of July get together.  They weren't disappearing fast enough.  So, I decided I started looking for something to make with them.  I found this recipe on Pinterest and it is delicious!! ...more

Cooking Guru - S1E1 - Fabulous Veggie Frittata

Fabulous Veggie Frittata:4 eggs¼  cup of milk (any kind)Cooking Spray1 TB of extra virgin olive oil2 cloves of minced garlic½ cup of a small to medium onion coarsely chopped...more

Cooking Guru - S1E2 - Tangy Tuna Melt Panini and Classic Baked Apple

 Tangy Tuna Melt Panini:5 ounce can of Albacore Tuna (enough for 2 sandwiches)1 TB of low fat mayonnaise¼ cup of finely chopped celery (stem only)a squeeze of ¼ of a lemon ½  tsp of chopped capers (no juice)...more

Cooking Guru - S1E3 - Energizing Trail Mix and Refreshing Smoothie

Trail Mix Recipe:1 cup of unsalted raw pecans (broken into smaller pieces)¼ cup of unsalted raw or toasted pumpkin seeds2 slices dried pineapple hand torn1 cup of raw and unsalted cashews¼ cup of raisins¼ cup of dark chocolate chips...more