Green Dream Try It Tuesday...

Green Dream Try It Tuesday... I'm trying a new protein, superfood powder to add to my morning smoothies and I'm really digging it. ...more

Our First Tasting Event...

Our first tasting event is over. We put a lot of love into our recipes and concepts and it was so wonderful to get outside perspectives and feedback on everything. Overall we gathered valuable feedback. Of course some items need to be tweaked, you know, loved a little more and held a little tighter before they are 'done'. We welcome the opportunity to continue working on our creations.  We were delighted to hear from friends who are in the food industry or are 'foodies' and want to help us out.  What an amazing way to spend time with friends.  We look forward to the future....more

Pork Carnitas with Cilantro-Lime Cauliflower Rice.

I am in love with the veggie hacks I’ve been seeing in all the little corners of the Internet lately — the zucchini noodles, the cauliflower pizza crusts, the portabella burger buns. In a new food world in which King Veggie reigns supreme, these are certainly some inventive ideas I can get behind — and I have. Quite a few months ago, though, I saw the first recipe (of what would be many) for cauliflower rice. And what was my first reaction?...more

8 'Healthy' Foods That Are Too Good to Be True

I think we all know to lay off the Crisco, use less added fats to meals, and steer clear of processed foods as much as we can, but there are some foods that are touted (and erroneously labeled) as “healthy” that really aren’t all that good for you! Have you fallen victim to any of these? 1. Juice...more
@GiGiEats exactly!! farm raised can be worse for you!more

Extra Helpings: How to Grill Perfect Vegetables

No more putting it off... this is the weekend!There’s so much summer produce in the markets you’ve just got to get out, buy some and throw it on the grill. Here’s a grilling chart for reference....more

Besides Eggplant... How Many Purple Vegetables Can YOU Name?

Purple Cauliflower! That's another one!...more


If someone had asked me two years ago, "Hey, do you want some kale?" I wouldn't have even know that they were talking about food. I had never heard of kale and didn't have the slightest clue what it was.It seems like not too long after I became vegan and discovered kale it started to become popular with mainstream eaters too. This past Sunday I went to the grocery store and they were completely out of kale. I was shocked, disappointed, but definitely happy that it's catching on....more