Lightened Up Pumpkin Cupcakes

Light and moist, these perfectly spiced pumpkin cupcakes have a delicately sweetened whipped center to make them particularly addicting. If you take everything that is wonderful about pumpkin pie and turn it into a cupcake, this would be it....more

Healthy Chocolate Syrup - with HALF the Calories and Sugar!

  Aaahhh, chocolate milk! An all-time favorite for adults and kids alike....more

Why You Should Start Meal Planning & 4 Tips for Sticking to It

If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, you’ve seen me talk about wanting to become more consistent with meal planning and making healthy, homemade dinners. It’s something I’ve strived for and struggle with for the entire time Dave and I have lived in our current home. ...more
kerryamchugh LOL, I'm feeling very productive and organizey lately.more

Roasted Rosemary Vegetables

A wonderfully flavorful way to serve up vegetables. Roast them in the oven with olive oil and rosemary. I've even served these at Christmas Eve. Tasty, healthy, and easy to make! Recipe at

Pumpkin Bread for Dinner? (I say yes!)

When the weather began it’s shift this year I felt a bit of sadness. I had one of the best Summers and I wasn’t ready to give it up. Although the heat of the season didn’t arrive till mid July we made the most of being outside. ...more

Cooking for a Crowd - Weekend Getaway Edition

I recently had the pleasure of spending a weekend in the mountains with my family celebrating my mom’s birthday. Sweet conversations, creamy oatmeal with piping hot coffee, tear producing laughter, baby snuggles, hiking, picnics, and silly dances made for a joyful weekend....more


This paleo pumpkin hummus is the perfect appetizer to bring to a fall potluck. Made with cashews instead of chickpeas, it’s a delicious and healthy snack whether you are grain-free or not. you can’t even tell the difference in the taste or texture! [Read more]...more

Fall Veggie Pizza Recipe

Are you in the mood for a pizza? Fall vegetables? How about a Fall Veggie Pizza? Well good because that’s what is in store here. My Fall Veggie Pizza is loaded with butternut squash and kale, this is a great way to get your veggies, while also enjoying an American favorite. Fall is all about comfort food, getting into the season of giving and many times that means sharing food with friends and family. Right? This Fall Veggie Pizza is great for serving to guests. My (unbiased, not paid, I promise) taste testers gave me two thumbs up on this one....more

Lightened Up Beef Lasagna

Lean beef and blended cottage cheese is the secret to lightening up this traditionally calorie and fat laden dish. Lasagna has got to be one of my favorite meals. Layers of cheese upon cheese, pasta, and that savory meat sauce, it's basically a big bubbling pan of comfort....more