Jazz Up Your Fall: Farro Chickpea Salad

My husband broke my #1 cardinal rule of grocery shopping: thou shall not enter the store without a list.Since my back surgery,  I cannot lift, so lucky (or unlucky depending on how you choose to look at it) for me, my husband is in charge of buying food.  He means well, and he has been amazingly supportive of his temporary role as keeper of the house, but I have a system down that I am very much looking forward to getting  back into....more

Pound a Day Weight Loss Diet And Smoothie Recipe

Celebrity chef Rocco DiSpirito has become famed for his skill in whipping up tasty, tempting meals. But now he's turned his attention to the opposite of feasting: Extreme weight loss....more

Easy pumpkin hummus

As a regular hummus eater–I’m talking twice weekly minimum–it’s a bit odd that this is the first hummus recipe I’ve posted on this blog!  The closest thing was this white bean dip with tomatoes, feta and basil, but it’s not really the same thing....more

Guiltless Dark Chocolate Mousse

How to trick your husband into eating tofu= add chocolate. Don't believe me? Try making this dark chocolate mousse. It is super decadent, rich and tastes nothing like tofu. I add dark brewed coffee for extra depth of flavor and bourbon because well...just because....more

Superfood Smoothie

I am sure you hear it all the time, “Oh, you must add this into your diet, it is a superfood!” But, what exactly is a superfood? Some people can just name off one after another, but can never explain what makes that particular food a ‘superfood’ and why it is good for you. Well, I am going to share with you a few of my favorite superfoods, that I love to eat on a regular basis and why they are a great choice. ...more

Bison Chili

Originally, I used to make this recipe with ground elk, but sadly my supply ran out earlier this year.  My boyfriend and his family are avid hunters and hunt all types of wild game and birds. Last year, they had a ton of Elk meat from a hunt and I was more than excited to receive about 12 pounds of it (felt like Christmas). I love all types of wild game and whenever I see it on the menu at a restaurant I have to order it! If you haven’t tried any I would highly recommend it because wild game is so naturally lean and packed with rich flavors....more

Five Bean Chili

Five Bean Chili is a meatless chili – healthy and flavorful yet hearty enough to satisfy meat lovers. In addition to being healthy, this is also a budget-friendly supper....more

Spooktacular Pumpkin Chili

Pumpkin Chili with tender bits of butternut squash, and meaty ground chicken for a delicious and healthy meal....more

nutty tacos {vegan recipe!}

wait what?who's nutty here?ahem, well, this super delish recipe is vegan! and did i mention it is yummy? well put on your socks so this recipe can knock them off! this is one of our family favorites!  ingredients:...more