Chicken Parmesan Zucchini Boats

Tender chicken and seasoned marinara are stuffed into a zucchini boat, sprinkled with panko and parmesan and then baked to perfection. So much flavor all packed into perfect 100 calorie servings. ...more

Healthy Homemade Berry Popsicles

Summer is here, the season to turn down the stove and instead, enjoy some cool, tasty treats to cool down.  Treats do not have to be unhealthy, however, for them to be delicious. A classic treat to enjoy during this hot weather are popsicles.   Try this sweet, tasty treat made from all natural ingredients that can refresh you without the guilt!...more

Skinny Turkey Enchiladas

Putting Your Freezer Meals On A Diet   ...more

5 Tips for A Healthier Summer Weekend

The summer is in full swing now and you might be finding yourself going to a lot of cookouts, beach parties, and other outdoor get togethers that can really put a hindrance on your fitness and weight loss goals.  We've all been there, right?  The hotdogs, cheeseburgers, potato salad, chips galore, not to mention the alcohol!...more

How A Touch of Color Can Affect Your Experience With Food

Dining at a fine restaurant on the beach of an exotic island with the sound of the crashing waves amusing the evening has to be one of the most pleasurable experiences in life.For some this may be an accessible opportunity but in most cases it will stay for long in the bucket lists of many dreamers....more

Cinnamon Honey Almond Butter

Cinnamon Honey Almond Butter...more

Whole Grain Rye, Spelt and Berry Scones

I've been reminiscing about last year's berry season in the country, so I did some berry scone baking on Sunday to crush my craving. At first bite, I knew I had to share the recipe on the double. Food blogs were made for sharing recipes like this one....more
Looks delicious.more

Healthy Vegetarian Meal Plan

For a long time I have struggled planning healthy meals for my family.  After waking up in the morning the first thing that comes to my mind “What will I cook today?” Hmm. With that thought I spend half of my day just figuring out what should I cook and finally when I come up with some idea I realize that the key ingredients are missing from my kitchen pantry....more

Lowfat Mustard Potato Salad

Hard boiled eggs, pickles, onions, mustard, a hint of cayenne.... This ultra creamy summery potato salad has it all and is lightened up using Greek yogurt. ...more