Product Review: Naturebox Snacks (+ a FREE Trial Box and Discount!)

Online product subscription services are everywhere nowadays.  Birchbox for makeup, Barkbox for your dog, the list goes on....more

Why Counting Calories Won't Serve You

Calories.  You love them.  You hate them.You love consuming delicious and satisfying food, yet you loathe considering how much you consumed at the end of a day.  What if we said "good-bye" to this love/hate relationship and moved towards honoring our bodies and minds with the way we eat?If you consistently count the number of calories you eat daily, stop for a moment and ask yourself "why?"...more

How To Eat Healthy Dining Out

Living in NYC eating out is a regular thing. There are tons of restaurants around serving everything from different types of water to mock chicken. Having food choices is good, but depending on what you order you could damage your fitness goals....more

Crunchy on the outside ~ moist on the inside ~ top with anything you like. My new favorite chicken recipe!

Quinoa Crusted Chicken Breasts Click here for this recipe!      Visit Balancing Cinderella Recipes  for some incredible recipe ideas :)...more

Watermelon Shark - Kids Party Food with Bite!

 My first little boy was three yesterday. Such a big boy already. Ooops something in my eye… He insists he can pick me up already which is no mean feat....more

Should We Be Filling Up Our Plates?

here has to be a reason for plates being the size they are, right? Entrée plates are larger while dessert plates are smaller. We should by theory have a smaller sweet treat as compared to our main course.“Eat more food” is simply a statement that doesn’t get that much exposure or maybe a good one. Filling those main course plates is something that perhaps is only acceptable when enjoying a decadent buffet lunch or dinner. Those times plates are just too small....more

Coconut Almond Butter

I love raw almond butter…but I don’t love the price!  Some small jars of raw almond butter without sugar added can be up to $17.00!  Eeeek!  So I decided to finally try making my own…. what’s better?  Why not add even MORE flavor with coconut!...more

Should You Join a CSA?

Recently, I decided to join a CSA for the first time and thought it would be fitting to share some information about CSAs with you. If you haven't heard of a CSA or you are potentially looking to join one, but aren't sure, this post is for you!...more

Summer on the Grill; Cedar Plank Salmon

Summer provides a great opportunity for families to focus on health. Not only is the summer a big grilling season, but a season of fresh fruit and vegetables, which can be found at the Clabber Girl Farmer’s Market. The Market provides a wonderful opportunity to spend time together as a family learning about local produce, fresh baked breads and granola and even dog treats....more