A Spicy Tahini Twist On Kale Chips

[Editor's Note: Lots of food bloggers have written about kale chips, and I understand why: They're a terrific, tasty snack with a lot of nutritional punch. But I love this rendition, which amps up the flavor profile of kale chips beyond the most common way to season them. It's a fun change of pace! --Genie] ...more

90 Healthy No-Heat Lunches

[Editor's Note: Kalyn Denny of Kalyn's Kitchen assembled this post after lots of requests from readers who needed ideas for lunches that don't require a microwave or toaster oven at your worksite, but are still healthy and delicious. It's a fantastic list guaranteed to take you out of any lunchtime ruts you might be in. --Genie] ...more
OMGoodness, these suggestions very much appeal to me, and now my mouth is watering, even though ...more

Portable Fruit and Granola Wraps

[Editor's Note: Looking for a substantial, satisfying, yet quick and easy breakfast? Well, look no further than this portable recipe that can be made with homemade or storebought granola. Make it your own, because this recipe works with any range of nut butters, granolas, and fruits! --Genie] ...more

Fresh and Herby Edamame Hummus

[Editor's Note: If you're vegetarian or vegan, it's great to have a few hummus variations in your recipe box. After all, this versatile dish can be used as a dip or a spread on a sandwich, and packs a real protein punch. This version of edamame hummus is amped up with fresh herbs—use whatever you have on hand! --Genie] ...more
@HomeRearedChef Glad to hear you'll be giving it a try! I love making hummus at home -- am ...more

Pecan-Crusted Gluten-Free Turkey Meatloaf With Sundried Tomatoes

[Editor's Note: Though I often think of meatloaf as a casual dish, this version is definitely fancier than the usual fare, with its nut crust and sundried tomatoes studding the meat. It's also a gluten-free recipe, and comes together easily and quickly. --Genie]...more
This looks amazing! I love meatloaf...never thought about trying it with sun dried tomatoes!!more

Make Your Own Apple-Cinnamon Fruit Leather

[Editor's Note: If your kid is a big fan of fruit leather, or if you're a hiker or camper looking for an easy-to-pack snack, give this homemade leather recipe a try. As it turns out, it's easy to make, and free of preservatives, so it's better for everyone, including you! --Genie] ...more

Healthy, Vegan Cookie Dough Bites

[Editor's Note: Whether you're vegan or not, you should check out this recipe, which offers all the taste of cookie dough in little bite-sized, healthy portions. For those of you who fear the raw eggs in cookie dough, this is a perfect solution! It's a great sweet little snack to keep in the freezer. --Genie] ...more
Hi, any reccomendation of where to get "technical" info about vegan food? I want to include the ...more

Vegan Sloppy Joes

[Editor's Note: This Quicker Dinners option is not just fast and easy, but it fits right in with October's World Vegetarian Month theme. This is an incredibly healthy option that is a good one to work into the rotation—even if your family likes the meatier version of this slightly-messy sandwich, it's worth trying this one, which is a little easier on the wallet, and on the calorie count. --Genie] ...more

Gluten-Free Scottish Oat Crackers

[Editor's Note: When I think of gluten-free cracker options, I default to rice crackers, which I almost always just buy at the store to save time. But this oatcake recipe is a great substitute, and is simple to make at home. It's a great and affordable option if you need a cracker that's perfect for dipping, but doesn't have any gluten at all! --Genie] ...more

A Healthier Twist on Traditional Gyros

[Editor's Note: I love gyros with meat, but sometimes I'm looking for a dinner that's just a little bit more on the healthy side. These gyros are perfect for just those types of nights: They've got the flavor of a gyro, but the nutritional impact of broiled salmon (loaded with good fats!) and vegetables. --Genie] ...more
Ummm, I have always loved gyros, and that tangy yogurt sauce. And now I wish I'd seen this last ...more