Avocado Spread with Basil and Feta

[Editor's Note: Though most people think of guacamole when they think of avocado, it's a very versatile fruit. In this spread recipe, it gets a Mediterranean treatment with the salty tang of feta cheese and the summery freshness of basil, which is abundant right now. --Genie]...more
Has anyone ever tried avocado egg salad sandwich?! Delicious!   more

Banish Stomach Pains with Bitters and Soda

[Editor's Note: It's true: even the most moderate eater sometimes goes a little wild and winds up with a stomachache. Perhaps it happens during recipe testing, if you're a food blogger. Perhaps it happens at a holiday meal or a backyard barbecue where the many potluck dishes are far too tempting. Perhaps it just happens after choosing to eat something you know won't agree with you. Having a remedy for this is key, and this is one of the best fixes out there. --Genie] ...more

Easy Chickpea and Edamame Salad

[Editor's Note: This light, protein-packed salad is perfect for the latest round of summer heat waves. It's easy to mix up, keeps well in the fridge, and is perfect to eat as part of an outdoor meal. Though it would be a perfect lunch dish, it's also ideal for Quicker Dinners because it comes together in a flash. --Genie] ...more
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Vegan Collard Green Wraps With Red Pepper Hummus

[Editor's Note: In some parts of the country, the weather's beyond hot right now, and that means there are plenty of nights when turning on any appliance—even the toaster—is simply too much. That's when these delicious wraps will come in handy. They're fun to eat, packed with the protein punch of hummus, and absolutely cooling, especially if eaten with a cold glass of iced tea on a back porch. --Genie] ...more
YUM! RT @blogher Hummus? Yes, please! Vegan Collard Green Wraps with Red Pepper Hummus ...more

Oven-Crisped Peppery Polenta Bites

[Editor's Note: I've always known you could make polenta, then chill it and cut it into slices, but I have to admit it has never occurred to me to put the polenta in mini-muffin tins to make adorable, bite-sized, easily-portioned servings. This recipe is a great side dish, but would also make a good appetizer, particularly if served with a marinara dipping sauce. --Genie]...more
crispy polenta? sign me up! what a creative idea, and yes, it would make a *perfect* appetizer! ...more

Spice Up Your Lunch With An Edamame Avocado Salad Sandwich

[Editor's Note: As an avowed packer of my own lunch for work, I'm always on the lookout for great recipes to weave into my weekly lunch planning. This nutrient-packed, vegan sandwich spread is definitely going into my personal rotation, especially as I try hard to eat healthier all week long. It has a bit of a wasabi bite to it, but plenty of cooling creaminess from the pureed edamames and avocado. --Genie] ...more

Triple-Layer Fruit Gazpacho

[Editor's Note: Gazpacho is one of my favorite ways to use summer's best tomatoes, but this particular recipe is a tomato-free zone. Instead, it uses summery fruit to create beautiful layers that are healthy and delicious to eat. It's a stunning recipe sure to please at this season's backyard gatherings. --Genie] ...more

A Recipe for Vegan Pesto Cashew Ricotta Pizza

[Editor's Note: Pizza is one of the things I consider to be really tough to make vegan—I'm pretty much wedded to the idea of creamy cheese on my slices. But this recipe, which uses cashew cheese to achieve ultimate creaminess, and that features lots of other bold flavors, looks beyond satisfying and delicious. I can definitely see serving it to vegan or non-vegan friends! --Genie]...more
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Smoky Eggplant Couscous With Feta

[Editor's Note: Many people feel strongly about eggplant—I happen to be one of the people who feels strongly in favor of it. This recipe highlights it well, but uses cumin and smoked paprika for a slightly Middle Eastern, smoky edge to the dish. Plus, I love adding dishes to my repertoire that can be on the table quickly on busy weeknights, and this definitely qualifies! --Genie] ...more
Corrie Beebe Taste. I will eat it if it's in something (like a curry) but I just don't really ...more

Simple Buttermilk Yogurt with Mango-Pistachio Topping

[Editor's Note: Like A Sweet Spoonful's Megan Gordon, I was quite taken with Tamar Adler's recent book, An Everlasting Meal. Though this simple breakfast dish is not inspired by the book itself, it's certainly inspired by its philosophy of economy and simplicity when it comes to food. It doesn't hurt that it's delicious and quite healthy, too. --Genie] ...more