The Irony of Ignorance

The Irony of Ignorance...more

How Carvel Helped Induce Labor

It’s an exciting day – my handsome little boy turns 6 today. Happy birthday to him!And happy “birth” day to me! Giving birth was without a doubt, one of the most monumental moments in my lifetime. As every mom knows, welcoming your little one into this world is indescribable. Moms should celebrate the day themselves as well. So whooo-hoo to me today too!Now, you’re probably curious how Carvel played a role in my son’s delivery?  It’s a funny story....more

Entering Third Trimester!

You know that crazy, but very true, quote: "The days drag on, but the years fly by."...more

10 Reasons Bed Rest is Awesome!


The Truth About Postpartum Weight Loss

So, here I am, 15 pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight, 9 weeks postpartum.  I saw this coming.  First of all, it's my third baby, so I'm familiar with the postpartum weight loss journey.  But this time, not only am I in my late 30's, but I also gained more weight with this pregnancy than with my first two.  Sigh.  But I lost all of my baby weight with the first two babies, and I know I can do it again! ...more

Congratulations, Mom! You're Having Twins

Dear Twin Mom-To-Be, When I found out I was having twins I was a little, oh…terrified. Maybe you felt the same? I hadn’t even considered the possibility of more than one child prior to that day, and the realization that I was going to have two babies felt immensely intimidating. ...more
loved!  sharing with a good friend who's currently pregnant with twins. :)more

For The Ladies Who Hate Being Pregnant

"Pregnancy is a gift from heaven.""I just love the feeling of knowing a tiny human is doing laps in my uterus!""I ran a half marathon when I was eleven months pregnant - it was transcendent!""I was hornier than a two-headed triceratops the entire time I was pregnant. My husband hardly knew what to do with me!!!"Okay, I may be paraphrasing some of these a little. But you get the point. There are women who are so dang jubilated to be pregnant they practically have a nine-month orgasm....more

The Only Thing an Experienced Mom Needs

People ask me all the time what it’s like to have three kids…this pretty much says it all!==>> What Moms Need ...more

Project MoM

Project MoM is a nonprofit organization I have been working on. Please visit my GoFundMe page (, read the story and give whatever your heart desires to give. I appreciate you and thank you! Be Blessed....more