5 Things You Must Do Before Having Kids

I feel really silly saying this, but your life will never be the same once you have kids.Duh.Everything changes. Your sleep habits, eating habits, hygiene, skinny jeans, it all gets destroyed once children enter your life. And, yes, they’re cute and funny and challenging and awesome, but dude. My life will never be the same....more

Please Don't Call Me a Lactation Nazi

Have you heard the term Lactation Nazi?  It is sometimes used to describe a lactation consultant or breastfeeding supporter who is very, very PRO breastfeeding.  Someone who thinks everyone and anyone can and should breastfeed.  A Lactation Nazi is often very anti-formula, anti-bottle and anti-pacifier. She is a breastfeeding idealist, not a breastfeeding realist. And beyond all of that, equating breastfeeding help (even bad breastfeeding help) with genocide is offensive! ...more
I wish you had been my lactation specialist!! Love this article, thank you for sharing!more

Preventing Baby-Brain

Do you ever get the feeling that your brain is just working a little slower than it used to?  That ever since you’ve been pregnant, you can’t remember diddly-squat?  Are you constantly searching for your keys, your wallet, your sanity.. and wondering how you never misplace your children? ...more

Pro-Choice Breastfeeding

Emily Wax-Thibodeaux, a staff writer for the Washington Post recently published an article that has gone viral.  “Why I don’t Breast-feed, if you must know,” details how she was harshly judged by fellow mothers for formula feeding.Here’s an excerpt:“The mothers in my “Baby & Me Yoga Fit,” class looked down from their tree poses, surprised as I poured some instant formula into a bottle....more

Infertility: Strengthening Faith

Many people don't know this story, but I figure if it gives encouragement and gives certain people the opportunity to learn about this story, then I am glad to share it....more

Bye Bye Gallbladder

I think that it is safe to say that I have had an adventurous 3 months‚ beginning with the birth of my son (more about that later). Recently‚ I was given the news no woman wants to hear three months after giving birth‚ in the most dramatic fashion. Three month later‚ I was HOSPITALIZED. ...more

Helping New Single Moms

Did you know that almost half of babies born every year are born to single moms? These babies are often born to moms who are overwhelmed from the beginning and not getting much sleep. They don’t know what to do, and they feel alone and isolated. As time passes, these women keep doing the same things over and over, barely able to keep their heads above water. They live in survival mode....more

5 Things You Shouldn’t Be Doing When you are Pregnant

There are too many myths and misconceptions when it comes to what a pregnant woman should and should not do. Sometimes it can be confusing as some things are completely out of the window. According to Sonali Shivlani, a certified lactation, pregnancy and child nutrition expert, these are five things you should not be doing when you are carrying....more

The Child We Never Held

On October 15 of every year, besides the usual scramble to get my taxes in on the extension deadline, I take time to remember and think about our first child – a baby I loved more than I ever thought possible despite never holding him or her in my arms or carrying him or her full term. For those who might not know, October 15th is National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day....more