Indecisive me.

I wish I made sense.Now that I have gotten that out, I will explain. I am currently 9 weeks pregnant with my second. My first is a 13 month old girl. I have a boyfriend (who is also both of my baby's father) and we have been together for 3 years in November. I love my family with all my heart and wouldn't change it for the world. I will say, I cannot and will never be sane....more

You don't have to assume that it'll happen to you

It’s well-known that there are physical ailments that are considered “common” during pregnancy. Morning sickness, fatigue, swollen ankles, back pain, and shortness of breath, to name a few. While these are common and many pregnant women experience these, I want to share the idea that you don’t have to get these ailments. You don’t needto expect to experience them. It’s not a “given,” even if a condition is hereditary. It may be a well-known fact that women in your family retain water and swell during pregnancy....more

How Do You Know If You Should Have Another Baby?

When I was pregnant with my second, and then my third, I was often asked how I knew I wanted another. How did I know I wasn't done? Was I trying for "the girl?" How many kids did I want? How did I know? How did I know when I was ready for another?...more

Pink or Blue?

A close friend of mine is pregnant with baby #2, and she decided she wanted to spice up the moment she and her husband learned the sex of their new bundle.   So what happened next?  Her best friend and her sister-in-law consulted an ex...more

I'm Pregnant and I hate my Husband

That's it! I am putting my husbands fat diarrhea mouth on mute until he can stop pissing me off! I refuse to hear another word that comes out of his mouth until he learns to stop being so annoying. I don't know what has happened, but overnight he has turned into a stinky, loud, annoying pig. Doesn't he know I need a comfortable peaceful environment to grow our baby? If he keeps up his piggy behavior it's going to be nothing but freaking hostile! ...more

Why don't you men get it!?

I guess I've forgotten what it felt like to be pregnant, but then again with my first pregnancy, I didn't feel anything like this. I have constant morning sickness. I feel nauseated, extremely tired, my back hurts bad at night, and standing up makes me feel like I'm about to hurl. I'm always craving Sarku Japan. Hopefully soon I can get it! I also can barely eat anything without feeling like I ate a whole cow! The only thing I had with my first baby in the first trimester was tiredness....more

How do you date a pregnancy?

It was recently reported that Arizona had changed its abortion law to be the most restrictive – but it hadn’t. It had just joined other states in making the limit 20 weeks gestational age. This description of pregnancy dates is the accepted convention – but many articles picked up on that initial two weeks of nothingness in gestational age and confused it with embryological age....more

Babies & More

 My best friend has been a grandparent for two years and loves it! She recently asked me "What is your name going to be? You better pick it now or there is no telling what she will call you." I told her I don't care what she calls me. That will be part of the uniqueness of being a Grandmother.   ...more

Visiting Cemeteries

A couple of weeks ago, I visited a cemetery.  It's a military cemetery, I believe, small and intimate and ancient-feeling.  I have gone there before, because I find cemeteries peaceful, and because they help me to think more clearly about life and God and death.  But this time I went looking for something different....more